Thursday, September 4, 2014


The following items have been amended and/or added to the facts/crimes in the post NO DOUBT ABOUT IT:

  • What doesn't matter is that Fr. Efren Adversario, after separating from military service to care for his ailing mother, was forced to spend many months without health insurance and without the archdiocesan stipend that was his due.
  • What doesn't matter is that during this period Fr. Efren Adversario was rushed to the Makati Medical Center and eventually had to have surgery for an aortic aneurysm, all of which he had to pay for personally because Archbishop Apuron would not cover his medical insurance. 
  • What doesn't matter is that when Fr. Efren Adversario begged Archbishop Apuron for assistance, instead of assisting him as he was required to do (Fr. Efren is incardinated in this diocese), he simply sloughed him off to Deacon Dominic Kim, who in turn sloughed him off altogether, telling Fr. Efren that he cannot be insured because he was "off-island". (Oh really!)
  • What doesn't matter is that when trying to support himself and pay for his own medical expenses, Fr. Efren asked Archbishop Apuron simply to be given "Mass intentions" as a way to support himself, Archbishop Apuron sent him off to beg from the parishes.
  • What doesn't matter is that when Fr. Efren was completely ignored by his bishop, the only Guam priest to come to his assistance was Msgr. James, the priest Archbishop Apuron is currently obsessed with destroying.

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