Sunday, July 6, 2014


The following comment is in response to the growing movement to withhold contributions to the church so long as the Archbishop continues to withhold information on what he is doing with those contributions. 

  • God always protects his priests and his people (Church). It's the parish BUILDING that will be shut down due to lack money to pay for power, water, and administrative operations to buy candles, hosts, wine, and other necessities needed for the sacraments. It's not that the priest s don't care. It's because people like you and Jes of Chalan Pago who don't care. You'd rather see the way destroyed even if the parish building goes down with it.

  • My thoughts.

    The NCW has been on Guam for nearly 20 years. In large part, it wasn't just tolerated, it was welcomed, despite the Archbishop's stated bias and his public insults of other lay charisms (the Cursillo). The only incidence of public disapproval was the protest in front of the Cathedral in 2008, but that was not a protest against the NCW directly, but a protest against the Archbishop's mistreatment of three Filipino priests. And once the situation was addressed, there was no more protest. 

    So the question is "What changed?" What changed for people like Jes of Chalan Pago who deeply care about their parishes and who for generations have never wavered in their support for their parishes and their priests no matter where they came from and who they were? What changed for people like Jes of Chalan Pago to want to look elsewhere for a place to practice his Catholic Faith? What changed? 

    On a personal note, I am on record of not only supporting the Neocatechumenal Way, but supporting for and fighting for the Archbishop. In 2008, in response to criticism from some members of the NCW, I sent out a letter to 1500 recipients stating my support for the NCW and praising it for the good it was doing. I also later posted it on my blog where it has received many views. 

    Most of the seminarians who are now priests will attest to my general support and encouragement every time I encountered them. The Archbishop will attest to the fact that I stood up for him - often alone - when he was being attacked for supporting church teaching against same-sex unions and abortion. He will also attest to how I stood up for him when SNAP and BJ came looking for him. 

    So what changed? What changed to cause a decades-long dedicated parishioner like Jes of Chalan Pago to feel he can no longer stay in his parish? What has driven so many people like Jes away, making them refugees in their own diocese? What changed to cause me to go from the only lay person to stand up publicly for the Archbishop to the only lay person to stand up (in name) against him now? What changed, Anonymous at 10:57AM? What changed?

    It so sad that people like you can not only NOT answer that question, you don't even care to ask it. Instead...instead of looking in the mirror, instead of examining the facts, instead of engaging the crisis, you launch into full attack mode on the people and families who have sustained this diocese for generations. Instead, you slash and burn, humiliate and drive out the powerless, forcing them to speak with all that is left to them: their feet and their wallets. 

    Soon, you will hear them.

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