Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Monsignor: Archbishop's statements on finances 'absolutely wrong'

Former BBMR Director Rivera to Archbishop: It's Never Too Late to Say "I'm Sorry"

Pope's delegate replies to Guam parishioners

Catholics refute archbishop's claims about church finances


  1. The "NEO" will never say those words "sorry" "forgiveness". Because they are always right.

  2. The really meaning of "NEO":

  3. Janet B - MangilaoAugust 6, 2014 at 6:03 PM

    And we thought there were just three stooges up on the hill? Of the allegations Tony gladly paraded to the media, Msgr James tells his boss that 3 of the 5 items were cleared more than two months before Tony Baloney fired him. Tony is either forgetful, or someone is purposely trying to ruin him. These documents were given to the finance officer Kim on May 20.
    Tony - maybe you should look inside for document mismanagement. Or just fire yourself!
    Pizza be with you

  4. Chuck White was on target when he said it is the IMPOSITION of The Way on the Catholic Church in Guam. As he said that is the root cause of all these problems. And that is why the Archbishop can't solve this problems because he doesn't admit that The Way is being imposed on the people of Guam. And that is why the bridges that Tony Diaz proposed in the U Matuna can't be built because for the Archbishop it is NOT ok to say that there are many (make that many, many, many) broken bridges in Guam that need fixing.