Thursday, February 23, 2017


Posted By Webster

Yes, this is the likely outcome if Walter Denton, Roy Quintanilla, and Roland Sondia do not testify before the Canonical Trial of Apuron being speedily conducted by the Vatican. This will be a blow of biblical proportions to the Catholic community of Guam, and to all the men and women who have, with great sacrifice, lobbied, fought, and supported these three victims so that Truth and Justice may once again prevail in our beloved Church in Guam.

The CCOG, LFM, and the SLM, the SILENT MAJORITY, will have fought in vain, only to watch in horror as the lure of money and power have overcome their Holy Crusade to clean up the Church, by having Apuron found guilty and defrocked, and by having justice for Walter, Roy, and Roland.

Have these three noble and gallant men of courage and valor forgotten what they said in public, when the prospect of a bill lifting the statute of limitation was not even a prospect, that all they wanted was to be able to confront Apuron, to have him apologize, to be acknowledged by the Church, and to ensure that by telling their stories, future altar boys are protected and shielded?

Well, that opportunity for them is here, now, to testify before a Canonical Tribunal, led by the strict, no-nonsense, and conservative Cardinal Burke, who will no doubt find Apuron guilty, and defrock him, if Walter, Roy, and Roland will only testify.

Why? Because when one hears the stories of these three men, of what happened to them as boys, you will believe them, especially after one hears the cries and pleas of a suffering and guilt-ridden mother, Doris Concepcion, of the fourth victim, now deceased, Sonny Quinata. The testimonies of these three men will make or break the case against Apuron.

So, why has Walter, Roy, and Roland changed their minds? Has the lure of money from their pending lawsuits overcome their sense of justice, righteousness, and goal to rid the Church of Apuron? I pray not. Or, is it that their attorney, David Lujan, who distrusts all foreigners and state-siders, wants to unreasonably safeguard his interest in extracting millions from his civil lawsuits regardless of whether Apuron is found guilty of crimes by the Church and is set free? I am not saying that the victims should not be compensated, as they should be, but I am saying that they should also confront Apuron as they promised they would if given the opportunity.

Yes, Apuron will be set free if he is found not guilty, and although he will still have to face the civil lawsuits, does he really care at that point? No, he could just retire, live comfortably somewhere in the Mediterranean, and ignore the civil lawsuits. Why? Because even if a civil court finds for Walter, Roy, and Roland, Apuron can simply file bankruptcy. He is judgement proof.

David Lujan will also not care at all because he knows he cannot collect against Apuron. But he knows he can collect millions against the Archdiocese of Agana, with all its assets in land, buildings(schools and churches), and other properties, the same assets that so many Catholics have contributed and help built these past decades. That is the prize David Lujan seeks, one that will pay him millions.

And David Lujan cannot argue that allowing his clients to testify, without his presence, before a canonical trial may compromise his clients because Apuron's canon lawyers may use their testimony against them in the civil case. David Lujan is under the wrong impression. If he did his research, if he hasn't already, he will know that anything said or disclosed in a canonical trial is protected by the Pontifical Secret (to protect witnesses, victims and the process from outside or civil intervention) so that no one, not even Apuron's Canon Lawyers (Apuron's civil lawyer, Jackie Terlaje, is also not allowed to be present) can disclose anything, and that the complete separation of a canonical trial from any civil trial will shield a canonical trial from subpoena or other civil measures. A canonical trial is not like the adversarial trail we see on television. The canon lawyers are not even allowed to ask questions. Only Cardinal Burke can, and there are no limits to what a witness can say. A witness is allowed to speak freely and openly, without fear of retaliation or compromise.

But there is still HOPE. David Lujan can still do the right thing. Walter, Roy, and Roland still have time to testify, To Do The Right Thing. Cardinal Burke will return to Guam or meet them anywhere in the world to take their testimony. We are counting on them.

Otherwise, Apuron will be found Not Guilty, and as he relaxes on some beach drinking his pina colada during his retirement years, living off his ill gotten assets donated over the years by the Catholic faithful of Guam, he will toast David Lujan and our three gallant victims for breaking the case against him.

In the meantime, we will be paying for Apuron's heinous crimes and sins for the rest of our lives, without Justice and the Truth being served.

Blessed Mother, pray for us.

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