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Anonymous asks:

  1. Were is there proof of genarini ordering around the archbishop? I believe most of what is posted on the blog because it is backed by letters, audio, etc. but there is no real proof of genarini being involved. To me even a statement by msgr james would be enough but as for now it seems like a conclusion based on events.
This inquiry allows us to further examine who Giuseppe Gennarini is and why he has so much control over our archdiocese and its archbishop.

First let us say that Gennarini is a very smart man. He knows not to leave a paper trail. And word has it that he has reprimanded the Archbishop for doing so. It is not the neo way to leave a paper trail.

Around July 20, Mr. Gennarini quietly arrived on Guam. A few days later, Msgr. James was called into the archbishop's office and was read a list of charges for which he was accused. Msgr. James was denied a copy of the charges. AAA and the Vicar General had learned their lesson about releasing documents and Gennarini had spanked them both.

Also, at the recent meetings with the Presbyteral Council and the Pastors, where again Archbishop Apuron read off a list of charges against Msgr. James, no documents were distributed. Gennarini's orders.

So we can expect that there will be few documents forthcoming from the chancery. In the end it will work against them of course. Without a paper trail they themselves will not be able to substantiate anything. For now they don't need to. They can just bully their way around. But that's not going to last for long. Someone is going to legally challenge them, and lawyers don't work with "he said, she said."

But moving on to the question about how we know that Giuseppe Gennarini is "ordering around the Archbishop" and whether or not our saying so is just a "conclusion based on events."

Actually, we have first hand eye-witness accounts. Remember we have eyes in the chancery walls (and the Seminary's too). We also have an account of the rather loud argument between Gennarini and the legal counsel for the archdiocese which occurred when the counsel stood up to Gennarini's demand that the archdiocese hand over the title to the Yona property.

We also have the Articles of Incorporation for the Redemptoris Mater Seminary showing that Mr. Gennarini effectively has all power over everything that happens at the seminary including who gets ordained and when.

Gennarini's insertion of himself into the power structure of the seminary is not unique to Guam, he has similarly inserted himself on to the boards and other governance mechanisms of several RMS seminaries.

Anyone want to tell us why a layman and his wife from New Jersey should be deciding what goes on in our diocese here in Guam? That they have this power should give you a clue that something else is afoot.

And here is where we must understand that while Kiko plays the clown, Giuseppe plays the hammer, not just in Guam, and not just in the United States where is the head responsible, but the entire neo-world. Giuseppe and his family of Gennarini's have their hands in just about everything, from who gets ordained, to the construction of neo-temples, to the massive manufacturing, marketing and distribution network of Kiko-approved merchandise.

But back to how do we know that Archbishop Apuron takes orders from Gennarini. First there is the matter of the neo-hierarchical line. Archbishop Apuron is a "brother" in the Neocatechumenal Way, a simple member. As a member he is obedient to his catechist. That catechist is Fr. Pius Sammut. Fr. Pius' region is the Pacific, and the Pacific falls under Gennarini's rule as the Responsible (director) for the U.S. and the Pacific.

Archbishop Apuron, as a faithful member of the Neocatechumenal Way is bound by obedience to his catechists and responsibles. And this is precisely why the Vatican stated in the approved Statute for the NCW that the Way was to be "at the service" of the bishop. Rome knew what could happen if it was the other way around, like it is here.

But beyond this chain of command that has Archbishop Apuron at the end of the chain, there is hard evidence that the archbishop is simply Gennarini's servile messenger.

On Janaury 1, 2006, one month to the date of the letter from the Congregation of Divine Worship to the leaders of the Neocatechumenal Way instructing them to change their liturgy to conform to the rest of the Church, Giuseppe Gennarini gave an interview to the news agency Zenit, spinning the order to conform into a papal approval of their liturgical variations:
Gennarini: "For the first time, the Holy See has accepted several variations to the way the Eucharist is celebrated within the context of the Neocatechumenal Way, as licit adaptations... To the best of my knowledge, this is the only case in which the Holy See has granted such an explicit permission to an ecclesial group. Until now we had done so with verbal authorization from the [Vatican] congregation, but not in writing. In fact, John Paul II had always supported this concept..."
Now compare what Gennarini said to what Archbishop Apuron said eight days later on January 9:
"Actually experimentation was granted in the year 2005...for five years, so it doesn’t expire until 2007, and with this recent letter...we were granted two more years. And in fact, really looking at the is the first time in the history of the church that we were give permissions for the variations that is being done in the Neo Catechumenal Way, officially by the pope. The late Pope John Paul gave it for five years ad experimentum so this gives us even two more years so really to 2009 if you count 5 years from 2002 for the first experimentation, 5 years is 2007 plus this giving us 2 more years, especially in terms of the eucharist itself and the manner of receiving the eucharist."
And for the record, read both of the above excerpts in the context of what the Holy Father actually required:
“On the manner of receiving Holy Communion, a period of transition (not exceeding two years) is granted to the Neocatechumenal Way to pass from the widespread manner of receiving Holy Communion in its communities (seated, with a cloth-covered table placed at the center of the church instead of the dedicated altar in the sanctuary) to the normal way in which the entire Church receives Holy Communion. This means that the Neocatechumenal Way must begin to adopt the manner of distributing the Body and Blood of Christ that is provided in the liturgical books.” 
So the Holy Father ordered the Neocatechumenal Way to change its practices and Gennarini and Archbishop Apuron spin it as an approval of what they are doing! This is why we believe that the leadership of the Neocatechumenal Way is not just mistaken, misled, or mis-intentioned. Only Evil can do this kind of thing with a straight face. 

But now, watch this. As we all know, Archbishop Apuron's big public boo-boo was calling into question the credentials of the Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, Cardinal Arinze. But even here, he was only following Gennarini's notes. The Roman blogger Sandro Magister reports:
When on December 27 www.chiesa published Arinze’s letter in its entirety, Gennarini called the very authenticity of this letter into question. He added that “this does not change its nature of a confidential and internal instrumentum laboris (working instrument),” devoid of any normative force. He restated that the only valid norm is “the confirmation by the Holy Father of the liturgical praxis of the Way.” And by way of proof he cited the blessing that the pope would bestow a few days later upon the Neocatechumenal families leaving on mission, during the audience of January 12.

So Archbishop Apuron does exactly what his Lord and Master, Giuseppe Gennarini, did a few days before: he called the credentials of Cardinal Arinze, and thus his letter, into question:
" front of the pope and the bishops there, cardinals, in fact Arinze’s there, and Arinze, to tell you the truth, is really not for the Way, and I don’t know what credentials he has..." - Archbishop Apuron, KOLG, January 9, 2006
Now, watch what happens. Magister continues:
The audience did, in fact, take place. And so did the blessing. But there was also a second, ringing summons to obedience from Benedict XVI:  
“Recently the congregation for divine worship and the discipline of the sacraments imparted to you, in my name, some norms concerning the Eucharistic celebration, after the trial period that had been granted by the servant of God John Paul II. I am certain that these norms, which draw upon the provisions of the liturgical books approved by the Church, will meet with attentive compliance from you.”  
There was no comment from the directors of the Way after this second call from the pope. But word was given to the 20,000 communities to continue as before.

And THAT is exactly what they did and still do: they "continue as before". The "blessing" they were expecting from Rome for their liturgical practices NEVER CAME. They knew it then and they know it now. They choose to disobey. They choose to separate themselves from the Church. And specifically, Archbishop Apuron chooses to obey Giuseppe Gennarini and Kiko Arguello rather than the Holy Father and the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. 

We say "Fine! Go ahead". But leave your office to one who WILL obey the Holy Father and guide us into union with the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Go follow your Kiko. We will follow Christ and his Vicar. 


  1. Thank you again Tim for helping us to understand the cryptic responses that have come from AAA. Bravo again for all that you do to shed light on the operation of the diocese.

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  2. These kiko seminarians in Yona are so funny. Anonymous September 4, 2014 at 10:19 PM uses his best english to boast and say:
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