Sunday, July 20, 2014


Excerpts from Archbishop Apuron's sermon today on the parable of the weeds and the wheat with my comments in red. (It appears that now that "weeds" have been discovered in the Apuron garden, we're instructed to shut up about it.)

Some Christians today are like overzealous servants who could not tolerate the evil deeds and the evil weeds. In their zeal to serve God they go on a crusade against what they perceive as evil with the intention of cleaning up the church, our island, the nation, and even the world. In the end they discover that they made a big mistake. 

(No, Archbishop. We have no such lofty aims. We are just trying to stop you and your neocatechumenal masters from destroying more people like Fr. Paul. Simple. Oh, yes, and from endangering the "safety of children" by incardinating certain priests who have been kicked out of other dioceses for endangering the safety of children.) 

Christians should not try to get rid of bad people from the world. We must let good and evil live side by side in the world to the day of their reckoning when they will be known for sure by their fruits. We should be content to let evil people to live in the same house, in the same apartment building, in the same neighborhood, in the same island, in the same country, and in the same world for the simple reason that we cannot absolutely identify without error who is the good and who is the bad guy. 

(This is simply staggering. I'm going to have to devote a whole other post to this. But read this again and think about the Santa Barbara situation.)

Of course we have our ideas who the good and the bad guys are. But like the servants we could be wrong. (Except Archbishop Apuron of course.) Faithful servants are those who recognize this possibility that they could be wrong and are so prepared to suspend judgement and action. Intolerance, the desire to get rid of evil people around us breeds fanatics who end up being unfaithful servants of our God. (I'm living rent free inside this man's head.)

Examples of such overzealous servants who want to get rid of people who they perceive as evil who end up going against the mind of God abound. 

(SMH! And to think that just hours before he said this he was spreading evil rumors about two priests who he wants to get rid of...we'll get to that.)

We can think of other Christians who go about hunting down abortion providers and homosexuals. 

(Perhaps now would be a good time to remind the world why Archbishop Apuron is famous as a homosexual hunter.)

The message of today is loud and clear. To be a servant of God you must be prepared to make room for those you perceive as evil. 

(Okay, abortion protestors. Put away your signs. Go home. Let them kill the babies. Archbishop says so. Make room for evil.)

The late Pope Paul VI had this comment on this very parable of the weeds and the wheat. He told a Msgr. Poblette who was assisting him at the time. "In the church today there are some wonderful wheat which is growing together with the weeds. If we uproot the weeds now we will risk uprooting the wheat with it also." 

(Of course it doesn't occur to the Archbishop that this may be precisely why the popes have been so charitable to the NCW. They are, for now, letting the weeds (kiko's) grow with the wheat.)

I believe this is an impressive statement because it shows the faith of our Holy Father regarding the experience with various types of communities that began popping up even back in the 60’s and continue to grow even today. 

(No need to bring in the neo evangelists into our Masses anymore. The Archbishop will do it himself. But lest anyone think the Archbishop is failing, he is not. The Neocatechumenal Way believes that parish-based Catholicism is dead and that the future of the church is the small community. And from the looks of Mass attendance today at the Archbishop's Mass, he is doing very well. Might as well just shut the Mass down and save on the aircon bill. 

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