Friday, June 13, 2014


The outrage over Tim Rohr's obtaining a copy of Cardinal Tagle's letter has reached fever pitch and is producing the most incredible accusations: evil scheme, international plot, even collusion with Freemasonry. Wow! 

The reason for the outrage of course is that for weeks the kiko's (militant neos) were taking great glee in the fact that someone so important as Cardinal Tagle, the archbishop of one of the largest dioceses in the world, had personally invited not only the one and only Kiko Arguello to Manila but that the Neo communities of Guam had been personally invited as well. 

They were taking great glee in this for the same reason they take great glee in even the tiniest clerical gestures of kindness and support: validation for their movement (yes it's a movement). But it's not a happy glee, rather, more often than not, it was a vicious glee, an in-your-face, see-I-told-you-so glee. And in the days leading up to the event, the vicious din grew louder, especially when the authenticity of the supposed special invite began to be challenged.

The revelation that their invite had been a fraud was a shot right through the artificial balloon that their leaders had allowed them to inflate all on their own. And because I posted the letter, I am the evil one.

But let's back up. What if I had not posted the letter? The Erratum in the U Matuna would had the same effect. Here is what it said:
The May 18 issue of the U Matuna Si Yu'os reported that Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, D.D., Archbishop of Manila, had invited initiators of the NeoCatechumenal Way to hold a Vocational Meeting with the youth of the Philippines on June 6. That information on page 2 is incorrect. In fact, the Neocatechumenal Way organized the event, and they invited Cardinal Tagle to preside over the meeting. Incorrect information was provided in a story submitted to the U Matuna Si Yu'os.
The Erratum, albeit inadequate and unapologetic, still would have proven that the invitation was a fraud. So who would you have blamed then? Would you have demanded from Jennifer Dulla answers to questions like what did you know and when did you know it? Would you have demanded that Ms. Dulla reveal her source? Would you have accused her of an evil scheme, international plot, collusion with the Masons?

The header from the email sent to Ms. Dulla and the U Matuna staff shows that Ms. Dulla knew the truth as of May 30. The header shows that the letter, though addressed to Dulla, was sent to the editor and the executive director of the U Matuna, since their contact information is what is provided in the U Matuna, and which was the appropriate thing to do anyway. And since it was addressed to Dulla, we must assume that the editor notified Dulla immediately. 

Now follow this closely: The U Matuna becomes publicly available on Friday evenings. The correction would be available in print and for public consumption as early as June 6. Ms. Dulla had the letter a full one week before. So why didn't she tell you? Given that all of you were going to be majorly embarrassed, why did she just let you string yourselves out like that for a whole week?

I will tell you why. She was following orders. But WHOSE orders? And why would they withhold this information from you? I will tell you why. The big event with Kiko was scheduled for June 6. To let everyone know before that date would have been a major shot in the gut. 

For weeks many had been planning and saving and raising funds, getting time off of work, organizing babysitters, purchasing airplane tickets, arranging for places to stay in the Manila area, etc., etc, etc., all under the pretense that THEY, the Neocatechumenal communities from Guam, had been personally invited by the Cardinal of Manila to meet with the founder of their beloved Way

But the fact is that there was NO invitation. It had been manufactured by SOMEONE in Guam to artificially hype the event. The Cardinal was not supposed to find out that his name was used. Oops! 

Upon receiving Cardinal Tagle's letter, the order came down from SOMEONE not to say anything. Everyone would be safely in Manila by June 6 when the inconspicuous Erratum would be printed and it would all blow over by the time the pilgrims returned. 

So here are the facts:

  • SOMEONE manufactured the story.
  • Jennifer Dulla learned that it was a manufactured story on May 30.
  • She did not tell you.
  • The U Matuna was released BEFORE I posted the letter. 
  • The letter only verified what was ALREADY in the U Matuna. 
  • It was Jennifer Dulla and the staff of the U Matuna/Chancery who allowed you to be embarrassed.

If I had not posted the letter, the Erratum alone would have proved that all the vicious, in-your-face, see-I-told-you-so glee over being invited to Manila by Cardinal Tagle would have been proved to be based on a lie ANYWAY. 

But no one is asking the people who knew the truth before I did why did they NOT tell you? Why did they leave you out in the cold? Why did they let the lie live? Why did they turn their backs on you when they knew you were going to take the fall? And why, even now, do they hide behind the walls of the chancery while you destroy yourselves in print. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the real fruits of the Neocatechumenal Way: BEHIND THE CHANCERY WALLS. 

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