Thursday, August 14, 2014


The Kiko's have started a petition to counter ours. Ours is to get rid of him, theirs, to keep him. 

Given this, I am willing to admit defeat. Fr. Pius' Carmelite superiors will support their petition and ignore ours. Here's why: 

According to everything we've learned, Fr. Pius' superiors washed their hands of him years ago because he was so much trouble to their order after he became involved with the Neocatechumenal Way. Guam is about as far away from Malta as you can get on this planet so Pius' superiors couldn't be happier. They'll probably reply to the Kiko's petition with a simple LOL and a happy face :)

Alas. Their gain is our loss. But we will persist. (Sign the petition here.) At some point his superiors will incur some liability under church law for letting their guy wander the earth destroying parishes and priests with O.C.D. after his name. Though I suspect they will exclaustrate him before it comes to that. Pius isn't worried though. He knows Archbishop Apuron will incardinate him here. 

We should put up a sign. 

"Exclaustrated? Banned from other dioceses? 
No problem. Welcome!"

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