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Thursday, 04 December 2014

Deacon Claros Defends Archbishop from Sex Abuse Allegations

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John Toves holds a press conference at the Chancery Office where he attempts to meet with Archbishop Apuron to confront him with his sex abuse allegations.
Guam - Staying true to his word, John Toves, the man accusing the Archbishop of sexually molesting a relative, went to the Chancery Office today to confront Archbishop Anthony Apuron, but he met instead with the Archdiocese’s Sexual Abuse Response Coordinator Deacon Larry Claros, who defended the Archbishop. 

(AAA was there, but Toves was told he had to make an appointment even though Cristobal said the AAA has an "open door policy". Joke 1: an "open door policy" , a real one, is the very opposite of requiring an appointment. The idea of an "open door policy" is that if the "boss is in", then come on in. What a joke.)
"I have no financial gains to make. I welcome him to sue me and take my house," Toves proclaimed. 

(So where is the suit, Archbishop? What are you waiting for?)
John Toves has opened a can of worms by publicly accusing Archbishop Anthony Apuron of sexual abuse. But some have questioned his motives. For one, Toves says he’s not the victim, it’s his relative. Toves believes the silence has to do with the Chamorro culture. 
"Unfortunately our culture is not permitting them to come forward without retribution from some other party or their relatives or the Church," he says.

Now on island, Toves was hoping to confront the Archbishop directly. Toves has two goals. The first is for two of the Archbishop’s perceived adversaries Msgr. James Benavente and Father Paul Gofigan to be reinstated to their previous positions and second is for the Archbishop to step down. Asked whether he believes the Archbishop will give him what he asks for, Toves says no.
While at the Chancery Office waiting for the Archbishop, Chancellor Father Adrian Cristobal stepped out to inform Toves that the Archbishop was not available. Toves instead asked to meet with Deacon Larry Claros, the Archdiocese's Sexual Abuse Response Coordinator.
Toves was allowed to meet Claros, but the meeting lasted just a few minutes. When Deacon Claros stepped out, this is what he had to say. 
"These allegations against the Archbishop, they’re very serious. Therefore we’ll just go ahead and, the spirit will eventually put an end to this and there will be justice done," Claros stated. "I do believe and very confident that truth will prevail." 

(Wow! Go ahead read that again and see if you can complete the incomplete sentences first. Let's see now, Claros tells us that the allegations are "very serious" yet in the same breath tell us that he will "put an end to this". Umm, Larry, you are the "response coordinator", not the Archbishop's attorney. You are ONLY supposed to coordinate the investigation, not the defense. Sheeesh!)
Asked whether Claros believes the Archbishop is innocent, he said, "Oh, for sure. For sure." 

(Oh wait, so what happened to the "very serious allegations"? LOL!)
PNC: "You believe that he’s innocent yet you’re investigating these allegations?"
Claros: "There’s no investigation." 

Asked to clarify his role, Claros says as the Sexual Abuse Response Coordinator, he has met with a review board committee and they had determined that there is no need to conduct an investigation. 

(Ummm, Larry, did you check with the committee and let them know you were going to say that? You didn't did you? You didn't because the committee DID NOT determine that there was no need to conduct an investigation. They didn't determine anything yet, did they? Yet you...well you're lying. That's what happens when you hang around the Archbishop too much.)
"The committee is looking more as where’s the victim so that, because of our policy, it is the welfare of the victim that needs to be attended first and foremost," Claros explains. 

(Oh BIG JOKE HERE. So you are like looking for the victim right? You just said the Archbishop is innocent "for sure, for sure". So you don't believe there is a victim, but you say "the welfare of the victim...needs to be attended first and foremost." So there is a victim but there is no victim. LOLOLOLOLOL!)
Toves: "You can tell how ill-set-up this supposed mechanism is and most notably his words: it’s not an investigation ... he’s supposed to be the independent--their claim is that he’s the independent role, but yet he’s speaking for the Archbishop?" 
Toves says since going public, he’s spoken with at least 7 individuals who have complaints against the Archbishop, but he could not disclose whether they were sexual in nature. The Archbishop meanwhile, maintains his innocence and says he plans to file for defamation.
The Archdiocese has also released a statement:
"The Archdiocese of Agana acknowledges receipt of the concern of Mr. John C. Toves. The established policy of the Archdiocese, namely the Policy on Sexual Abuse as posted on, is being adhered to. Pursuant to this policy, and to clarify the issue, the matter is currently under review." 

(LOL! Wait, Claros just said that the committee decided the archbishop is innocent and there is no need for an investigation but the "matter is currently under review"???? Archbishop Krebs, are you reading this?)


  1. What a mess ! What kind of a bishop is this?

  2. Well Deacon Larry, you did try your hand at being the SARC coordinator and now you've shown your hand, your true colors. You incapable of being unbiased. You run interference for AAA and you've already concluded that there will be no investigation. You implied the Bishop is innocent and with the same breath you say your concern is for the "victim" and you are looking for them. Just by your statement, you've revealed that there are victims out there. Wow!...Did you investigate those or is this just conjecture? Please, recluse yourself and let a competent person who has the proper leadership and investigative know how in these matter prove if the allegations are false. Our focus is on your actions and response, not directly to your personally.

    From AAA's very own policy, ALL allegations are to be investigated. Yes, you've confirmed what the Faithful Catholics have already surmised. Deacon Steve Martinez would have taken every step to ensure the allegations against AAA are not just taken seriously, but properly investigated.

    btw...Did you ever answer Mr. John Toves' letter regarding his demand to keep him updated? Since when did the SARC members come to the conclusion that there will be no investigations.

    Catholic Faithfuls, as much as it may hurt, as much as it may sting, now is the chance to bring forth ANY unethical issues within our Archdiocese of Guam. Please Guam, our Catholic Faithfuls, stand firm and step up. We need this to be done now and make right whatever wrong our Dioceses of Guam had done. Please help.

    I am also encouraging others who know and who were abused to step forward, NOW!...We can't continue being trampled on and being lambs to the slaughter in utter silence. Please step forward!

  3. There is absolutely NO CREDIBILITY whatsoever from AAA and the people like Larry Claros who do his bidding - no matter how wrong it is! They have pledged their allegiance to the Neocatechumenal Way and they don't care about anything else! It is so obvious that Larry Boy is lying through his teeth. LIE after LIE after LIE! And who Archbishop, is the master of LIES? Why are you doing this to the Catholics of our island? Everyone is aware of the real reason Deacon Steve Martinez was replaced by Larry as the SARC - because Deacon Steve would've done the RIGHT thing. If there was nothing to hide, why replace him when these allegations popped up? Larry, you are just a pawn. It's so frustrating to be a Catholic on Guam. No leadership from the shepherd - no action from Rome - nothing but hurt and confusion. I can't blame the Catholics who have decided to join other denominations. Who can blame them? When the shepherd is lost, the sheep scatter. And how unfortunate that this shepherd doesn't care about those sheep. How many more will be lost because of YOU Archbishop?

    1. Please see the Contact Nuncio tab above and send this comment as a letter to the offices listed.

  4. I feel that they are not taking this seriously. They feel because he is the bishop, it's impossible for this to be true. Are we back in the Middle Ages?

  5. Seriously Claros, do you sleep much?
    Rose B. Barrigada

  6. They are trying to protect the flock from the truth because it's the truth that will set them free from all of this bondage. To put it in another term, "they are protecting their profits"!