Wednesday, September 17, 2014


It is extremely sad to read the last line of this letter, a plea to our archbishop: "Help me help them." The least Archbishop Apuron could have done is respond. However, I understand that he neither replied to this letter nor to the previous letter from Governor Calvo, which was sent in July. If this is incorrect, you are welcome to send evidence of the correct account.

PDF copy here

The Archbishop has the right of course to restrict the location of Holy Mass as per the norms provided for in church law (cc. 931-933). Mass is normally required to be held in a "sacred place" and on a "blessed altar", and this may be why he has disallowed the Catholic funeral Mass to be said at the Veterans chapel. 

However, the Archbishop regular permits the Neocatechumenal communities to celebrate their "eucharists" in a variety of locations, most of which do not comport with the norms of the above referenced canons. Since he has already demonstrated his willingness to disregard church law as regards the Neo celebrations, one would think he would at least allow a funeral Mass at the Veterans chapel. 

Veterans, don't give up. We aren't. 

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