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Glad to be Back to Holy Mother ChurchAugust 13, 2014 at 3:09 PM
The report posted by Chuck White is very interesting. I believe the same trend is happening here on Guam as well. That is why the kikos are fighting so hard to destroy the local Church as fast as possible right now. They see the cult slipping into oblivion on Guam.
From what I have seen of my old community, and those of other parishes, community size dwindles as time passes by. Either because 

1.) people move off-island, or
2.) people no longer receive benefit from they Way that they can get in a regular parish. or
3.) they get tired of the regiment, lies and deceit

1.) is a natural occurrence that affects all movements
2.) this is actually how many kikos sell the movement. we take people disconnected from the Church and breathe life back into their spirit, and once they have been healed from their miseries they are re-integrated back into the parish. However, note that this is really just a lie. they have no such desire to have you re-integrate back into the parish. Their plan is to keep you in the NCW for the rest of your life!

3.) More and more people are now starting to see the problems inherent in such a group. It is very cultish. Upon your first convivence you are told you now have a new family. The neo-family quickly pushes itself as the most important unit in your life. If you talk about stepping down they tell you that you are not making God your first priority. Guilt trips are a big part of their method and they use the God card as often as needed to keep you in their fold. But I had a very good friend who helped me to realize that God can be found in many ways. Giving up on my neo-family was merely a way to re-kindle my relationship with my true family. She also reminded me how the parish is also a family, which was a perspective I had not previously seen. But once I tried going back to parish life on a regular basis and walking at the same time, I saw how she adapted to the parish family, and showed me how to do the same thing. Many people are tired of the threats they see happening by the catechists, by Fr Pius, and other leaders, and they eventually see that there is another way.

That is why I fully support the efforts of Jungle Watch. Because it not only sheds light on the errors of the NCW, and there are many errors in the Way. But it also reaches out to those good neos to let them know there is another way.

The die hard kikos will remain as long as the NCW is around on Guam. But as communities shrink in size they are constantly combining. And the new communities are started which help to reduce the overall decline in numbers. But Guam is a small place. Pretty soon, there will be smaller communities formed because of an overall lack of interest in this charism, and the numbers of those dropping out will far exceed the few who enter.

Then the question becomes what will happen to the neo priests. They have been trained in a very different way that regular diocesan priests. When the number of active communities drops well below the number of neo priests on island, will some of our foreign born priests ask to go off-island? And if they go off-island will our Archdiocese still have to support them like the current six neo priests off island? Will we have enough left to function in our parishes, or will they all want to jump ship?

I guess only time will tell, because this is certainly the way the trend is going.

To all the good neos out there, please remember that salvation is through Christ, and not the Way. Christ is fully present in the Holy Mother Church. And now with what you have learned in the NCW, you will be able to spot Him at every turn you make. The parish waits to welcome you back home.

The kikos want you in their club for selfish reasons. The Church wants you in the parish to be a light shining for the world to see. God bless you.


  1. "Glad to be Back to Holy Mother Church," thank you for sharing your insight. Over the months, I have read your comments with special interest because they prove to me that once people started opening their eyes, minds and hearts, they would realize that our One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church offers many different ways to meet their various needs. For many years, I was a "cafeteria Catholic," picking and choosing what I would believe. I never left the Church, but if the NCW had come at one particular time in my life — as depressed and vulnerable as I was, I could have been easy pickings for them.

    What a blessing that you recognized God had sent someone to help you transition out of the NCW and back into your natural AND your parish family! I'm sure that others have been given the same opportunity but have failed to recognize God's Hand — or have ignored His messenger(s). The closing words of your post sum it up perfectly:

    "The kikos want you in their club for selfish reasons. The Church wants you in the parish to be a light shining for the world to see."

    God bless you, "Glad to be Back to Holy Mother Church," and thank you again for sharing this!

  2. NEO GUY: Good afternoon, Mrs. Cruz. We know you are busy since your husband passed away. We missed you at the last gathering. Never mind all those rosaries. He is in heaven already. Just come and join us.
    WIDOW: So sorry. So busy... Maybe later... Bye...
    NEO GUY: By the way, we want to remind you that your husband said he would give us his life insurance when he passed away. Let us know when we can stop by again.
    WIDOW: I don't know anything like that...
    NEO GUY: Don't forget...

    1. The names have been changed to protect the innocent, I presume, and the grieving widow needed some help to fight the vultures off. So I heard.

  3. NEO GUY: You have reached a point in your journey where you must show your deep love and devotion to God. Sign over your condo in Manila to us.
    JOE: That is for our retirement. We are not in good health right now. It is for my children. My family is living there already.
    NEO GUY (ANGRILY): You will burn in the everlasting fires of hell if you do not renounce your material goods! Do it now!
    JOE: I cannot...
    NEO GUY (RAGING): God will punish you if you do not renounce material goods before the Lord! You will die! Your wife and children will die!
    JOE: Please, no!

    1. Ipaalam sa amin labanan ang mga neos. ang mga ito ay hindi mga Katoliko. Ang mga ito ay imposters sa aming relihiyon.

      Let us fight these neos. they are not catholics. They are imposters to our religion.

  4. See, this is what Bishops are supposed to do! Put limits on this movement that thinks they can get away with anything and everything. Make them abide by their statutes, keep a close eye on their activities. If they are simply held accountable for their actions and simply follow the liturgical practices of the Catholic church, then we'd have no issues! This is exactly what Archbishop Apuron has failed to do, he needs to look to this example and follow suit. But we all know that won't happen because we all know he isn't really in control. Such a shame.

  5. Support the Catholic Church! Support the Catholic Schools! I do! I send my children to a certain catholic school only to find out that missionary families do not pay tuition. How unfair is this to the rest of us!

    1. When they ever do go to a Fiesta Mass or the like, they never put a penny in the collection. : ((.

  6. Beautiful Fresh flowers,carpet bright as ever and crucifix shining as always readings and the Gospel was Amazing! God we trust in you, Thank you for a beautiful word tonight! Thank you for many blessings! Good night bothers and sisters. Peace.

    1. God we trust in you and Diana we trust in you tooo!!! Oh, yes we do!!!

  7. Glad,

    You forgot to mention that, when in the catechist, you are told that not everyone needs the NCW. So for some odd reason, it is yourself to blame for even attending. Maybe the fact that the responsible or even other members calls is to check it you are ok.

    For myself, if a member says "I will stop walking" or "The Neo is not for me" I would and still would not put them on a guilt trip. It is a choice to continue or to quit. Like is it was said, there are many groups i in the Catholic church are available, some may the way to go, and some may not.

    1. You experiences sure seem to be always different from everyone else's. You are welcome to share yours but not deny others.

    2. David G. why are you using a man's name David? When you insist you are a woman and not a man, and not a priest? Drop the David G and do not go to the Jungle when you tell your Diana fans you don't. Little Diaaaanna, don't tell little untruths. Bye.

    3. Sorry but I have learned that my experience will just be mocked and questioned. It will not be taken serious and it would not mean anything. Many have shared the experience here or even post how the NCW helped them BUT then again is was always brushed off, because it does not matter.

      Anon 4:17am
      Me Diana? nice one, just ask Tim is Im Diana. Im sure he can pull up my IP address and compare it to Dianas from long ago when she used to post here.

    4. Not sure I get it. It's okay for you to mock and question "Glad to Be Back"? Sincere experiences are always welcome. But you are right, they mean nothing relative to the main issues of the NCW which is a continued violation of its Statute and the aggressive disdain we experience from your leadership. In the end the only thing that makes the NCW Catholic is whether or not you conform to your statute. Life changing experiences can occur in any religion or even no religion. Alcoholics Anonymous has even better stories and a much longer track record.

  8. @1:45AM: David G., you are either a liar or are terribly misinformed. Apuron, Quitugua and the people with the drug addictions who proselytize at our regular Masses always explain to us that the regular Catholic Church is insufficient and that us regular Catholics need the Way.

  9. Many of those who vehemently oppose the Neocatechumenal Way do not have first hand experience of walking in the Way; therefore, their criticisms are unfounded and unreliable. Their sources are from other blogs and websites of the same perspective. Other sources they rely on are disgruntled ex-neo members who were unable to face their reality of their sin during their walk. They give the same testimony of ex-Catholics who left the Church and joined Protestant fundamentalists. Here is an example of what an ex-Catholic said, and if you wish to read the entire article, the weblink is provided:

    It’s not hard to understand why people are so excited about Pope Francis. Since his sensational interview last week, many have said that with his personal warmth and determination to put doctrine in the background, Francis is just the man to bring a lot of fallen-away Catholics back into the church.

    Maybe. But I’m an ex-Catholic whose decision to leave the Catholic Church is not challenged by Francis’ words but rather confirmed.

    We see from his statement above, that he left the Church and appears disgruntled by the Catholic Church. In the article, he goes on about everything wrong with the Catholic Church from the sex abuse scandal to the corruption. But his real reason for leaving the Church has more to do with his inability to face his reality of sin. An insight into his own testimony shows that:

    What needed changing? Lots. My own brokenness was plain to me, and I was ready to turn from my destructive sins and become a new person. The one thing I didn’t want to do was surrender my sexual liberty, which was my birthright as a young American male. I knew, though, that without fully giving over my will to God, any conversion would be precarious. By then, I was all too wary of my evasions. To convert provisionally — that is, provided that the Church didn’t hassle me about my sex life — would really be about seeking the psychological comforts of religion without making sacrifices.

    His real problem is he would not give up his sexual liberty, which he feels is his birthright.

    It is the same with disgruntled ex-members of the Way. In the Neocatechumenal Way, members will face their reality of sin as this young man did in the article. Let us say, for example, that a man was told by his catechists to give up his girlfriend and return to his wife to work out their problems in the marriage. The person would then leave the Way and start telling everyone that the NCW is telling him how to run his life. This person would go to people like Tim Rohr or Chuck White and relate their story of how manipulative the Way is. He will go on and on about how the Way was trying to tell him what to do with his life. He will say that the catechists were trying to control him. But what he will leave out is the part about the catechists telling him to leave the girlfriend and return to his wife and save his marriage.

    If this person were to go to a non-neo priest, he would be told the same thing. But of course, he does not do that. He simply spreads the rumor that the NCW brainwashes you into trying to control your life, and he leaves out the part where the catechists actually tells him to try and save his marriage.

    Many ex-Catholics who join the Protestant fundamentalists will always look down on the Catholic Church, and these ex-Catholics are being used by the fundamentalists as their evidence of proving how corrupted and evil the Church is. Those who oppose the Way are very familiar with Protestant tactics. They also use ex-neo members the same way as Protestants use ex-Catholics to try to bring down the Catholic Church. Therefore, they are not reliable sources. The best way to find out the truth of the Neocatechumenal Way is to experience the Way yourself, so you can judge it from the perspective of one walking in the Way.

    1. The matter is simple. Does your celebration of the Eucharist conform to the liturgical books with the exception of that which is permitted in your Statute, or does it not?

      You are obviously a reliable source, so tell us.

    2. " far as it pertains to the celebrations of the Paschal Vigil and the Sunday Eucharist, mentioned by you, articles 12 and 13, read in their entirety, constitute therefore the regulatory charter of reference." - Archbishop Angelo Becciu, Substitute of the Secretariat of State, to Francisco (Kiko) Argüello, initiator of Neocatechumenal Way. From the Vatican, April 3rd, 2014

    3. The above comment is a copy-and-paste from Diana's (or should I say, Holly's) latest blog entry.
      So all you ex-neos out there, be aware that your personal account of your experience in the ncw is unreliable because you're all very bad, disgruntled individuals! You'll only be found reliable when and if you have nice, glittery things to say in regards to the ncw (show me the fruits but save all the bad stuff for someone else!)

    4. Apples and Oranges. your logic, typical of most kiko's is, as Dr. Spock would say, illogical. So, according to you, all people who have left the ncw are disgruntled.
      No, it couldn't be that they have seen and experienced the truth!?! The posts above by Family stories are true, and FYI I am one of those disgruntled ex- neo's as you call them. I have heard others as well, "renounce your biological family because the ncw is now your family, you have to decide!" Really?
      Now for this thing about returning to reconcile with your spouse. Is that like the situation where the bishop told the woman to go back to her husband, and he nearly beat her to death? You cannot generalize about people's lives, every one is different, which is why the church has been patient with your movement.
      Pax Domini

  10. Reading are the same on Eucharist and on Sunday masses. There is no differences. I attend Sunday mass as well. I truly appreciated even more. You are all invited it's truly free and believe me you will have to put on your seat belts. The word of GOD and his gift to us is amazing! You will love and forgive even more!!

  11. Why do kikos have to write oh so very long? Then go in a round about way about nothing? My patience is running thin. I feel like I've lost 50 I.Q. pts after reading anything from them!

    Please 11:50, diana, dr. Eusabio and all others that attempt to explain and defend the way, goodness, write better! Your lack of intelligence show all over the place.

    Now your ex-Neos are disgruntled ex members? Couldn't you just say that your cult did such a great job that they actually went back to the Mother Church, where they truly belong? What a pile of **** coming from you kikos!!!

    Stop humiliating yourselves and showing how dumb you really are, brainwashed zombies!