Saturday, September 6, 2014



Looks like this story took off on its own.  Precisely an indication of how effectively Chamorros reach out when they hear of someone in need.  During the clergy retreat last year I happened to mention to Msgr James my predicament so he immediately contacted Mr. Jerry Calvo (Select Care) by fax which he approved right away.  Mr. Calvo was quoted as saying, "we have to take care of Pale'".  He did not renege on his company's commitment to healthcare, and on his authority to make decisions.  He had command responsibility and acted swiftly.  Something that is not evident in how leaders in the Archdiocese deals with matters.  There is no backbone, no sense of urgency and no accountability, just a mad desire to eviscerate anyone they deem undesirable to their cause.

Msgr James can get things done because he nurtures relationship, his is not a one-way traffic friendship, he does not use people to further his goals, people see a need and they volunteer time, talent and treasure which comes from trusting their "leader and friend."  He uses things and loves people, not vice-versa.  In Manila, Fr Mike dropped me off after visiting with Deacon Fred who was at a care facility.  He shook my hand and I didn't realize  he pressed something into my palm.  When he left, I saw he had left 12 crisp one thousand peso bills ($300) which was equivalent of a one-month budget coming from my savings.  I nearly cried right there, not so much for the money but because someone cared enough to know I was struggling.  I am not good in asking for personal needs.

I do want to make this very clear:  it is not about me...I am fine and right now gainfully employed. Thank you for the concern of many but let us focus on the bigger issues at hand, we have a diocese in disarray.  Thanks to the incisive research and documentation of "this" blog, and the informed opinions of our sensus fidelium, we have brought vital matters to the fore.  The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Agana has become a laughingstock both locally and internationally.  The road is inescapable:  leadership has to put things right and to do their part in bringing this debacle to a reasonable solution. If they cannot or will not, I pray that they stay out of our way so we can start the long healing process.  Meanwhile  I plan to stay off the Kool Aid.  

Father Efren Adversario
In Arduis Fideli

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