Saturday, November 29, 2014


From someone who knows:

I hope he files a lawsuit because he will then have no choice but to answer under oath everything and all questions in a deposition.

John Toves will have the right to take his deposition and ask him any questions even remotely related to the suit as long as it may lead to relevant facts.

John Toves can:

  • ask about the history of cover-ups within the Church, 
  • ask about Fr. Louis, 
  • ask about any and all sexual allegations file against the Church including all parishes and schools, 
  • review and have copied all documents under the possession for the Church, review all financial records, both of the Church and AAA's personally, 
  • review all financial transactions of the RMS, 
  • review the psychological profile of AAA. VG, Chancellor, 
  • depose all employees at the Chancery and the RMS who may have knowledge, 
  • depose Fr. John Wadeson, 
  • depose Fr. Louis, 
  • depose Fr. Pius, 
  • depose Giuseppe and Claudia Genarinni, 
  • depose past employees of the Chancery, 
  • depose all sex abuse victims, 
  • and SO MUCH MORE. 

I can't wait!!!!!!!


  1. Tim,

    Perhaps the suit from Apuron will generate a countersuit from John Toves, and will inspire victims of long past to join in the suit against Apuron and the Church, Fr. Paul, Joe Lastimoza and his family, and others he has wrongfully damaged can join in as well. Bring it on!

    1. Could be heading to class action against Apuron.

  2. Hey, let's not forget Monsignor James joining the countersuit for defamation. That will give the good Monsignor the opportunity to depose Deacon Kim, Monsignor David, Fr. Adrian, Deacon Kim, and any one who may have knowledge of the basis of his defamation suit. How about Apuron's personal and financial dealings with the Neo? That is fair game isn't it?

    1. Anonymous (November 29, 2014 at 11:39 AM): If Msgr. James files a countersuit for defamation, maybe we can also learn about the author and contents of that letter delivered to the Chancery the afternoon of 8 August 2014 which prompted the recall and reprinting of the 10 August 2014 issue of the U Matuna Si Yu'os …

  3. This is just an intimidation tactic.
    Terlaje probably think that John cannot sustain a law suit financially.
    Terrible analysis.
    There are at least 8 lawyers that I know, and not some light weights, that are willing to take this for free.
    The community of Chamorros in the Bay Area alone would pass the hat around for any further expenditures. The Arch and his minions have burnt so many bridges, they have had so many families hurt in the process, that people are just waiting for the right opportunity.
    This would be a huge silver platter.
    You will notice that he did not volunteer to step aside during an inquiry. That is speaking volumes.
    If there ever were any forgiving or forgetting souls, out there, that were not sure on this, that should give them a huge indication.
    The controversial Archbishop of Minneapolis/St Paul, did also step aside for a few months while his case was investigated. He settled out of court BTW, and most likely with Snap and other good souls after him, shall be replaced soon.
    The problem with Apuron, is that he is so proud (for the wrong reasons) so stubborn, so into himself, that he cannot and will not learn from his mistakes.
    This coming week should be very interesting.
    Also please note the patterns and the modus operandi of the Bishop, and compare it to previous cases, you will notice the prints of Pius all over the place.
    I guess the Samnut believes that what worked for him 20 years ago will work here.
    Their arrogance and condescending ways are an insult to Guam and its faithfuls.
    May God protect us and our Church on Guam.

    1. Money will come to support John Toves.

    2. Notice threats. Apuron never stated he would remove himself during an investigation. This is the first thing he should have done.

    3. Should Apuron file the case the archdiocese further divides in the unity of the church and becomes a minefield. Impossible for Apuron to lead Guam.

  4. in the event Archbishop Apuron Files a case against John Toves then rest assured further cases involving sexual abuse will become public. Utter disaster for the archdiocese and Would take years to heal damage. Very often when one allegation comes forward like this case, others follow.

  5. Archbishop Apuron please resign and save the church division and pain.

  6. So interesting. A friend just forwarded me the comments from the kiko nuts on Diana's (the lil lady with big hands) site.
    It would appear, that few people in the way (on Guam at least) understand US Law, law suits and the process of discovery.
    Diana spent an undue amount of time feigning to not understand the reason of Tim's list of possible witnesses who would be compelled to depose in the discovery process, going as far as saying that J Toves does not have the right to do so, and other mumbo jumbo.
    Only foreign born people with little understanding of the USA and our system of justice could be that ignorant.....
    It was mind boggling to me to see the level of idiocy displayed in plain view. But then again, if you are willing to belong to a sect, I guess your critical thinking would be at a minima.
    No wonder they cannot even run the Basilica properly.
    I felt like being back in 8th grade, reading these nauseating comments. So disturbing to witness the effects of applying the lowest common denominator to any issue.
    God preserve us from Evil...

  7. The above post is a comment sent to me from an attorney who knows about this kind of thing. Apuron's counsel knows this as well.

  8. El Camino supposedly knows things about the seminarians back then in Menlo Park! Wondering now if El Camino is a priest or a former seminarian!

    El CaminoNovember 30, 2014 at 12:20 AM
    Diana - thinks this is a bluff, stay anonymous below. Evidently really a pure hate group that continue to hide behind the vale of evil intentions. This is no bluff but reality that would hit the waves.
    John Toves may GOD have mercy on your soul once your EXCOMMUNICATION has been passed. Someone here knows behind the scene of Menlo Park stories.

    How you former seminarian abuse and misuse the money of the Archdiocese while your studying back in Northern California. Not even sense of gratitude that you have a freebee education and resort to homosexuality to submit to sins!

  9. John C. "Typhoon Toves"November 30, 2014 at 12:36 PM

    El Camino, o puedo llamarte "La Calle Perdida" - My actions are my gratitude. My debt is settled with my God through my service in the many churches and charity organizations on the mainland, on now on my island. I have never hesitated to give what I can to homeless who stand along the freeway ramps, even if just advice on social services. I already have the love of my GOD and he has blessed my life many times over - not by wealth, which I have not, but through the multitude of encounters with the impoverished or undocumented from whom I have learned so much about the goodness of life! El Camino, tu vida parece muy triste y tu espiritu parce sin el sol. Dime, porque necesitas decir cosas malas a mi? Que es in tu mente? Habla conmigo.

  10. AAA made his statement about the lawsuit at the end of 9:30 mass. Why do this at mass?

    1. Anonymous 12:43 pm, The AA made his statement about the lawsuit at the end of the 9:30 mass because it was the "elephant in the room" that no one was talking about. He usually celebrates mass alone except with one deacon but today he had Msgr. David C. Quitugua concelebrating with him as well as Deacon Tenorio. The AA seemed tense as he spoke and as he mingled with parishioners afterwards. He seemed reassured by and appreciative of the warmth he received from parishioners.

    2. Elephant in the room that no one is talking about? You neos are really clueless. EVERYONE is talking about Tony and the lawsuit he's going to regret filing. Just do it already, why keep talking about it? We're ready!

      And since when does Tony ever stay back to mingle with parishioners? What you meant to say was "mingled with the neos." He only greets everyone else hurriedly. Give us a break!

    3. Anonymous 9:43 p.m. Nov. 30: I hate the NCW which the archbishop knows and he stayed afterwards outside the cathedral and mingled with the parishioners, many of whom are not NCW. He also regularly goes up to greet members of the choir as well which includes non-NCW. I hate the NCW as much as you do and their evil influence on the AB but still love him due his past kindnesses to me when no one else would help me. I love him with the similar conflicted love you would have for a beloved relative who has gone down the wrong path.

    4. Anon 8:54 PM, this after mass services greeting is new. The Atchbishop just started this practice. Why?

  11. For those who think you will intimidate John Toves with anything you can throw at him: YOU ARE WRONG. Brace yourselves.

  12. To Anon at 10.21: Of course the NCW, the Bishop and a few more know about things that happened at St Joseph seminary (in Moutain View by the way), one of the main actor/manipulator of these dramas is named Adrian Cristobal.
    His deeds are well known to all former seminarians of that period.
    The move to the Seminary in Menlo Park happens later in that timeline.

    The acceptance of said deeds by many was done on a "don't rock the boat" mentality so that the church and the families would not be hurt.
    Once this included suicide attempts due to the manipulations of some, that silent pact was strongly hurt.
    The escalation of the war on local priests by the archbishop has led J Toves to feel that he was no longer bonded by such reserve. The Church indeed had been hurt, and its flock was being misled by the man in charge of it, as well as the likes of Cristobal.
    They believe (wrongly) that because they know some little secrets, that they can continue to intimidate and blackmail, as they have done for 30 years under the leadership of Apuron.

    The problem for Apuron, Cristobal, Pius and a few others, is that this is a two way street.
    Their closets are so full of skeletons, that they can no longer keep the doors closed.
    The people they try to intimidate and blackmail, have been free for many years of these kinds of consideration, and are living a free life away from the evil deeds of our Archbishop.

    Others in the Clergy here have been using every fiber of their being, every ounce of their faith, to remain neutral, silent, and most of all inspiring to the faithful.
    But they also have been maligned, defamed and threatened, so what incentive do they have?

    Therefore you now have an open warfare. The silent ones are now willing to come forward, J Toves is just the front guard, the skirmish line.
    Out of desperation, they try to intimidate, and blackmail as they have always done, not understanding that this time, it will not work. Not understanding that the rules have changed.

    The Chancery has burnt too many bridges, destroyed too many lives.
    These forays are more demonstrations of their lack of morality, respect and decency.
    Their vilification of the messenger is more than telling, it show the emperor has no clothes.

    1. Par 3 sooooooo true Frenchie. Number people left Guam to be free of the evil. Reality is archbishop and company damaged so many and young people walked away from Guam. They had no voice no authority, the only thing to do was to leave Island. It seems karma that six years before the retirement of tony this blows up.

  13. Frenchie well stated you know a lot and you know how this will play out. Intuition Let Apuron file the case and he will self destruct . Infact best thing to happen to this archdiocese.

  14. Apuron, how low can you fall announcing this on the first Sunday of Advent.