Thursday, October 30, 2014


October 30, 2014

Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron
Archdiocese of Agana
196Cuest San Ramon Ste B
Hagatna, Guam 96910-4334

Hafa Adai Archbishop Apuron,

I’ve become aware of statements you made during a recent visit to parishioners of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Church. When questioned about the abrupt closure of the National Museum of the Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral- Basilica, I understand you responded that Monsignor James closed the museum. I must say I expected more from our island’s spiritual leader and I am disappointed that you continue to mislead people about this matter. After you made it abundantly clear that Monsignor James was not to have any authority over the museum, it hardly seems fair that you would now accuse him of closing the facility. In fact, Monsignor David is the only one who had the authority to either open or close the museum.

Below is a brief chronology of the events that transpired over the past few months with regard to the museum:

  • July 25:  Announcement that Monsignor David would now be responsible for museum operations.
  • Week of July 27:  I contacted Cathedral staff to find out if the museum would be opened as had been announced. Monsignor David, the new rector, and his administration did not respond.
  • August 1:  Mary Kidd gave me approval to move forward.
  • August 2:  Coreen Leon Guerrero, who identified herself as a representative of Monsignor David, informed me that the museum would in fact proceed as planned. At this time I noted that some families who had provided materials for the exhibits were concerned about the museum’s future and had already removed some of their personal collections. However, Monsignor Calvo’s family had agreed to loan their collections for a short while longer.
  • August 4, Father Adrian and Monsignor David contacted me about meeting to discuss opening the museum. Based on that conversation, it was quite clear that Monsignor David possessed the authority to open or close the museum. This fact was supported by statements made by Father Adrian Cristobal to KUAM News.
  • August 4:  The following item appeared in a KUAM News report:
“Today Archdiocese spokesperson Father Adrian Cristobal addressed the concerns of the island's Catholic community saying the museum's closure is only temporary. He added Monsignor David Quitugua is overseeing the transition, noting, "And in this change of administration Monsignor David desires that the persons that are you know involved with volunteering helping managing the museum that everything is order and that the transition process be taking place in such a way that we can assure that it will be open again and to assure to the public that the administration will be taking care of these things the new administration."
  • August 6:  A 10 a.m. meeting of museum volunteers was scheduled to determine the future for the museum. However, at 9:15 a.m., Mrs.  Kidd called to inform me that the meeting would be cancelled indefinitely due to other activities at the Cathedral. The former Finance Committee will be holding a press conference.

Throughout this situation, numerous announcements, including bulletin messages, have been made regarding the museum. Even if you did not actually write these messages, you, Monsignor David and Coreen Leon Guerrero must certainly have been aware of them. The fact that they continued suggests you condoned the messages, and it is disingenuous of you to state otherwise.

I was at the museum from 5:30 am to 2:30 pm, at no time did anyone informed me that the information announced was incorrect.

It is now October, months after this project began. I am troubled that you continue to blame Monsignor James and others for the museum closure. Neither Monsignor James nor the volunteers who spent countless hours preparing the facility have the authority or capacity to open or close the museum. I hope you will acknowledge this truth and proceed accordingly, rather than continuing to perpetuate falsehoods that have no place in our church or our community.

So you are now making your way throughout the various parishes making your pastoral visit.  For what? What is the purpose of this sudden decision on your part to hold these meetings, meetings such as the one at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament?  Is it to defend yourself and continue to malign Monsignor James?  When is all this going to end?  When are you and Monsignor David going to stop blaming everyone but yourselves for how you’ve destroyed this archdiocese?

Since you refused my personal invitation to see the new layout of the museum during the Woman Chamber of Commerce presentation at the Government House in July, I have attached pictures of the museum to show you what you have destroyed.


Evangeline C.D. Lujan
Parishioner of Agana Cathedral Basilica
Museum Volunteer

PDF downloadable copy here

Go here to view the photos of what used to be our museum. Go here for a slideshow.

Here are a few of the pictures:

What a shame that this was shut down only a few hours after it opened and after thousands of hours of work and planning. What a shame. 


  1. I attended the $100 per person soft opening. I never attend such events but it was a donation well spent. I am not Chamorro but I love history and I love the Catholic Church. So I appreciated the beautiful displays of Guam's Church history which included precious historical artifacts. I was horrified by the museum's sudden closure and the discarding of Msgr. Benavente's valuable contribution to the Church of Guam. Even worse the archbishop himself also attended the soft opening in all its glory. Most likely he was already plotting its closure. The people who contributed large amounts of money to the museum should demand their money back.

  2. Well, what can you say Tony Apuron lies again. No moral integrity in the life of this man. He has lost all moral integrity and simply cannot ever be trusted in any matter. Frankly, the moral integrity of the church is now questioned because of his constant lies to the priests and people of the archdiocese. Very disturbing his inability to speak the truth.

  3. Meaning no disrespect but the three stooges from San Ramon hill are bumbling idiots.

    1. Hello Anonymous at 12.18.
      My first reaction would be that you are right and they are bumbling idiots.
      Unfortunately, while they are not the brightest lights on the tree, there is a fact that is even more disturbing.
      Because the "three on the Hill" have all surrendered their souls and they responsibilities to the man in the Hotel (seminary) Pius the Sam nut, most of their actions are deliberate and calculated to serve the interest of the NCW only, and facilitate the take over of our Church by this sect.

  4. Please bring this to the mainstream media, as well.

    Apuron is making an island wide attempt to clean up his name and to "un-demonize" the Neos by going Church to church while he continues to spread lies about Msgr. James and the Cathedral Staff And Volunteers.

    This evil bishop and NeoCancers must be brought to light. ..

    Please, Mrs. Lujan, it is so important. Send a copy of your eloquent, but most importantly, truth-bearing letter to PDN, Marianas Variety, and all else media that can help spread the word! !!

    The island faithful need to know the truth!

  5. Take out your smartphones and record his homilies and Q&A sessions at these "pastoral visits." Then pass them along to your favorite blogger...

  6. I was present at the OLBS visit and I can tell you Tony's demeanor was very disturbing. He sat reclined in his chair one arm flung over the next chair responding to parishioners questions very smuggly and dismissively as if ambivilant to the current turmoil in this diocese. He just utterly refuses to recognize the seriousness of the problems he has caused.

    And his celebration of the mass? Supremely irreverant. Lightning fast and didn't even wait for people to finish their responses to prayers before starting the next. No sincerity at all. He just couldn't wait to get it over with. Must have been burning up there with all those demons in him.

  7. Thank you Vangie for your courage to address this issue! For years, individuals like yourself have worked on giving the history of the Catholic Church on Guam a place for all to learn. Unfortunately, someone thinks its not important. Like you, I served the Cathedral for decades prior to moving on to greener, faith-filled pastures. I now serve with the great people at Our Lady of Lourdes and LOVE it! I hope you have found the same peace somewhere. Santa Marian Kamalen, Tayuyute ham! Santa Lourdes yan Santa Bernadita, Tayuyute ham!

  8. Blatant liar, this guy is. No conscience.

    If he thinks he is getting away with all this, he is not. A lie is a lie is a lie. His gall to lie is so appalling.

  9. Ms. Lujan, thank you for sharing the truth.

    Still, there would be people, hopeless people, accusing Tim of being Evangeline C.D. Lujan. Lol.

  10. I hope you enjoyed the pictures....I have posted under Vangie Lujan. I sent the invitation to the museum to the August 3 opening on JW.....even if people think I am not real....AAA, David and Adrian know I am very real.

  11. I too want to thank you Ms Lujan for sharing the truth and hope that you will agree to submit your testimony to PDN or at least go on K57 tomorrow.

  12. Vangie, you and the committee did a beautiful job! I'm only sorry that I didn't have time to take you up on your offer in July to see it before I left the island. I guess I figured it would still be there when I visited again.

    I'm sad that your appeal to the Archbishop's Christianity was met with silence, and that his words and actions to others have compelled you to speak the truth. However, I'm also not surprised as this is the same person who hugged my grandmother and wished her loud, warm congratulations on Monsignor James' Anniversary.

  13. I'm new to this site. Has all this been reported to the Pope? Does he know of all these details?

    1. Many letters have been sent to the office of the apostolic delegate, the Pope's representative for this region. Rome moves slowly. And since Apuron is near the age of 75 when bishops must submit their resignation, Rome would probably just like to let Apuron naturally go away. Normally, dioceses would like to do this as well. However, given Apuron's short time, his Neo-masters (Pius, Gennarini, Kiko) are using him to pump as many presbyters through Guam as possible. They know they'll probably never have another bishop who will be their slave as Apuron has been.

    2. Tim you fail to control the bishop for your own benefits. Free rent for your business, what gratitude.

    3. LOL. Which country did they fly you in from?

  14. Tim
    I have also provided a copy of my letter to the Archbishop to the Nuncio as well.

  15. So Anon I Diana's blog is calling Mrs. Evangeline Lujan and the staff that left the Cathedral LIARS!

    AnonymousDecember 2, 2014 at 9:17 AM
    A timely reminder in all this meskla of lies being propagated by Jungle Whatever, The Museum was closed in the intervening time between transfer of Mgr. Benavente to Tamuning and appointment of Mgr. David to be the Rector of Cathedral. The former guys in charge tried even to dismantle it but when the staff at the Cathedral realized what they were doing, they locked the Museum.

    I was told by reliable sources that Mrs. Vangie Luhan was approached by Mgr. David and asked to continue her precious work at the Cathedral Museum. She refused. Is she throwing the stone and then hiding her hand? One should own one’s own actions.

    When I had a problem with Archbishop, I did not go to the media. I just went and spoke with him and he listened patiently. And he explained the reasons behind his decisions.

    Not one single person working at the Cathedral was sent away by Mgr. David or his staff. They just walked away once Mgr. Benavente was asked to go to Tamuning parish. So they cannot blame anyone but themselves if things at the Cathedral are not going the way they want them to go.


    1. And they heard that from who? Msgr. David? Why should we believe him when we can demonstrate that he was willing to blatantly lie to Finance Council? From Adrian? Shall we believe him after all the lies as well? Oh, maybe they're getting this from Pius. He will soon be exposed for the biggest liar of all.

    2. Dear Diana (Anonymous December 2, 2014 at 9:17 AM) Blogger....I will respond to your comments later. Nice try... Is this your way to deflect the discussion from the REAL issue? I do not want to take any time away from the discussion related to the visit of John Toves and AAA's law suit. BTW...I don't need to lie.....I have emails....