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  1. Shouldn't the teachings of the NCW, as far as they can be discovered, stand on their own? If I were to contest existentialism, would I have to contact Jean Paul Sartre from beyond the grave in order for my conclusions to be valid? As for the substantive issue here, the NCW is just once again showing itself to be another instantiation of Protestantism. They engage in exegesis that is at odds with the Magisterium. They employ a "choose your own adventure" method of reading scripture. They constantly excerpt small scraps of scripture and apply it like it has some totemic value. Ultimately, Kiko and the NCW are the progeny of extraordinary arrogance. Could they have their small, intense catechetical experience without all of the theological deviations? Yes, of course. The one has nothing to do with the other. The reason, then, for Kiko's theological deviations is a combination of arrogance, ignorance and a desire to forge rather than follow. Kiko wants to be treated like a savior and a prophet. He includes himself in the salvific history of the Church. Read the apostolic fathers, the ancient liturgies, the Didache and about St. Therese and her Little Way and Kiko is revealed as a complete fraud and cult of personality.


  1. A cult of NO personality.

  2. Call it as it is -- this Kiko is just another FALSE prophet.

  3. The Catholic church is under attack from within as Kiko's intention is to hijack the Catholic church. It will be his crowning achievement if he succeeds. To branch off will make him just another wannabe protestant group. The latest smear about our Pope is that he has said things that imply that Jesus Christ is a fake and the bible is a lie. Leave it to the so-called "Christians" to make such outragious claims as they profess to know more about the bible than the Catholic church. SMH

  4. @12:59AM: That is a very important point that you make. Kiko is only significant insofar as he is able to wrest control of the Church and direct it toward his ends. Otherwise, as you say, he would just be another Protestant splinter sect of no great import; and no one understands that more keenly than Kiko.

    ~ Shane Intihar

  5. I gave this post a big "Amen" when it was first posted as a comment. Well said.

    We could add one more thing: the psychological and sectarian techniques of "the Way". There are many, but among them, the "hotseating"of the first and second scrutinies, and the pressure to submit valuable property to the sect at the second scrutiny stand out. Oh, and don't ever let your family become your idol!

  6. Is Ernie's last paragraph stating what I think he is saying...The ONLY PATH to SALVATION is the KIKO PATH!

    ErnieNovember 18, 2014 at 7:53 AM
    Dear Anonymous at 4:55 AM, please, do not start me up on this. How many times should we tell everybody that the Catechetical Directory fro Teams of Catechists is an internal document of the Neocatechumenal Way? It is catechism for t hose who walk in the Way. At the same time it is available on the Internet for purchase. So why don't you buy a copy and read it?

    We can't publish the whole text because it is unnecessary. The catechism inside is the same as the official Catechism of the Catholic Church. It was approved, as Diana have said many times over and over again, because it is in complete harmony with the official teaching of the Church. So what do you want to know about it? Come to our catechism and we'll tell you.

    One thing our critics forget is that a certain approach is stamped valid by the person who stands behind it. Our Catechetical Directory is valid, because of the prophetic insight of Kiko stands behind it. It has been acknowledged by Vatican as a proper charism for our time. This means you attach the Holy Spirit when you attack the charism of the Way. So what do you want? In order to get the benefits of the prophetic insight of the Catechetical Directory, it is not sufficient to read it. Don't fool yourself that by reading it you'll know everything. Wrong! Kiko's personality is coming through in direct contact only, through a community directed by a well-formed catechist team.

    You have to understand that everything you are able to learn has its own time. Moses could not enter the Holy Land, but Joshua did. The people had not been able to grasp the Law of God yet, so Moses dispatched them apart as he stayed in the desert. Only the conquest of Joshua convinced the people of the power of God, then they became ready to learn the Law. The same way the insight guided by the Spirit of God cannot be grasped until you are immature in your faith and do not appreciate the power of God. Kiko's insights into God's holiness take time for you to grasp. You need to make the steps while you walk. Only then will everything fall into place, little-by-little, being committed for years and years to your community and filling your mindset and time management with a strong desire for holiness.

    Sorry, there is no shortcut to heaven. That is a Protestant idea! There is no a one-minute salvation by embracing Jesus. You need continuous conversion for years and years to come to Christ. That is your path of salvation. Now, Kiko and the Way would lead you exactly on this path. All you need is trust, patience and perseverance in the Lord. You will know everything from the Catechetical Directory when the time is ripe for you. Deal?

    1. LOL. Poor, poor fools. Sorry Ernie. Jesus is the Way, not Kiko or you. Screwhead.

  7. Ernie,

    Thank you for continuing to validate the heresy and the misdirected catechism practiced by the NCW. Not sure if you are just outright ignorant or just out to make a name for yourself like your heretic leader Kiko. Yes, a profit he is!...If your teachings are consistent with the Catholic Faith, what do you have to hide? We don't need to see the entire directory, just show us it has been stamped with the IMPRIMATUR and who endorsed it. If the endorsement is one of the heretics who claims that Kiko Arguello is a prophet, then I am sure it will only be a matter of time before this stamp of approval is revoked or completely removed.

    Kiko has siphoned enough money to purchase a IMPRIMATUR approval, this is just plain common sense. After all of the sucking of financial resources here in Guam and all over the world, he is probably right up there in the billionaire's club.

    Get real, get a life, and don't practice what you preach, it is outright HERESY! When you do get a life, take the 3 billy goats from the hill with you. MISERY LOVES COMPANY!

  8. Ernie, keep talking. This is great stuff.

  9. I posted this on the other blog in case it doesn't get approved:

    9:53PM. Good points It is a false premise that Kiko is some kind of prophet. Correct he is not. He is a European based "Evangelizer" just like Jim Bakker was to the United States.

    The Prophet's in the OT and those in the Early NT had but one job, to announce the coming of Jesus the Christ Lord. He has since died for our sins and foretold that He will come again. No other prophets are needed. And since then no other man in the history of the Catholic Church has had the audacity to have the label marked onto himself as one.

    St Padre Pio was right, they are false prophets...

    Kiko and the NCW fashions everything in it's founders' image and version of theology, history, aesthetics, everything with the expertly veiled premise that it is all for Christ. Please give me a break.

    It is all a machine for Kiko, even his closing lines are selfish, "pray for me". whereas any other humble religious person would bestow their blessings.

    The NCW would have you think that to know your Catholic Faith that you would have to follow their steps so you can bear your personal crosses and defeat them so as to feel you have reached some kind of Heaven on earth. This is a nice mechanism to have you give annually to their organization, the tithe. Though not as rigidly administered on Guam, it is in other countries.

    Souls follow the NCW hoping in that it will change their lives with the automaton of all the things the NCW would have you do and in most cases it doesn't work. On Guam NCW gambling addicts fall back to gambling, unwed couples still have babies despite all the scrutinies and words and Eucharists that they attend to.

    To be a witness, all you need to do is love each other as Christ instructed. you do not need to shout your confessions in front of a trash can with the bishop watching you.

    Please open your eyes, if you do not see that the NCW is fashioning itself as another Vatican with its organizational chart of responsibles, bishops, buildings, conferences, then really this is more than just an "Itinerary of Faith" as the minimally try to project. Other people in the NCW have left as the internet has exposed more and more of the goings on. The enemy of their secrecy society and the corner stone to knock it down is this platform right here.

    Locally speaking, i am saddened that Archbishop "outsourced" the "saving of souls" wherein he always had the absolute power to direct his clergymen to start outreach programs, walk the streets, stand at the rear of churches and hand out pamphlets. He always had the means but sadly with some gifts, it was forsaken.

  10. My question to Ernie is when did the Holy Spirit decend upon Kiko to make him an infallible source of the truth. How does Ernie know that what Kiko is teaching is the truth? As far as I know only the Church with the Pope and all Bishops in union with him were Given that Charism By Christ. Any one who is not in union with this Church is an imposter. I would be very leary to place my life on the merits or works of a human person given the title of Prophet by other human beings. The Prophetrs of the OT were called by God and anointed with this title, they also validated their call by the supernatural fruits they produced. What signs can Kiko give us?

  11. Seems like "Division of People" is the prevailing sign coming forth from this movement. Our Lord tells us: " If you are not gathering, You must be dividing" Matt 12:30