Saturday, December 6, 2014


A short note to thank all who have supported the blog financially and spiritually. While we use some of the money to pay for internet related business and other things related to the cause of this blog, Christmas will also be a little happier for the 11 Rohr children.


  1. This is good news you are all so worthy of God's graces! Continue to wear your blessings well! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all! Stay encouraged!

  2. Yes Indeed. I didn't even know it was his feast. Thank you Holy Spirit! It is a season of gift giving. Give everything you got for the Lord! Love you my Catholic Apologist!

  3. Tim, Merry Christmas to you and your family. God bless you and your family. Thank you for all you do for our Catholic Faith. We also thank your family with all that they put up with from those who wish you and your family ill. Although we have never broken bread together please include me on your list of friends.

    1. Thank you, Joe, and to our family as well. Let's "break bread together" soon. And maybe crack a brew or two while we're at it. Give me a call.

  4. Hmm, theology on tap. The possibilities are endless.

  5. that made me laugh! A Blessed & Holy Christmastide to All!!

  6. I forgot to look at my breviary on the list of the calendar at the back. If only I had an Ordo, sigh. But it was a nice surprise from St. Nicolas and my Catholic Apologist who gently reminded me.

  7. Yes, and based on Church History, St. Nicholas was the Priest who punched Arian in the face because of his heresy! Battle started from 325 AD to 381 AD and continues to today!

    It caused such an uproar which is why we now have the Nicene Creed to thank. The Nicene Creed helped in overcoming Arianism during the 4th Century (325 AD). Still, don't let your guard down,

    I feel the NEONUTS have brought back something very similar, yes, the NCW, The Way (actually, Their Way!) . Heresy at its peak and the NEONUTS continue to promote it. Don't let your guard down Catholic Faithfuls!


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