Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Glad to be Back to Holy Mother ChurchAugust 13, 2014 at 3:09 PM
The report posted by Chuck White is very interesting. I believe the same trend is happening here on Guam as well. That is why the kikos are fighting so hard to destroy the local Church as fast as possible right now. They see the cult slipping into oblivion on Guam.
From what I have seen of my old community, and those of other parishes, community size dwindles as time passes by. Either because 

1.) people move off-island, or
2.) people no longer receive benefit from they Way that they can get in a regular parish. or
3.) they get tired of the regiment, lies and deceit

1.) is a natural occurrence that affects all movements
2.) this is actually how many kikos sell the movement. we take people disconnected from the Church and breathe life back into their spirit, and once they have been healed from their miseries they are re-integrated back into the parish. However, note that this is really just a lie. they have no such desire to have you re-integrate back into the parish. Their plan is to keep you in the NCW for the rest of your life!

3.) More and more people are now starting to see the problems inherent in such a group. It is very cultish. Upon your first convivence you are told you now have a new family. The neo-family quickly pushes itself as the most important unit in your life. If you talk about stepping down they tell you that you are not making God your first priority. Guilt trips are a big part of their method and they use the God card as often as needed to keep you in their fold. But I had a very good friend who helped me to realize that God can be found in many ways. Giving up on my neo-family was merely a way to re-kindle my relationship with my true family. She also reminded me how the parish is also a family, which was a perspective I had not previously seen. But once I tried going back to parish life on a regular basis and walking at the same time, I saw how she adapted to the parish family, and showed me how to do the same thing. Many people are tired of the threats they see happening by the catechists, by Fr Pius, and other leaders, and they eventually see that there is another way.

That is why I fully support the efforts of Jungle Watch. Because it not only sheds light on the errors of the NCW, and there are many errors in the Way. But it also reaches out to those good neos to let them know there is another way.

The die hard kikos will remain as long as the NCW is around on Guam. But as communities shrink in size they are constantly combining. And the new communities are started which help to reduce the overall decline in numbers. But Guam is a small place. Pretty soon, there will be smaller communities formed because of an overall lack of interest in this charism, and the numbers of those dropping out will far exceed the few who enter.

Then the question becomes what will happen to the neo priests. They have been trained in a very different way that regular diocesan priests. When the number of active communities drops well below the number of neo priests on island, will some of our foreign born priests ask to go off-island? And if they go off-island will our Archdiocese still have to support them like the current six neo priests off island? Will we have enough left to function in our parishes, or will they all want to jump ship?

I guess only time will tell, because this is certainly the way the trend is going.

To all the good neos out there, please remember that salvation is through Christ, and not the Way. Christ is fully present in the Holy Mother Church. And now with what you have learned in the NCW, you will be able to spot Him at every turn you make. The parish waits to welcome you back home.

The kikos want you in their club for selfish reasons. The Church wants you in the parish to be a light shining for the world to see. God bless you.

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