Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I wanted this to be over when we hit 1.5 Million views, which we will do in a few hours. Oh well. Fight on! Thank you for your support especially for the recent donations. Looking forward to announcing something after Thanksgiving. Much to be thankful for despite it all. 


  1. Thank you Tim for your great effort, and outstanding dedication. We all owe you a debt of gratitude. I shall continue to help as much as possible.
    God bless you and your beautiful family.

  2. On 15 July 2014, one day before the original target date of 16 July 2014 (the first anniversary of the Public Persecution of Fr. Paul Gofigan), the JungleWatch page views reached 500,000.

    On 30 August 2014, less than 7 weeks later, the page views reached 1,000,000. When that happened, Tim set a new goal, "that this is over by 1,500,000."

    As I write this at 11:40 PM on 25 November 2014 the blog is 199 views away from the 1.5 million mark. Although it took almost twice as long — 14 weeks — to accumulate the next 500,000 page views, it is clear that, while Tim's goal from 30 August was not realized, this blog is still needed to keep us informed.

    Thank you to those who have started to use names when posting comments — whether they are your real names or pseudonyms, it's much better than "ANONYMOUS."

    Thank you, Tim, and God bless you for all you have done and continue to do. I look forward to your post-Thanksgiving announcement.

  3. Although we should give thanks to God always and in all ways, today being Thanksgiving Day let us also remember to give thanks to God for Tim Rohr and his untiring and ceaseless efforts to keep us informed of what is happening in our beloved Church.

    And to you, Tim, we may not always express it in words but the fact that your blog's readership is ever-increasing should give you an idea of how much you are needed and

    May God continue to give you and your family His blessings. Happy Thanksgiving Day!!

  4. Giving thanks today, to Tim and his family that have given so much to this island and to the Catholic community.
    Giving thanks to all the volunteers that have spent time to research and write on this blog and others
    Giving thanks to all the Catholic faithfuls who have decided to fight for this Church and their local priests against the inequities of our Bishop and the Sect he is sheltering and promoting against our will.
    Giving thanks to Fr Paul, Msgr James, and all the other priests on Guam that have been steadfast in their fight to protect their flock and defend at great cost to them and their families the Catholic Church we love dearly.

  5. Thank you. It is a labor of love. And thank you to all the commenters. Without you I'd just be talking to myself. It is the comments that have driven this blog. You are the army.

    1. I also thank Tim for fighting for justice for our non-NCW priests, deacons, seminarians, prospective seminarians, parishes and lay people. I further had the pleasure this morning of visiting my former parish, St. Anthony's, so I could give or leave boxes of See's candies for Fr. Paul, Msgr. Benavente, Fr. Mel and Msgr. Arroyo. Some of our best non-NCW priests are at St. Anthony's.

  6. I echo everyone's inclusion of Tim and his family, as well as all the clergy and all the faithful Church militants on our list to be grateful and thankful for who courageously continue to stand firmly planted in, fiercely fight for and steadfastly defend authentic Catholicism in it's traditions, teachings and liturgical norms. For all of them, we thank You, Lord.

    We are thankfull, inspite the the hiearchy's wound-inflictions, deception, the stealthiness and the guilefulness on non-neos; not to mention their audacity for the irreverence committed against the sacrament of the most Holy Eucharist by their distribution and reception by their the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass by their practices, and our authentic faith-teachings