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Tim, many people got the copy and did do the comparison. There was a mistake in the 1st edition. So it was corrected. What is the big fuss about it? You are getting lost in the small details and failing to see the Big Picture. The Big Picture is much more powerful than you think.

It is about a trend in the church history to rebuild the church from bottom up, through small communities. You fight this trend. But how can you fight a trend in church history? It is hopeless. Statistics show that an estimated 10-20% of Catholics around the world may join the Neocatechumenal Way. This is no different on Guam either, hello, we are here! So you should make a peaceful plan of long term acceptance and not war against the reality. Cheers!

Ah, poor Zoltan. He just can't help it. Hopelessly addicted to JungleWatch. But don't feel bad, you're not alone. Meanwhile, thanks for the intel. You know, I'm not sure I ever thanked you. Without you there would be no JungleWatch. The Fr. Paul affair would have disappeared long ago and we would not have had this war of words with kiko's like you that has now attracted people from all over the world at a rate of 10-15,000 page views a day.

You see, Zoltan, the world would not have paid much attention to a bishop abusing a priest in some place they never heard of. But because this bishop's actions are motivated and controlled by the people who control the Neocatechumenal Way worldwide, the world is now watching. And they are watching because of all the attention you helped us generate about the Neocatechumenal Way from the beginning, so many thanks. 

So now let's get on to what you say here. You don't have the first edition because, contrary to what you were probably told (more lies), the first edition did not contain some small mistake. Mistakes can be addressed in subsequent issues. The first edition contained a major statement by the Archdiocese that would have incriminated them. 

Once again, believing they can lie all they want, they were fine with the statement. That is, they were fine with it until 4:09pm. I am not at liberty to tell you yet what happened at 4:09pm, but why don't you ask your friends in the chancery. It was obviously serious enough for them to fly into action and spend hours retrieving and destroying all those copies of the U Matuna, and then spending another $1500 or so on another run. However, if you are so sure that you have the first edition. Go ahead and tell us the title of the front page story below the fold. 

But now we come to your major point. And though you do not intend this, you validate the suspicions of many who believe that you are exactly right when you say:
"The Big Picture is much more powerful than you think. "
Yes, I was essentially told this in 2006 by one of your professors. The Archbishop himself essentially told us this also in 2006 when he blasted Rome for daring to tell the Neocatechumenal Way what to do. 

You see, Zoltan, for those of us who are faithful to the Magisterium of the Church, we understand what it means for a bishop to tell Rome to go screw itself, which is what Archbishop Apuron did when he questioned Cardinal Arinze's credentials. Cardinal Arinze, as you know, was not just some guy with a red hat. At the time, he was the Prefect for the Congregation of Divine Worship, and his statement was not his own, but Pope Benedict's. 

You have tried to play this off as happening 8 years ago. But 8 years ago, at least for real Catholics, the earth shook as we heard Archbishop Apuron say that. With those words he showed us that he had taken sides and had already declared war on Pope Benedict and the rest of us who wanted to stay faithful to the true Church. 

And now you clearly tell us what the real agenda is, not that we didn't know, but because you don't know how to keep your mouth shut, you again spill the real beans, and surely to the dismay of your Neo brothers. 
"It is about a trend in the church history to rebuild the church from bottom up, through small communities. You fight this trend. But how can you fight a trend in church history? It is hopeless."
Whether it is hopeless or not is what this blog is about. But it is good for the nice Neo's, the ones who aren't Kiko's like you yet, to see this in print so they can understand better why there is so much animosity toward the Way. You are NOT here to bring people back to the Church as you claim. You are here to "rebuild the church from bottom up."

We know that. That's why you are already known around the world as "parish breakers". That's the real reason Fr. Fabio wanted to tear down the Santa Rita church, not because there are cracks in the walls. That's the real reason why Fr. Paul and Msgr. James were ousted and publicly smeared. That's why you have already separated your worship from ours. That's why you speak with such aggressiveness and disdain for "regular" Catholics. 

Thank you for rallying our troops. For months I have been saying what you just said. But now we get to hear it from the inside. Now we get to see the agenda in print. It truly is a Neo takeover of the Church. Do you all see that? Your suspicions and uneasiness are now validated. You have not been imagining things. "Death to the parish!" is the real cry, isn't it. 

As for our cause being hopeless? Well, you just gave us all we need to win. Thanks again, Zoltan. Oh, and stop blaming me for getting you in trouble at UOG. I hear you already are.

Meanwhile, as for a "trend" take a look at this:


  1. Zoltan, last I checked 20% is not greater than 80%. Please tell us again how it is hopeless to resist. Excuse me while I laugh some more. hahahahaha On a serious note, you just strenghtened my resolve to resist "your Way" and to continue speaking out against your ilk.
    Tim, I'm glad you mentioned Fabio because not once did I find his homilies
    meaningful. I know that he lost a number of his parishioners because he couldn't speak to save his life.

    1. Fabio is converting Asia. NOT. and his companion Aurelio is back. So what's up with that? Poor pagans in Asia. Guess they'll have to wait.

  2. WOW ANNO 11:44am, attacking more priest. Way to go in the teaching. Excuse me while I say a prayer for your soul. Tim has gotten you twisted?

    1. He is attacking your idiot neo priest.

    2. @ 1:36 Love your comment! Short and sweet.

    3. @ Anno 1:36pm, WOW "Idiot" It's good to be called the Idiot, the's place in heaven for Idiots my dear. Where will you go? Think before you speak my dear one. No one deserves to be call an idiot. Oops sorry your Pastor Tim has a different way of teaching. another lost soul! My dear return to our MOTHER CHURCH!! JESUS LOVES YOU AND ME!!!

    4. You guys crack me up. How can you take offense to being called an idiot when you are anonymous? No one knows who you are. So you personally can't be called an idiot. But then if you really are an idiot, I suppose it would hurt, wouldn't it.

    5. 3:38 "...return to OUR Mother Church"....I think you meant Kiko and Carmens Church...they are the leaders of the NCW after all, they don't even like the Popes...weird.

    6. 3:38 "...return to OUR Mother Church"....I think you meant Kiko and Carmens Church...they are the leaders of the NCW after all, they don't even like the Popes...weird.

    7. If you can stand on the pulpit and talk for 30 minutes and not know that the people can't understand what you are saying, you're an idiot.

    8. Yes, I guess I can be labeled an idiot for not understanding idiotic homilies. Guess what after 5 mins of listening to idiotic homilies, I turn on my cell phone and look for reflections regarding the readings and the gospel. This is how much of an idiot I am.

    9. ^winner^ to the above comment

    10. To 5:51pm, thank you

  3. The truth hurts,huh? Call it an attack or whatever, but sending a priest who struggles with the English language and is difficult to understand is a grave disservice to the parishioners. I will say a prayer for you too. Oh, and Tim has nothing to do with my response. I speak my own mind.

  4. Fr. Fabiola is a fake, I know him. Why did the send him away?

  5. Whoever made the post might of might not be Zoltan. The latest information I read about him on this blog was that he won a scholarship to Rome. Was not true? He signed the support letter for Fr Pius though. He may still post here, but I would doubt it.

    1. Oh, it's Zoltan alright. His "you can't stop us" is very familiar to me, even before JungleWatch.

  6. As someone who walks, I would not say that 10-20% of Catholics joining the Neocatechumenal Way is a "takeover" of any kind. This is just a percentage, nothing more. So what are you afraid of? Mother Teresa revitalized the concept of Catholic charity by a handful a followers. It can be done. The Way is revitalizing the concept of Catholic communities. Yes, the 20% revitalizes the 80%. It is happening now. Is this so scary? To whom?

    1. Zoltan did not say that the Way was going to "revitalize" the Church. And really? You are revitalizing us? And Zoltan is Exhibit A??

    2. @ 12:43 You wrote: "Yes, the 20% revitalizes the 80%. It is happening now. Is this so scary? To whom?"
      My answer: (1st question) It is not scary, never will. Don't give yourself too much credit. {2nd question) Nobody in their right will ever be scared of you. You prey on the weak, young, and other vulnerable Catholics who are easily led or misled.

    3. 12:43 Oh right, Mother Teresa tried to rebuild the church from bottom up with new doctrines, dancing around 'the table', public confession of the nasties, Host distribution and ...well you get the point. Besides, she was NOTHING like KIKO Aguello.

    4. I like the one where the NEO priest told a lady in the confessional to attend the neo thingy....sneaky that one!

    5. Geez Zoltan, I don't want my mind to be in bondage to the likes of people like you who walk the way. You are in bondage! The bondage of being told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it! You are an insult to my intelligence.

  7. Zoltan your words sound like they come from the devil which is why I suppose The Exorcist is listed as one of your favorite movies. Or is it because you take part in exorcisms illegally held by The Way? You are a scary man indeed. I pray that you do not get consumed by what appears to be the devil in your thoughts and words.

  8. Kiko purports to offer a definitive interpretation of the Second Vatican Council, but the Second Vatican Council was about renewing the Church, not about "rebuilding it from the bottom up". To rebuild from the bottom up requires the destruction of the whole building first.

    Many of us do believe that small communities will play a role in this renewal. Small, diverse, and open communities that reflect the legitimate diversity of the Church of Agana. With no cult of personality or sect-like characteristics.

  9. I am one of those parishioners who stopped attending mass in Santa Rita. Even though Fabio is no longer there, I haven't felt at home there. My heart and faith is still with God; but I am searching for a good shepherd to follow. I thought it was just me; but reading these blogs assures me that I am not the only one feeling this separation.

    The last interaction I encountered was when my husband had a meeting with him for permission to be a God parent for another parish. Before my husband arrived, he already had a member of the "Neo" waiting to evangelize to my husband about infidelity and not being able to have children and that "the way" would help us as a couple. Fabio assumed that we had these issues; but we didn't. I guess that's one of the many sales pitches on "the way". As for my husband and I, "the way" is not for US.

  10. So, 11:50am: woe and shame to non-neos who criticize neo priests!? ... but for ncw's and this archdiocese's hierarchy to bully, ax and ruin priests -- non-neo priests, that is -- it's outright OK, it appears!

    Is this not double standard? ... or is it simply another one of the "trends" we have just begun no see in our Catholic Church with the new evangelization -- ala neo way: "from the bottom up," targetting Catholic parish members, corralling them into small neo communities; and "from the bottom up," targetting non-neo priests, eliminating them as Pastors by the ncw's and our archdiocese's hierarchy.

    These may have been trendy in the beginning, but trends do not last; as a matter of fact it's now out of style on Guam. We're now on to the neo's "trendy" religion. We'll stick to and prefer our good ole Authentic Catholicism in our parishes! Thanks, but NO, THANKS, ncw!

    1. Glad to be Back to Holy Mother ChurchAugust 13, 2014 at 3:09 PM

      The report posted by Chuck White is very interesting. I believe the same trend is happening here on Guam as well. That is why the kikos are fighting so hard to destroy the local Church as fast as possible right now. They see the cult slipping into oblivion on Guam.
      From what I have seen of my old community, and those of other parishes, community size dwindles as time passes by. Either because
      1.) people move off-island, or
      2.) people no longer receive benefit from they Way that they can get in a regular parish. or
      3.) they get tired of the regiment, lies and deceit

      1.) is a natural occurrence that affects all movements
      2.) this is actually how many kikos sell the movement. we take people disconnected from the Church and breathe life back into their spirit, and once they have been healed from their miseries they are re-integrated back into the parish. However, note that this is really just a lie. they have no such desire to have you re-integrate back into the parish. Their plan is to keep you in the NCW for the rest of your life!
      3.) More and more people are now starting to see the problems inherent in such a group. It is very cultish. Upon your first convivence you are told you now have a new family. The neo-family quickly pushes itself as the most important unit in your life. If you talk about stepping down they tell you that you are not making God your first priority. Guilt trips are a big part of their method and they use the God card as often as needed to keep you in their fold. But I had a very good friend who helped me to realize that God can be found in many ways. Giving up on my neo-family was merely a way to re-kindle my relationship with my true family. She also reminded me how the parish is also a family, which was a perspective I had not previously seen. But once I tried going back to parish life on a regular basis and walking at the same time, I saw how she adapted to the parish family, and showed me how to do the same thing. Many people are tired of the threats they see happening by the catechists, by Fr Pius, and other leaders, and they eventually see that there is another way.

      That is why I fully support the efforts of Jungle Watch. Because it not only sheds light on the errors of the NCW, and there are many errors in the Way. But it also reaches out to those good neos to let them know there is another way.

      The die hard kikos will remain as long as the NCW is around on Guam. But as communities shrink in size they are constantly combining. And the new communities are started which help to reduce the overall decline in numbers. But Guam is a small place. Pretty soon, there will be smaller communities formed because of an overall lack of interest in this charism, and the numbers of those dropping out will far exceed the few who enter.

      Then the question becomes what will happen to the neo priests. They have been trained in a very different way that regular diocesan priests. When the number of active communities drops well below the number of neo priests on island, will some of our foreign born priests ask to go off-island? And if they go off-island will our Archdiocese still have to support them like the current six neo priests off island? Will we have enough left to function in our parishes, or will they all want to jump ship?

      I guess only time will tell, because this is certainly the way the trend is going.

      To all the good neos out there, please remember that salvation is through Christ, and not the Way. Christ is fully present in the Holy Mother Church. And now with what you have learned in the NCW, you will be able to spot Him at every turn you make. The parish waits to welcome you back home.

      The kikos want you in their club for selfish reasons. The Church wants you in the parish to be a light shining for the world to see. God bless you.

    2. Thanks, Glad to be Back. Please contact me, or if you prefer to keep your identity unknown, ask someone else to contact me for you.

    3. Very well said. Amen to you for your words of wisdom for all who choose to come back to the Holy Catholic Church. And welcome back!

  11. Wow, Zoltan! Which part of "don't-you-get-it" don't you get? You are a professor at the UOG? Right? Really? What subject(s)? I hope to God that you are not teaching such critical subjects like logic, epistemology, and the art of critical thinking! If you are, UOG is duty-bound to question your credentials! Your logic sucks! Have you ever heard of an art of argumentation called "argumentum ad hominem"? Simply put it means "if you can't win an argument by using logical and rational tools, attack the man; belittle the speaker/writer!"

    My gosh, if (by your own admission) "some small mistakes" were made in the first edition of the Umatuna (and by small I hope you don't mean miniscule in size, but trivial in importance), why the heck do you have to recall 8000 copies (minus a few that the crew failed to retrieve), reprint the whole thing with your correction, re-issue it out for the following Sunday, instead of (1) instructing all pastors to announce at all the Masses that Sunday to be aware that there is a "small mistake" in the Umatuna on page..., and announce the correction to the people then; or (2) and this is the most common practice - issue an ERRATUM on the following week's Umatuna. The Chancery even did this a few weeks ago when it issued an ERRATUM regarding a "fib" (I won't call it a lie, just to be respectful) about an invitation from Cardinal Tagle to come to Manila for some kind of evangelization. That "fib" was of a more serious matter than the "some small mistakes" you seem to imply were made. OR WEREN'T THEY?

    Zoltan, when you cover your "small mistake" by a lie (now I'll call it a "lie" if it failed the two criteria, above), then the second lie becomes worse than the first. You simply dig a deeper hole for yourself, from which it gets more difficult to extricate yourself. And guess what? It leave the door wide open for people to speculate.

    Speculate, research, and verify is exactly what is now happening. What if - just what if - the "small mistakes" turn out to be actually "huge mistakes" of gigantic proportion that would/could turn out to be incriminating. Naturally, it makes sense to TRY to hide the facts - right? What you (or they) failed to grasp what the admonition: "What is hidden shall be revealed!" I believe even the Papal Nuncio (if I may paraphrase his message from an alleged minutes of his meeting with the clergy) in his recent meeting with the Archbishop and clergy alluded to in encouraging transparency "... but with modern technologies, people will know..." (or words to that effect).

    In closing, Mr. Zoltan, allow me a minor twist of your closing remarks: "an estimated 10-20% of Catholics around the world may join the Neocatechumenal Way." I'd rather phrase it this way, "how sad it is that an estimated 10-20% of Catholics around the world may stand to separate themselves from their true Catholic faith, thanks to the fruits of the Neocathechumenal Way".

    Have a nice day, sir! Say in the Jungle! I might be reading your reply!

    1. Anonymous (August 13, 2014 at 3:22 PM), if I recall correctly Zoltan is/was in the Math Department at UOG which is why I so enjoyed the comment of Anonymous at 11:44 AM who wrote, "Zoltan, last I checked 20% is not greater than 80%."

      Thank you for pointing out to Zoltan and his fellow Kikos/Kikobots how the "mistake" in the 10 August 2014 first edition of the U Matuna could have been handled without having to spend a penny to run a new batch as they did. An announcement at each Mass and an ERRATUM in the following week's issue would have sufficed … IF it was really one of the "small details" per Zoltan.

      I'll admit that I'm curious about what caused the panic at the Chancery, but — as with the next chapter of the Fr. Matthew Blockley narrative — I'll just have to wait patiently.

    2. 3:22, that was beautifully written! Couldn't have said it better myself!!!

  12. Neos read this interview with "credentialed"cardinal Arinze, and follow the directions. It's from a Neo friendly news site.
    VATICAN CITY, FEB. 16, 2006 ( with cardinal Arinze. Note Zenit is Neo-friendly!
    Q: What is the content of these directives?

    Cardinal Arinze: On December 1, 2005, at the conclusion of many talks over a period of at least two years or more, our congregation wrote a two-page letter to the leaders of the Neocatechumenal Way.

    I will simply give the summary: \"In the celebration of the Holy Mass, the Neocatechumenal Way will accept and follow the liturgical books approved by the Church without omitting or adding anything.\"

    This is the basic principle. To follow the approved books; not to add or take away.\" All the rest is detail; six more precise points are presented to respond to some petitions of the Neocatechumenal Way on matters relating to the Eucharistic celebration.

    In the first place, on the Saturday night celebration: Sunday is the Lord\'s Day.

    The Holy Father has decided that the communities of the Neocatechumenal Way, at least one Sunday a month, must participate in the holy Mass of the parish community. For the other three weeks, the Neocatechumenal Way must engage, in each diocese, in dialogue with the diocesan bishop.

    In regard to the homily, pronounced always by the priest or the deacon, a brief occasional intervention may be made that does not have the appearance of a homily. This can also be accepted.

    On the greeting of peace, the Neocatechumenal Way is granted the possibility of taking advantage of the indult already given, that is, that the exchange of peace take place before the Offertory, until a new disposition [is given].

    In regard to the manner of receiving holy Communion, the Neocatechumenal Way is granted a period of transition, of no longer than two years\' duration, to pass from the generalized way of receiving Communion among its communities -- for example, seated, using an adorned table place in the center of the church, instead of the dedicated altar -- to the normal manner for the whole Church of receiving holy Communion.

    This means that the Neocatechumenal Way must move toward the way established by the liturgical books for the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ.

    Finally, the Neocatechumenal Way must also use the other Eucharistic Prayers contained in the Missal and not only the second Eucharistic Prayer.

    Q: How did this letter come about?

    Cardinal Arinze: It stemmed from the results of this congregation\'s examination of the way in which the Neocatechumenal Way has celebrated holy Mass for many years, as, following the approval of the statutes by the Pontifical Council for the Laity -- for a five-year period -- the rest of the Vatican dicasteries had to effect the approvals in their domain. Our congregation\'s domain is the liturgy.

    To carry out this examination, we created a mixed commission of persons named by the Neocatechumenal Way and by our congregation. In the discussions, many practices emerged which they carry out during the Mass. They were examined and it was seen that many of them were not done according to the approved books.

    This is the background. Everything has been examined in many sessions by the mixed commission for a period of two years or more. And a discussion also took place among seven cardinals of the Roman Curia at the request of the Holy Father, who examined everything. Therefore, this letter is the conclusion of this whole process.

    1. Anon 3:25 go to Diana's blog to answer your old article.