Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Make it Count - Do Not Attend a NEO Parish this Sunday!

There are many stories published, filmed, or even just passed on throughout history where a small voice was able to change the course of events.  I plead with you - DO NOT ATTEND A NEO PARISH this Sunday, October 19th.  Our little island CAN make our voices heard so loudly and so beautifully to the world of the faithful.  Our Lady of Camalin would be so pleased!  This can be your legacy - you will save our island church!

YOU MUST STAY AWAKE!  You must not give the Archbishop and those who prop him up more opportunity to play the politics of the church.  Please be realistic, THEY are in power now, and will use that power to remain unless you put a stop to it.  YOU HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO THE CHURCH OF OUR LADY OF CAMALIN!  You also have an obligation to yourselves and your children.  You must be a "DAVID" now!  The longer you wait, the more time they will have to dig their heels into the ground.  You cannot sit back and wait for your neighbor to do it and then jump in when it is over.  Make this an Island Story to be proud of and told everywhere.

There was a past news piece out here on the mainland where a small boy's father was a casualty in the Gulf.  He told his mom that he thinks his dad will be flying over their house on one certain day.  He asked if they can keep their porch light on for his dad to see their house.  She was touched and asked all she knew in her neighborhood to do the same thing. - And they did!  This piece went viral all over the media nationwide.

I am not asking you to keep your porch light on as I know how much power costs on the island.  But I am asking you to put aside your fear of retribution from the Archbishop, or anyone else, and make a very loud and strong statement by not going to a Neo church this Sunday!  Look at your fear and say to it - "move aside fear, I have better things to do!"  "I need to save my church!"

What would Our Lady say? - "Save my church!"  What would Jesus say? - "Save my church!"  What would or Lord and Father say? - "Save my church!"  What would the Holy Spirit say? - "I'd better not see you at a Neo church!"  And you really don't want to upset him.

I am not asking you take the blood of your babui and paint a cross above your door.  I'm just asking you to be the proud and courageous guamanians that I know you to be.  Please do not go to a Neo church for this Sunday?  Then we will see what you are willing to do…

This blog can provide you with the listing of parishes which are Neo.  If you are in one of them, please go to another non-neo parish for this Sunday!  You take the time to go out of your way to a different store where rice is on sale.  You can take the time to go to another parish.  As some of my fellow chammoros say out here "Put Fabot Please!"  In my own small way, I am pitching this to certain media out here.  You too can twitter, Facebook, utube, or instagram OUR story.

The End - 
of Their Abuse


John Toves

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