Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Tim, many people got the copy and did do the comparison. There was a mistake in the 1st edition. So it was corrected. What is the big fuss about it? You are getting lost in the small details and failing to see the Big Picture. The Big Picture is much more powerful than you think.

It is about a trend in the church history to rebuild the church from bottom up, through small communities. You fight this trend. But how can you fight a trend in church history? It is hopeless. Statistics show that an estimated 10-20% of Catholics around the world may join the Neocatechumenal Way. This is no different on Guam either, hello, we are here! So you should make a peaceful plan of long term acceptance and not war against the reality. Cheers!

Ah, poor Zoltan. He just can't help it. Hopelessly addicted to JungleWatch. But don't feel bad, you're not alone. Meanwhile, thanks for the intel. You know, I'm not sure I ever thanked you. Without you there would be no JungleWatch. The Fr. Paul affair would have disappeared long ago and we would not have had this war of words with kiko's like you that has now attracted people from all over the world at a rate of 10-15,000 page views a day.

You see, Zoltan, the world would not have paid much attention to a bishop abusing a priest in some place they never heard of. But because this bishop's actions are motivated and controlled by the people who control the Neocatechumenal Way worldwide, the world is now watching. And they are watching because of all the attention you helped us generate about the Neocatechumenal Way from the beginning, so many thanks. 

So now let's get on to what you say here. You don't have the first edition because, contrary to what you were probably told (more lies), the first edition did not contain some small mistake. Mistakes can be addressed in subsequent issues. The first edition contained a major statement by the Archdiocese that would have incriminated them. 

Once again, believing they can lie all they want, they were fine with the statement. That is, they were fine with it until 4:09pm. I am not at liberty to tell you yet what happened at 4:09pm, but why don't you ask your friends in the chancery. It was obviously serious enough for them to fly into action and spend hours retrieving and destroying all those copies of the U Matuna, and then spending another $1500 or so on another run. However, if you are so sure that you have the first edition. Go ahead and tell us the title of the front page story below the fold. 

But now we come to your major point. And though you do not intend this, you validate the suspicions of many who believe that you are exactly right when you say:
"The Big Picture is much more powerful than you think. "
Yes, I was essentially told this in 2006 by one of your professors. The Archbishop himself essentially told us this also in 2006 when he blasted Rome for daring to tell the Neocatechumenal Way what to do. 

You see, Zoltan, for those of us who are faithful to the Magisterium of the Church, we understand what it means for a bishop to tell Rome to go screw itself, which is what Archbishop Apuron did when he questioned Cardinal Arinze's credentials. Cardinal Arinze, as you know, was not just some guy with a red hat. At the time, he was the Prefect for the Congregation of Divine Worship, and his statement was not his own, but Pope Benedict's. 

You have tried to play this off as happening 8 years ago. But 8 years ago, at least for real Catholics, the earth shook as we heard Archbishop Apuron say that. With those words he showed us that he had taken sides and had already declared war on Pope Benedict and the rest of us who wanted to stay faithful to the true Church. 

And now you clearly tell us what the real agenda is, not that we didn't know, but because you don't know how to keep your mouth shut, you again spill the real beans, and surely to the dismay of your Neo brothers. 
"It is about a trend in the church history to rebuild the church from bottom up, through small communities. You fight this trend. But how can you fight a trend in church history? It is hopeless."
Whether it is hopeless or not is what this blog is about. But it is good for the nice Neo's, the ones who aren't Kiko's like you yet, to see this in print so they can understand better why there is so much animosity toward the Way. You are NOT here to bring people back to the Church as you claim. You are here to "rebuild the church from bottom up."

We know that. That's why you are already known around the world as "parish breakers". That's the real reason Fr. Fabio wanted to tear down the Santa Rita church, not because there are cracks in the walls. That's the real reason why Fr. Paul and Msgr. James were ousted and publicly smeared. That's why you have already separated your worship from ours. That's why you speak with such aggressiveness and disdain for "regular" Catholics. 

Thank you for rallying our troops. For months I have been saying what you just said. But now we get to hear it from the inside. Now we get to see the agenda in print. It truly is a Neo takeover of the Church. Do you all see that? Your suspicions and uneasiness are now validated. You have not been imagining things. "Death to the parish!" is the real cry, isn't it. 

As for our cause being hopeless? Well, you just gave us all we need to win. Thanks again, Zoltan. Oh, and stop blaming me for getting you in trouble at UOG. I hear you already are.

Meanwhile, as for a "trend" take a look at this:

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