Tuesday, October 14, 2014


  1. The majority of the faithful of this Catholic Church are totally ashamed of how the Lastimoza family were treated by the submission and printing of that article on PDN.

    The evil intention behind submitting that article was totally transparent and the public manner they chose to rejoice and gloat in someone’s cross and affliction spoke of the kikos’ (and their cohorts’ in this diocese) ability to stoop to such lowly evil deed. God have mercy on your souls!

    That article on PDN was submitted to instill fear and intimidation on non-kikos, but the joke is on the kikos and the neo hierarchy of this diocese -- that article is a big joke and a farce and by such deed they simply debased themselves because the factual information about Lastimoza’s past life were already known facts to the kikos and the hierarchy of this diocese.

    From that article, one would have surmised that Mr. Lastimoza is a fugitive, running away from past sins and civil crime; in fact he is a free man! He has served his time and turned a new leaf and life with a wife and family.

    Unlike the unmerciful and compassionless hierarchy of our diocese, Fr. Gofigan was not only correct but was totally pastoral in taking the less traveled road -- as Jesus did with sinners -- to spiritually nurture and guide a sinner (as we all are, by our fallen nature), rather than turn his back on a repentant sinner and turn him over to the wolves. We thank Father Gofigan for his example and his shepherding of the flock who were under his care in Dededo before he was removed in an uncharitable and unjust manner.

    The faithful are also behind you 200%, Tim. We thank you for your persistence with bringing out the truth and exposing the evil intentions, and debase behavior and deeds of the desperate kikos of this diocese.

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