Thursday, December 4, 2014


    • Luis L Carino · Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
      Tim Rohr what make your opinion so right? Did you go to Vatican to make such judgement? Your just manipulating your followers with flowery words? Chastisement? You have been doing that in the past few months and the Archbishop had not said anything till now. Notice you so quick to pull your trigger. Your part of this and your soon will be swimming with your own vomit. You don't have any credentials and no way on a position but you have brought yourself to sheol.

  • Tim Rohr ·  Top Commenter · Hagatna
    Luis L Carino LOL

  • Luis L Carino · Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
    Tim Rohr yeah laugh, soon you'll weep. With all your calumny will not serve you well. I'll be sipping my cappuccino when the Pope visit Guam. You are marked and you well deserved it when a letter of EXCOMMUNICATION serve you.


  1. This "gentle man" apparently is the great voice of wisdom from Peru that insulted Chuck this summer with a typical spanish street insult.
    I guess Pius and Edivaldo are too busy doing the: Deny, deny and deflect, deflect, so they must ask for help in Peru for the Attack attack.
    So they got LLC.....A limited liability con artist??
    Funny......The hilarity continues with heretics threatening good Catholics of Excommunication.
    We get the message anyway.....
    Thank you Tim for the smile.

  2. Fr. Edivaldo, why not focus and concentrate your efforts with your assigned Parish? Did you know MANY are leaving and/or avoiding your masses and attending the neighboring Non-Neo Parishes?

    Why not focus on your Parish and your Homilies. If you are commenting through a Luis L. Carino, you may want to brush up also on your ESL. I know the Carino family here on Guam and they can read and write English above the 6th grade standard as demonstrated in your comments. Sad.

  3. Stay out of the jungle bone head, in fact stay out of our church!  Angry much because all of your ways and intentions are being exposed? Trust and believe God is not sleeping,  Pope Francis is aware, the rest of us non- neo Catholics (larger portion of the church on Guam) are aware of the heinous things you kiko followers are doing.  Wake up pea brain, you're part of a non-catholic movement! If you don't want to wake up....make your very own church and worship kiko!  In fact, read our catechisis thoroughly and then use the money you kikos syphoned from our tithings and build your very own non-catholic church. Most of the faithful are quiet, but please believe we the non-neo population-which is way larger than your neo membership are aware of your attempts to dismantle our Holy catholic and apostolic church.  Knock it off please you're just making fools of yourselves. 

    Rose B.  Barrigada

  4. Wow these neos are really out there huh? If you ask me it sounds like a gang membership racketeering into the community we have built on values and it seems they have something more of value they are trying to protect rather than the values they serve as our leaders of faith.