Friday, August 8, 2014


The letter by Ms. Torres:

My reply:

Deborah, can you imagine Jesus telling anyone to "check out the stats" in order to authenticate himself? Your experience is valid and you are welcome to it. You are not welcome to invalidate the observations of others simply because you have had a different experience. Simply prove Chuck's observations wrong with something other than "check out the stats". In 360 A.D., St. Jerome wrote: “the world groaned to find itself Arian”. He wrote this because the majority of the church's bishops had apostatized, opting for the better "stats".

P.S. Fr. Adrian, I am saving a special letter to respond to yours. Good luck today on Travis' show. Try to use something other than stats. And try to tell the truth. 

And here's an additional reply. I did not want to bring this up out of respect for Chuck and his family. But I have received several emails in regards to this and in support of Chuck. So I decided to address Ms. Torres on the matter as follows:

Deborah, I just realized that you said this:

"The archbishop, who allowed The Way to come to Guam, saved me from suicide as I journeyed through the suffering of a divorce. But of course you have never experienced this, you have no idea, and I pray you never will."

Chuck has too much integrity to take you on and probably attributes your statement to gross ignorance. Let me just say that Chuck most certainly has an idea and he and his family have suffered greatly in this arena. Sadly, it is you who have "no idea" and with this statement, you have just verified the arrogance of the Neocatechumenal Way that we all are now becoming increasingly aware of. 

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