Monday, September 29, 2014


Wonder what else Tim got besides a paycheck. Can't wait to see the Catholic cemeteries report.

Here's why I'm asking. As the vice-rector of the Cathedral, you have access to the books. You can see my paychecks, as measly as they are. But you don't know what those checks are for that are written to my company, do you?

Anon 7:15PM you think 400K excess? Wait til you see the real report including Tim Rohr's check. What hypocrite. You milknthe Church with my money. It does not matter to me, I don't big stink about it.

Hmmm. So you mean the Archbishop did not show us the "real report"? Of course we know that. But thanks for admitting it. Of course, this would have to come from someone who can see my checks. That would be the vice-rector, now, wouldn't it?

All employees paycheck are public. Even the Guam Legislature shows how much they pay their employee. AAA can publish the pay for all its employees. But did you get any other benefits besides a paycheck?

Of course this is stupid. The Guam legislature is a public agency and its staff and payroll are a matter of public record. The Archdiocese is not a public agency and, other than for ethical purposes, it is not required to disclose its payroll. The fact that this is such an ignorant statement is why I think this might be you, Fr. Jucutan. But the following question asking about "other benefits" pretty much gives it away. Your access to the cathedral books could prompt you to ask this. And you would ask it because you don't know what those other checks to my company are for, do you?

Come on, Tim. Let's have some transparency here. Let AAA publish all employees paychecks including yours. Let's all see how much you've been milking the church.

I don't suspect this comment is from you, Fr. Jucutan, but maybe someone you are talking to? And if you ARE talking and sharing out this information, then it's going to be even worse for you if you are the source of it.

Will sue the Archbishop Tim if he publicly reveal your pay. You are a false Catholic and no mere close to a Christian. You are false and authentic viper.

Those who regularly speak in public (like giving homilies) need to be extra careful when they try to speak anonymously. People are familiar with your speech patterns and oft-used words. In this case, it is the word "viper" (not to mention the poorly constructed sentences). Apparently you use this word often in your homilies. Several people recognized this last comment and sent me messages suspecting it is you.

For the sake of the priesthood, I hope it isn't you. But given what we already know about how you treated the outgoing employees of the cathedral, I wouldn't be surprised. Too bad. It's too bad because you are just another little cog in the big Kiko wheel. For now you take orders. You are useful. They will throw you in the ditch with the Archbishop when they are done with you. Save yourself while you can. You really don't want to face a deposition.

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