Monday, September 29, 2014



Thus sayeth the prophet Kiko:
“It is useless to say: “Sacrifice yourself, be nice to each other, love each other.” If someone tries to do so, he’ll become the greatest Pharisee, because he will do everything for his own personal perfection and will judge others.” Kiko Arguello, Day 7, “the Kerygma”, p 129, Catechetical Directory, Vol. I.
Jesus’s prohibition against judging others figures very prominently in Kiko Arguello’s religion,[1] but unfortunately there are at least three problems with Kiko’s appropriation of Christ’s teaching.


  1. Yep, the most judgmental people I've ever met.

  2. Three basic tenets can be identified NeoCat wants everyone to observe in their ranks:

    1. be obedient
    This means obedient to the cult masters and not to the Catholic Church. This requirement separates faithful Catholics from the Mother Church and subjugates them to a particular kind of leadership, that of the NeoCat.

    2. do not judge
    This is about laying down three major prohibitions:
    a. of criticism towards the higher ranks, some kind of military order;
    b. of questioning obviously false teachings propagated by their "catechists" and
    c of the abusive and corrupt money management schemes they follow.

    3. give up your "idols"
    Now, idol in the NeoCat language is everything that keeps, maintains or protects your integrity as a free individual. This demand on NeoCat members overrides and erases their privacy, their personal ambitions even their family lives. The goal is to transform NeoCat members into mindless servants of the cult masters' purposes.

    Typical sectarian schemes!

  3. Another obvious observation: Diana is not free to publish other people's comments without approval of some secret people. Actually, she seems to be on a strict leash. Who is on the other end of the leash? Who dictates to her? Well, this is a puzzling question. But I am sure the secret NeoCat leaders of Guam, the top layer "catechists" or cult masters pull the strings, These NeoCat cultists act as transmission belt to Guam NeoCats directly from Arguello's headquarter.

    I can tell this by comparing my submitted comments that show up erratically among Diana's entries. She does not allow critical comments under her Kiko post, for example, while she allows the same posts under other posts. She has to protect Arguello and her catechists from any kind of questioning or criticism by any means. I mean by the most brutal censoring, erasing and forced silence.

    There could only be one explanation for this: Arguello has reached in his own cult the status of a "holy cow", the unquestionable leader who is right in everything he utters day or night. This is personal cult at its highest form, folks! Arguello is not only right in everything, his words must be transmitted by the catechists into every little corner of NeoCat presence wherever it might be. Especially into Guam! Guam NeoCats are the most faithful worshippers of Kiko Arguello, paying homage to him at each and every corner. Frightening!

    If you say Diana shows signs of mental exasperation, I could not agree more. Her intellect is truncated by cultist discipline. Paying her dues to the personal cult around Arguello is taking a high toll on her mental state. Please, pray for her! The same time, never stop fighting this ugly personal cult and all of its sad consequences that stifle Catholic life on Guam.

    1. I made alot of wise guy remarks the other day....I even remarked to her about who else was doing the screening. It was a rookie. They let some of my "material" through; which Diana never would. Told her to tighten up the operation! HAAAAAAAAAAA Poor girl needed a break I guess

  4. While I may sound like that I am exaggerating, Here are some basic, and somewhat secret, principles of the Neocatechumenal Way that I think we've discovered:

    1) Christianity, especially Catholicism, has been been contaminated by archaic religious systems, also known as "natural religiosity".
    2) Natural religiosity is based upon ritual, sacrifice, altars and priests.
    3) Catholics have an infantile faith based upon "natural religiosity". This is a Bad Thing.
    4) Christ's death for us was not a sacrifice, and the Eucharist is not the least bit sacrificial either. The Eucharist instead is exclusively an eschatological banquet, or a foretaste of one.
    5) The "New Man" does not judge anybody, especially Kiko or his catechists.
    6) Christians with an "adult faith" (as opposed to the infantile, see #3) go straight to heaven. Don't mention purgatory or praying for the dead.
    7) Real Christians will not be subject to the Final Judgment.
    8) Not much happened in the Church between the Emperor Constantine and the Second Vatican Council.
    9) The Church is destroyed, like Jerusalem after the Exile, and Kiko, like the prophets Ezra and Nehemiah, has come to rebuild the Church from the bottom up.

    A Critical Look at the Neocatechumenal Way

    1. Oh well. NeoCat catechesis teaches: " ... the door to the Kingdom is very small; only the children and those who make themselves like children can pass through it. THE KINGDOM OF GOD COMES WITH US." - First Day, page 10

      Aha, NeoCats are making themselves children... They make themselves infantile while they accuse the rest of us Catholics of being infantile in our faith. Is this reasonable? Not at all! Reason and reasonability is neither a strength of Arguello nor of his followers.

      To fight this unreasonable sect, the best way is perhaps to publicize their five most heretic views, the same manner as we had learned, for example, the heresies of the Watch Tower Society. Then everyone who faces a NeoCat recruiters would know exactly what questions to ask from them, so that they would instantly go away. Lol!

    2. Voice-of-Faith, we really can't quibble with the first part of the excerpt you quoted, because Kiko is drawing it from the 19th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew. Of course, if you or I were asked, "And what are the qualities of a child that allow one through the narrow gate?", We'd probably say, "simplicity and trust." Based on their recent public discourse, I'm willing to bet that a Neo catechist would say, "obedience".

      But it's the second part of the teaching that I really object to. They are not bringing the Kingdom of God to Guam, but rather, a cult.