Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Posted at the request of John Toves with my edits. There is no new information. Mr. Toves continues his attempt to confront AAA on what he believes was the sexual molestation of his relative. 

John Toves

to Archbishop
Hello Archbishop!

I hope this finds you in excellent health and spirits!

I guess you changed your cell phone number, so I am disappointed not being able to hear your wonderful voice.  "All good gifts around me.  Are sent from heaven above.  So thank the Lord, Oh thank the Lord, for all his love."  You sang that so beautifully then when I was thirteen years old!

Did you really accompany my relative from Guam on his way to St. Joseph's Seminary?  That was very nice of you, as I know you both XXXX in the cathedral rectory.

Ok, I didn't have the opportunity to ask you one more question about Chalan Pago, Father XXXXX, and the altar boys.  I think we got disconnected, or you hung up, or something.  I know you spent time with Father XXXX and time with the altar boys in XXXXX.  But, did you really allow them to dip into the church donation baskets  to "take whatever they wanted"?  I don't think that is right.  Would you be so kind as to clarify that for me?  I will be seeing you at mass and maybe you can tell me then.

I would also like to ask how you intend to get out of all this mess?  Maybe you can send me your new cell phone number so we can talk again.  Hopefully there won't be a signal problem.  "Can you hear me now...Can you hear me now?"

A most excellent holiday to you and I'll be seeing you!  

John Charles Toves

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  1. Ai adai, John, the Archbishop did not hang up on you. He left the phone dangling and rushed off when he heard an advertisement that the little boys' pants were half off at the stores!