Monday, December 1, 2014


by John Toves

RE: John Toves, the person who has accused Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron, Metropolitan Archbishop of Agana of sexually molesting his relative in the 1980’s will be on Guam from Wednesday,12/3 to Wednesday, 12/10.

Mr. Toves plans to personally visit Archbishop Anthony Apuron this week. He will ask the Archbishop to: 1) restore Fr. Paul Gofigan and Msgr. James Benavente to their former positions, 2) to take responsibility for the molestation and emotional pain inflicted on his relative, and 3) to step down as Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Agana.

Mr. Toves is also asking any victims of clergy sex abuse or anyone with knowledge of such abuse to meet privately with him while he is on Guam.

Mr. Toves is willing to sign a confidentiality statement with each person he speaks with and will guarantee that their names and stories will only be forwarded to the proper authorities at the Vatican. To arrange an appointment with Mr. Toves, email him at

While on Guam, Mr. Toves plans to attend all the events associated with the celebration of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and the island’s patron, Santa Marian Kamalen.

For more information contact John Toves at and include a contact name and number where you can be reached.



  1. 1994 Cardina Joseph Bernadine of Chicago was accused by a former seminarian. Cardinal Bernadine immediately acted with two point. (a) cardinal Joseph called a press conference to immediately inform the archdiocese of Chicago that the charges against him were false. (b) cardinal Joseph immediately made contact with the mother of the son accusing and the son. Never once did cardinal Joseph speak of lawsuits. Cardinal declared he had never abused a seminarian and then went to seek the one accusing him to help him. As was later shown cardinal was innocent.But he reached out to the one making the claim. Reflecting on this in the light of Archbishop Apuron one questions his immediate response of going around his archdiocese speaking as he does. Raises questions. archbishop, inform the archdiocese you have never done this and reach out to this guy and his parents. Phone the former seminarian meet with him privately help the guy. archbishop, you are no Cardinal Joseph we know, but please act as a spiritual leader with compassion and understanding. First response of lawsuits is not what was expected from you.

  2. Cardinal Joseph' story took me back to Pope John Paul ll when he got shot, visited the shooter in prison and forgave him.

  3. At 11:36 AM. Visited the shooter in prison. IN PRISON. Didn't even wait for the prisoner to be released. Here on Guam, we have a prisoner who was released. Who reconciled with his Church and we can't accept him. And one priest was punished for accepting him back. Our Church (make that leadership) in Guam is unforgiving.

  4. Doubt very much Bishop Apuron will see you John. Twenty two years Bishop Apuron avoided contact with individuals who know the truth.

  5. If Apuron will not see John Toves in an office setting, perhaps John should just show up wherever Apuron shows up in public (masses, fiestas, Dec. 08 ceremonies, etc.), preferably with members of the media.