Sunday, November 30, 2014


This is an email from John Toves which was sent earlier today to members of the media and Archbishop Apuron:


Mr. Drilon - answer me this:  How long would you wait while someone has broken into your house and is stealing all your belongings, and proceeds to harm your wife and children!  Would you wait until the authorities arrive?  Would you hide in the basement as you hear the screams of your family?  Would you wait on the line with the dispatcher while they fumble through questions and you fumble through answers when you know they are being harmed?  Would you only surface when the authorities have arrived and it is then safe for you to do so?

I, regrettably, did wait.  I followed my Chamorro instincts.  My relative's family will deal with this, I thought.  I should not meddle in their private affairs.  If they need help, they will ask.  I did not want them to be embarrassed or my family to be embarrassed.

It took all this time for me to clearly recognize the extent of the damage this "thief" had caused and was being permitted to continue to cause to my relatives, friends, island, and the Church I love so dearly!  Others had "dialed #911", but there did not seem to be any response.  I had "dialed #911" and did not get any response.  I am still waiting for Deacon Larry Claros to contact me regarding my formal complaint sent to "all authorities".  In frustration, I did contact two catholic media organizations, and guess what they advised?  "Leave it to the proper channels within the church to investigate the matter."  I recalled my studies in "Corporate Organizational Models" and confirmed to myself that the church's communication structure and decision-making process are not the most efficient, and realized the "thief" will have absconded never to be caught.

I, Mr. Drilon, have grown on the mainland to act counter to my Chamorro instincts, though I find it very hard at times not to give in to them.  As I followed the news of the church on the island, I concluded enough was enough!  -  And, here I am with you.  You ask us like many have asked us to SUFFER IN SILENCE.  -  WE WILL NOT!  You say "leave it to the church".  -  Mr. Drilon, WE ARE THE CHURCH, CHRIST IS IN US, THE HOLY SPIRIT IS IN US, THE FATHER IS IN US!  WE are the Church and WE WILL NOT STAY SILENT!

Many statistics reveal that the majority of crimes against humanity do not find justice.  THIS ONE WILL!!!

I apologize to my island for having waited this long and I hope I am forgiven!  But I will be right alongside my fellow islanders until "this thief" is brought to justice!  You see, Mr. Drilon, we have the mightiest of tools on our side - We Have Our Faith!

Good Day,

John C. Toves


  1. Praise The Lord Alleluia! And let us give him thanks! Keep at it. I'm praying to St. Peter right about now!

  2. Thank you John. Working together " church" will catch thief. Inact thief will self destruct in the process.

  3. You need not apologize, John. Respect and regard for “familia” are one of the many beautiful aspects about the Guamanian culture. Silence is one of those things that goes hand in hand -- and more often than not, is required -- with respect. It is not just unfortunate, but it is especially DISGRACEFUL when an INDIVIDUAL IN POWER takes advantage of this characteristic -- silence -- about the culture and abuses it.

    … and when the abuser is “a man of the cloth” and has been entrusted with the spiritual welfare of the faithful as well as the clergy in his care, this abuser’s spiritual culpability is much more grievous and is morally reprehensible. Breaking your silence in this case of sexual abuse therefore John, is not disrespectful but as a matter of fact, is totally a moral and civil necessity -- as it is our Christian calling and duty to admonish.

  4. Haha! Call yourself from Guam and fighting for our church? You left Guam, leave it at that. You found a another diocese. So stick to your diocese you live in now. You must be from Cali. Your not Agat anymore. Haha

    1. Oh, you would like him to go away, wouldn't you? Too late.

  5. To Anon at 5.11: what is it English as a 4th language? Trying to speak creole?
    Yep, John is from California, but like Tim said: "too Late". He is coming back.
    The natives are coming back to kick the colonizers out..... get your suitcases ready, you and Apuron can fly back to Malta. (I hear he has a lot of miles). Rumor has it that Pius has a nice cell in his old monastery. Quaint, Quite..... you should love it.
    Plus looking at the last petition for Pius, there are many people loving the Arch and the NCW there. You should fit right in......
    Don't let the door hit you in your large behind.....