Friday, November 28, 2014


It is perhaps time to understand the real enemy. The real enemy is not a bishop who has turned on his people. He is only a casualty. The real enemy is not a manipulative movement and its heretical hero. They are only symptoms. 

So while we focus on ridding ourselves of what have become curses, we must seriously look at what we ourselves have done to our church which made it ripe for such an invasion lest we simply put a bandaid on the cancer. 

The real enemy of course is the REAL ENEMY, the same Father of Lies which has attacked us from the beginning. And in our day, the Enemy has laid the path to perdition right through the classroom, our classrooms. 

In the 1960's I sat in one of those classrooms - in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles where the experiments began. I remember the day, the hour, the class, the teacher, and "the purple book". I documented it all here in a column I wrote for the U Matuna last year. 

And while "the experiment" ultimately made me a warrior, "the experiment" otherwise led, I believe, to the death of my brother, the collapse of my parents' marriage, and the destruction of the moral world around me. And beyond that, it led the implosion of the faith, particularly amongst the clergy, which later made so many of them easy prey for people like Kiko Arguello. 

I believe we must understand what gave birth to the likes of Kiko Arguello for he is not alone. Throughout the history of our Church, the likes of him have always parasite(d) their way into our Church and sucked it from within. But they have done so because of what we - those of us who fancy ourselves faithful Catholics - have done first. 

This article by William Kilpatrick will explain "what we have done first", and in fact, recounts the exact experience which first played out in my 6th grade classroom in 1968. 

How the Sensitivity Movement Desensitized Catholics to Evil

Here is my account of it as it appeared in the U Matuna:


I share this knowing that it may anger many on "our side". But if we think that this whole campaign has been only about purging this island of the Neocatechumenal Way and a corrupted bishop and restoring a couple of pastors to their offices so that we can get back to our comfortable little way of worship, then we are ALL WASTING OUR TIME. 

There is a bigger Enemy.

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