Friday, November 28, 2014


The Archbishop is back on Guam (returned last night). Give him a call. Surely he is expecting you.


  1. Welcome back, Archbishop! Did you bring us any souvenirs?? Do you intend to show your face in public?? Your reputation has taken an enormous dive while you were gone.

  2. Back so early! Fr. Adrian said that you wouldn't be back until early December!

  3. He has made his statements on KUAM..

  4. Just got over from Princess Di blog. AAA already spoke to the media. It's in Diana's blog.

  5. Defamation lawsuit? Giving the money to the charitable organizations? John Toves better have his cards laid out and played right!

  6. God bless you Archbishop. Stay strong!

    1. To Anon at 7.48....."stay strong"
      Anthony Apuron has never been strong. He always has been weak.
      Cannot say no to the "Way"... Could not say no to sin, and repeated sinning over and over......But then again Pius explained to him that we cannot not sin.
      What better explanation for a weak Bishop....continue then
      Not strong in putting conditions on the seminary, not strong in not signing the property rights over to a bunch of interlopers, not strong in resisting the temptation of money and luxury. (a cardinal sin for any Franciscan) Not strong in cross dressing all the time.
      Not strong in resisting to lie, to omit, to distort.
      Not strong in resisting hurting people.
      Not strong in enjoying the sin of the flesh.

      This excuse of a bishop has never been strong at anything. How do you want him to stay strong he never, never was.
      He is not even strong to do his own dirty job or stare at somebody in the eyes.
      Apuron strong! what a joke.

    2. Anon. 7:48 Nov.28 -- yes, you must be joking about your advice to aa to "stay strong"! You are either in utter and complete denial of aa's corruption; or, you've simply chosen a blind obediance and blind following of aa to keep a job with the archdiocese; or, maybe your naivete leads you to take your stance and siding with aa simply because the aa holds the title of "Archbishop of Guam" -- an un-deserving title, responsibility and position for one who has more allegiance to the neo cult than our Holy Mother Church's traditions and teachings!

      If it's ignorance of authentic Catechesis; self-serving blind obedience and/or lukewarmness that misleads and misguides you -- but you must have, at one time or another, read or heard the Scriptural reference for those who choose to be lukewarm about the faith: "they would be vomitted" -- then, open your eyes and mind, and swallow that which has a grip on those following the aa's coattail: pride.

      Do what is right for the sake of the only authentic Catholic teachings and followings on Guam who can claim membership in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church -- the local Roman Catholic Parish Churches, not the neo teachings and neo religion sanctioned and followed by aa.

  7. He's back and he's planning to file a defamation lawsuit as reported on KUAM. Against whom is anyone's guess. One of the lost souls, Manny Ayuyu, in the ncw blog seems to be threatening everyone here by name who does not post annonymously. Diana says theres a time for everything and war is one of them via a lawsuit. An interesting move by the Archbishop meant to scare you away or at least get you to cease and desist. Will you fall for it? what's the next move? I couldn't believe what I read in the Archbishops statement. He actually lied. If I wasnt sure before, I am now. He really is a liar!

    1. Anonymous (November 28, 2014 at 11:47 PM), thank you for this "heads up" about Manny Ayuyu …

      I was made aware of his 23 November post on "The Dianas" blog in which he listed that "high power individuals deserve EXCOMMUNICATION" and proceeded to list them. It was no surprise to see Tim Rohr and Chuck White named as "high power individuals" but I also saw priests' names ("Rev. Crisostomo, Fr. Efren, Mathew Rogue Blockley") and others, including myself, who post using names/pseudonyms.

      As you mentioned, he posted a comment of support for AAA's intention to file a Defamation Lawsuit on 28 November and noted "there is a … time for war and listed names of individuals, including mine, followed with the words "A world will take a turn"

      El Camino took up Manny Ayuyu's 23 November call for EXCOMMUNICATION and compiled a longer list, again including my name.

      If they thought that by including my name they could silence me, they were wrong. I had refrained from posting comments for some time while recovering from the stress of the ongoing negativity from the Kikobots and from their previous threats. But I'm better now and am back in the battle to do what I can so we can win this war to wrest the Church out of the hands of AAA who is nothing more than NCW "Brother Tony," obedient to his Kikobot catechists and unworthy to remain as the Spiritual Leader of the Roman Catholic Church in Guam.

    2. Excommunication? Really? What is the heresy of the accused? Nothing? I thought so. There is no heresy being committed, just opinions, criticisms, and comments. Anyway, excommunication has just become another word in today's world. Otherwise, many of us would have been excommunicated long time ago. Rarely does the Church go down that road these days unless it is severely serious against doctrine, dogma or canon law. So far there have been no attacks on either here not like on the "other side" where they are blurred. So, try again or go fly a kite.

  8. Let the games begin!!!


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