Saturday, December 6, 2014


From today's PDN article:

  • Lowell D. Lacy ·  Top Commenter
    There's been no doubt that this would not be investigated at the local level. Such investigation has to be done at a higher level than from here on Guam. While I have a tendency to believe Mr. Toves, he has gone about this completely wrong by not bringing forth the supposed victim. His having not talked to the alleged victim and merely having suspicion without a witness or documentation just isn't going to fly. Mr. Toves you need to produce proof!
    • Tim Rohr ·  Top Commenter · Hagatna
      He has tried off and on for years, others as well. However, everyone close to the victim is aware of the dangers of pulling him back to a moment that caused him to attempt suicide and cost him over a decade of therapy. Mr. Toves knew how hard to push and when to stop. There is also the added problem of the old mentality of going up against the clergy, particularly a bishop. Sadly, parents would sometime prefer to let their children be molested (and some men let their wives be slept with - I know about that too) than call out a "man of the cloth". Only in the church can men get away with such things which is why there are several levels of hell, the floor of which is "paved with the skulls of bishops" (to quote a Church Father). Mr. Toves is throwing himself at the problem in the hopes that he can break the "reign of silence". Already some have come to speak with him privately. He is assembling the stories and sending them to Rome as promised.

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