Sunday, November 30, 2014


Reuel Drilon chastises us in today's PDN. Here is my response:


Thank you for the Catechism lesson. Now let's get to some facts. You question the timing of Mr. Toves' accusation. 30 years later. Actually Mr. Toves was very clear as to his timing. He decided to come forward after seeing the Archbishop's blatant injustices against two of his friends, Msgr. James and Fr. Paul. 

Like everyone else who has similar knowledge, Mr. Toves was okay with letting sleeping dogs lie. However, since you are fond of quoting scripture, let us recall the parable of the unjust servant. While the master was willing to forgive the servant’s debt, the servant was ruthless to those who were indebted to him. 

Many people on Guam are aware of Apuron’s many personal peccadillos (to put it lightly), that’s the price of a high office in a small place and a place where people have known you all your life. This is probably why Guamanians are so forgiving and rarely confrontational. And until just recently, most were willing to look the other way, even at what others would consider to be horrible things. However, when Apuron took the path of “no mercy”, he opened the door for people like Mr. Toves, and there will be more.

There is also the matter that the victim was severely emotionally wounded by his being sexually molested as a youth. (Whether or not it was Apuron who molested him remains to be proven, but he was in fact molested. That’s on record at the seminary he attended.) He was so severely wounded that it led to a suicide attempt and according to Mr. Toves, he spent many years in therapy and recovery. Like many victims of emotional abuse, his best response to the horror was to start new in life and let the past go. Those around him, including Mr. Toves, were willing to support him in his decision to do this. Pressing charges against his molester could have caused a relapse. So, those close to him, like Mr. Toves, have chosen, until now, to let the past be the past.

Sadly though, this is what molesters, particularly among the clergy (because of their sacred status) count on, and it is now thoroughly documented that this was the status quo for at least 50 years in the Catholic Church in general, at least in the U.S. (though we are now finding out about other countries.)

So your judging Mr. Toves on his “timing” and sentencing him via a paragraph in the Catechism falls terribly short Mr. Drilon. But let’s go on.

You chastise Mr. Toves for “casting stones in a public forum” and accuse him of taking a detour. How do you know that Mr. Toves did not confront Apuron privately? You don’t, do you? You don’t know because he did confront Apuron privately. But as usual, Apuron did not respond. 

You say “take it to the church first”. How do you know this hasn’t been done? You don't, do you? You don't because it has. Relatives of the victim have sent letters to Rome. No response. 

Sadly, because of bishops like Apuron, it took the Media to break the pedophile ring in the church in the early part of the last decade, a pedophile ring that had gone unabated for 50 years, damaging thousands and costing people like us billions (since the regular parishioner is the one who pays, not the cleric.)

You conclude with another lecture: “Accusations have been made, individuals and families hurt, the laws of God broken, etc.”. So much concern now. Where was your concern for Fr. Paul when Apuron viciously kicked him to the curb? Where was your concern for Mr. Lastimoza’s family when Apuron made him out to be a dangerous child molester, causing his children to be bullied in school and his wife’s health to fail? Where was your concern when Apuron unjustly strafed Msgr. James in the public media and demeaned him in front of the entire FD student body? Where was your concern when he lied to Aaron Quitugua? Where were you when Apuron lied about getting the consent of the College of Consultors and the Presbyteral Council to fire Msgr. James? 

And now some small unknown person comes forward and is willing to take a stand in the name of justice and you rise to preside in judgement on him and wish us a “blessed Advent”. Thanks for the reminder of why I don’t send my children to CCD.


  1. Until such a time this is resolved Mr.Apuron keep a respected distance from children young adults.

  2. well said Mr. Tim, sorry Mr. Drilon but "Let him who is without sin among you, cast the first stone" (John 8:7) does not only apply to certain members under the Catholic Church. It is for all. How many times has the AA shown his great concern to his sheeps, dalai' is he really much better than us?? Yes, I can welcome the advent season and ask that all this bickering stops. But the bickering on this blog shows that someone is finally supporting all of us blind Catholics with what has been going on in our parishes. It's not my fight but if it would finally get the AA to open his eyes and find a way to correct all this sorrowful doing that he could have stopped when it all started then so be it. Isn't he embarrassed with all this?? NOT, he is the same old Tony, no care cause he is the one in control. No one "is" without sin but, how can one who is the shepherd of his church not even respond honestly. Because he is the same, same, same and has no shame. God bless us all.

  3. Reuel,

    This is such untimely admonitions, insensitive of the victims that are suffering effects of their ordeal, I can understand the plea to pray for all involved as we enter the season of advent, but to question the timing of victims reporting any form of abuse is quite inconsiderate. First of all we can never comprehend what they are experiencing, and the proper time for them to come forward is when they feel they are ready to.

    1. Many a life damaged by Apuron. May the truth be revealed and justice given.

  4. Ai adai, Archbishop! How things have turned out to be! Though I often shudder whenever I hear or read something from you (or about you), I cannot help but feel a sense of sympathy for you as a person, for all that you are going through! Where are your spiritual advisors, Archbishop? Where is your confessor (or don’t you have one) who is suppose to guide your soul towards righteousness. Would you entertain the counsel of a sinner (me) and together try to walk the path toward healing? Let me put myself in your shoes for a minute, and walk this valley of tears, as if I were you. Let me be you for a minute, as I walk up the pulpit to deliver the Sunday homily.
    “My dear fellow Catholics,” I would begin. “Like St Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, who wrote so eloquently: ‘My heart is restless, O Lord, and will not find rest, until it rests in you.’ I come to you, this morning, not as your archbishop, but truly as your servant (not a mere symbolic Servus Tuus). I come to you to beg for forgiveness for all the wrong that I have done to each and everyone of you (too many to mention individually). And just like the Prodigal Son who finally came to his senses and said to himself: “I will go to my Father (my people), and say - ‘Father (My People) Treat me not as your son (or brother or father), but as one who is not worthy of forgiveness.’ This plea for forgiveness - you all said with me when I invited you at the beginning of the Mass to say with me: “I confess to Almighty God, and to you my brothers and sisters, that I have greatly sinned in my thoughts and in my words, in what I have done, and in what I have failed to do, through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault. And I ask Blessed Mary ever Virgin, our Mother, Santa Marian Kamalin, and all the angels and saints, and you, my brothers and sisters, to pray for me to the Lord, our God.”
    Don’t just recite it, Archbishop; say those words from your heart, and mean every single word (especially those underlined) with truth and sincerity. Make the people cry with your public confession, perhaps not a sacramental confession, and certainly not an NCW public confession, nor even a legal confession. Admit nothing; say a lot!
    Tell the people: “I will cease and desist in my evil ways; heretofore, I will care much more for you, my flock, than to my allegiance to the NCW (or anyone else for that matter). For you, I will abandon my affiliation with the NCW, if that gets in the way of serving YOU. If I were ever put in a position to choose between you, my anointed flock, and anyone or anything else, I will choose you! I was ordained a bishop to serve YOU, not anybody, or anything else. I beg forgiveness of everyone that I have ever harmed “through my words and deeds… both in what I have done as well as in what I have failed to do”.
    Archbishop, there will be so much more joy in Heaven (and on this island, and this archdiocese) over one sinner (and we ALL are sinners) who repents than over ninety-nine who have no need of repentance. Lead the way, Archbishop; your true sheep will follow.
    This writer begs of you, Archbishop – for the love of God – to listen to your inner self, and do what your TRUE SELF tells you you should do. Prayer (dialogue with God; not a recitation of words) is what will bring healing to this Church – and you still have the Shepherd’s ring that empowers you to do this. Do it! Be a brave man! Be a brave soul! Use the Fisherman’s Ring to do good for your flock, not for yourself or for others.
    Respectfully yours, Anonymous. I will tell you who I really am when I see these things come to pass. In the meantime, I will continue to live among those who fear retribution.
    May the rest of Sunday be peaceful with you.

  5. Mr.Drilon,

    I admire your references to the CCC, Scripture and your Theology.

    Your quotations and theology seems be in line with the Catholic CCC, however, your application of its meanings are CLEARLY misdirected. No need to repeat what Mr. Rohr stated about Fr. Paul, Mr. Lastimoza and his Family, Monsignor James, and the list can go on and on.

    AAA, if MY ANALYSIS is not misdirected, was the person to cast the first stone and find convenient scapegoats who are not NEONUTS. How convenient for AAA and the NCW.

    Good luck with the application of the CCC and your Christian Theology. It seems to be off its mark, not by a little, BUT BY A LOT! Get real and get a life, a REAL CATHOLIC LIFE. This is no kid's sandbox and everyone is "supposed" to get along. We've, the JW and the Catholic Faithfuls, are beyond that. We are here to address the actions of AAA. We need to know why is this happening to the Catholic Faithfuls here in Guam. We are no longer illiterates and WE CAN READ, WRITE, and COMPREHEND. Further, we can also ANALZYE and CONCEPTUALIZE what is going on with our Catholic Faith here in Guam.

    Yes, I say "our" Catholic Faith meaning we are are one Faith. Why the NCW see this differently is clearly evident when you see them celebrate the Consecration during mass. Something is missing. Until recently, I was not able to pin point what I felt until I finished a 3 hour conversation with a Theology Professor. What I felt missing was the Persona of Christ during the Eucharist when it is celebrated by a Neo Priest. How about you? Do you feel the same? Most people I speak with say there should be no difference. Sorry, I CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE!

    Yes, let us not cast the first stone. No need. It has already be casted by our would be "Shepard".

  6. Timmy... you could learn to be a true Catholic... reread Mr Drilon's article. Have a Blessed Advent.

    1. Send in the cowards. You use my name but you can't use your own. So fun.

    2. To the "courageous" anon at 9.39, thank you!
      I needed a good laugh, because I had a rough day......
      God! The Holy Spirit works in strange ways....
      Here I was at my desk, a little depressed by the mountain of garbage I was reading from the Neonuts, when you appeared....
      You are hilarious!!! It is always very funny to read an heretic judeo-masonic sectarian like yourself trying to explain a true Catholic like Tim the Rock Rohr how to be better at what he does......LOL

      This is similar to Madona ( the singer, not the real one) lecturing the Pope on celibacy.....
      Whoa!!!! the level of disconnect and of hypocrisy is absolutely amazing.......
      Thanks for the belly ache..... YOU my friend, made my day.
      Thank you, now I will be cheerful for the Advent......of.........