Saturday, July 5, 2014


The following note is fake. But no matter. The post was not important...other than to show that there are a lot people who are very upset by the Archbishop's stonewalling of his own people. Oh, and P.S. to Mr. Apuron. Your note is fake because this post was originally made today at 11:03 am, and you've been "monitoring this for about a week." Right.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "YES, LET'S MEET. WHAT ELSE DO YOU HAVE?":
Buenas Mr. Rohr,

As I look at this post and monitoring this for about a week, I am truly sad. But in kind, I ask that you take this posting of my brothers house. My name is Jose Apuron originally from Guam but my parents moved to Las Vegas in the 1990s. I have not told my brother Anthony about this recent post but I ask you to please take this down. It may cause chaos to my family here in Las Vegas. My brother Anthony is not the bishop. My Parents named him after Saint Anthony because my brother was sick when he was little and my parents prayed for his intercession. 

Thank you Mr. Rohr and may God bless you.

Jose S. Apuron- Las Vegas, Nevada 

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