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Chuck White has left a new comment on your post "WE SHOULD BE CONTENT TO LET EVIL PEOPLE LIVE IN TH...": 

Even if the Archbishop did his due diligence with respect to John Howard Wadeson (something far from certain), WHY WHY WHY is he a seminary formator??? Is there any Catholic seminary in the world where a man who has been stripped of his priestly faculties in a major archdiocese because of two credible accusations of sexual abuse of minors is given the responsibility for the spiritual formation and vocational discernment for seminarians in another archdiocese? Wow. It's not pharisaical to ask that question. 

The Oceania Rectors’ Meeting 2013 was held at the Redemptoris Mater Seminary (RMS) of Guam in Yona June 3-7, 2013. Seated, front row L-R: Fr. Clement Papa (Papua New Guinea), Msgr. Anthony Randazzo (Australia), Fr. Pablo Ponce Rodriguez (Rector of RMS Guam), Most Rev. Anthony S. Apuron, OFM, Cap., D.D. (Archbishop of Agaña), Fr. Kevin Long (Australia), Fr. Michael Moore (Australia), and Fr. Vincent Twomey (Ireland). Back row L-R: Br. James Mungovan (Papua New Guinea), Fr. Falany Terry (Fiji), Fr. Desmond Moloney (Australia), Fr. Teclemicael Tewolde Neguse CM (Solomon Islands), Fr. Francis Walsh (Professor of Theology, RMS Guam), Fr. Julio Cesar Sanchez (Vice Rector, RMS Guam), Fr. Steve Lowe (New Zealand), Fr. Peter Artiken (Papau New Guinea), Fr. Eric Sckruzny (Australia), and Fr. John Wadeson (Formator, RMS Guam). Photo courtesy of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary.
Source: U Matuna, June 7, 2013.

In answer to Chuck White's question, the Seminary is used as a pass through to funnel money to individuals who would raise questions if they were put on the archdiocesan payroll. So long as the seminary does not show more than $50,000 in income, as a 501c3 it does not have to file a tax return which would be public information because of its non-profit status. This is why Archbishop Apuron is arguing to keep the seminary finances separate from any archdiocesan financial report. On another note, and as mentioned elsewhere, how does Fr. Wadeson function as a "formator for a seminary in Guam when he lives in San Francisco? Actually, that's not "another note". That's the same note. Effectively it is money laundering. We are paying someone for a job he doesn't do. What is his job? He's a presbyter for the neo communities in San Francisco, courtesy of the money of the people of Guam. If that's not true Archbishop, then PUBLISH the Seminary's financials. 


  1. Wadeson on published list of 500 priests in good standing in San Fran.

    1. Wonderful. What's he doing in San Francisco and on our payroll?

    2. Don't be so cheap, Tim, it is for Evangelization!!

    3. If Fr. Wadeson is in San Francisco in any capacity, I would question the integrity of the Archbishop there as well. In this day and age of information, why do these accused priest enjoy seemingly anonymity?

    4. Anonymous 12:44pm, Archbishop Cordileone is actually very conservative. I'm sure His Excellency wouldn't take this news very lightly. I wonder if has a helpful link or number?

    5. Their policy is pretty clear and posted on their website. It does not look like Fr. Wadeson was properly vetted per their own procedures. If so, and was still allowed in their Archdiocese, their policy means nothing.

  2. Neocatechumenate at St. Anne’s
    starts on September 15th
    Dear Parishioners:
    I am happy to share the great news about the
    initiation of the “ Neocatechumenate Way ” at St.
    Anne’s. Next weekend, Fr. John Wadeson, a priest that
    guides the various Neocatechumenal Communities in
    the Bay Area, will come to give a brief invitation at all
    the weekend Masses.

  3. If I'm not mistaken, isn't money laundering against the law? In fact, I believe it's a federal offense. And if this is so, the RMS's finances should be subjected to a criminal investigation. The FBI should be contacted and told of this alleged fraudulent channelling of money. This would be an indication of corruption within the Chancery.

    1. It could be. However, this is why I said it is "effectively" money laundering. There's nothing civilly illegal about it. There is however a matter of ethics. But then the Neo's make their own rules in that regard.

  4. If you have evidence of money laundering then it should be reported to the police. If you make an accusation, you need to back it up with evidence. Don't tell the archbishop to prove you wrong. Either you have the evidence for this accusation and go to the police with it or your accusation is nothing.

    1. Read comment above...or at least try.

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    3. Diana, Sleep in- no office hours today. Let Francesco say Mass in Italian. Yawn.

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  6. Live feed interesting revealing.

  7. Reality is problems not being resolved.
    So many are reading Junglewatch.
    Readers look for solutions.
    Look to God find solutions.
    Heaven is wider than the earth. Look to heaven and you will find solutions beyond infinity.

    1. Yes. I looked to God and he told me to start JungleWatch.

  8. Believable, 11:44AM! I am sure you have read what happened to Wadeson. I hope this changes your views. Now, do I hear you saying thank you, Tim. No? Unbelievable!