Saturday, November 29, 2014


From someone who knows:

I hope he files a lawsuit because he will then have no choice but to answer under oath everything and all questions in a deposition.

John Toves will have the right to take his deposition and ask him any questions even remotely related to the suit as long as it may lead to relevant facts.

John Toves can:

  • ask about the history of cover-ups within the Church, 
  • ask about Fr. Louis, 
  • ask about any and all sexual allegations file against the Church including all parishes and schools, 
  • review and have copied all documents under the possession for the Church, review all financial records, both of the Church and AAA's personally, 
  • review all financial transactions of the RMS, 
  • review the psychological profile of AAA. VG, Chancellor, 
  • depose all employees at the Chancery and the RMS who may have knowledge, 
  • depose Fr. John Wadeson, 
  • depose Fr. Louis, 
  • depose Fr. Pius, 
  • depose Giuseppe and Claudia Genarinni, 
  • depose past employees of the Chancery, 
  • depose all sex abuse victims, 
  • and SO MUCH MORE. 

I can't wait!!!!!!!

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