Saturday, September 27, 2014


I have received several comments and emails about the recent removal of a bishop in Paraguay by Pope Francis. I am presuming that the senders of those comments and emails are seeing the removal of this bishop as a sign of hope for our own Archdiocese.

However, the removal of the Archbishop is not what I personally am after. In fact, I think it might be a good idea if he stays. Here's why.

Archbishop Apuron is not our real enemy. Kiko Arguello IS. And nowhere in the Catholic world is the danger Kiko poses to the Church more on display than it is in the only diocese in the world that counts a bishop among its subservient members. 

We want Rome to see what happens to the Church when Kiko has full control of it. We want Rome to see the full aggressive persecution by Kiko's "Way" when it is fully unleashed by a bishop who serves it. We want Rome to see, here in Guam, Kiko "gone wild", and the full effect of his decimating disease. 

And for that, we need Archbishop Apuron to stay right where he is and to keep doing what he's doing - which is what he says the pope himself has told him to do anyway. 

(Not true, of course. But it doesn't matter now.)

I know that the Archbishop's continued reign of terror, at least until he is 75 when church law will demand his resignation, will be a source of great pain for some. And who knows how many more real vocations will be lost and souls will be damaged in the meanwhile. But think of your own pain as a sacrifice for the larger Church and do what you can to save others. 

There will continue to be calls for his resignation. He will laugh and mock them, assured by those who use him that "no one can get me." Do not despair. Continue in hope. For it is written: "Vengeance is mine," says the Lord. "The day of their disaster is at hand." (Rom. 12:19, Dt. 32:35)

Meanwhile, pray for the Archbishop. I have always believed (and have often said so on this blog) that he is not of his own mind, that he is being used, that he is simply under Kiko's spell, that he is taking orders from Giuseppe Gennarini and Fr. Pius, that he is the mere aging instrument of the likes of the power hungry Adrian who has designs to succeed him. And all of them will discard him when he is no longer useful. 

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