Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Frenchie gives us some background on the mastermind who stole our property...and will continue unless we stop him. (But then it doesn't take too much of a mastermind when you have the bishop in your pocket. Heck, Apuron gave him a 40 million dollar property and he didn't even get a cigar.)

frenchie has left a new comment on your post "ANYONE SEEN PEDRO?":

Gennarini suffers from what many psychologists describe as the "Napoleon complex". He is already seeing himself as replacing Kiko and Carmen.

Actually he has taken control of many of the key agents around the world for the NCW. It is rumored that he cannot wait for the old couple to push the daisies.

He is using his position inside the USA to develop his political connections, both within but also without the Church, by investing wisely into the future of needy bishops and politicians.

The former red brigade member, who took refuge under false pretense in the USA, has become the to go guy, of a huge corruption machine on the East Coast. We also have seen, that he uses every opportunity he gets to put family members in key position. This is a typical Italian Clan operation.

He finagled his way into the Church construction business, which Carmen guided Kiko to start. He now has family members in every facet of the NCW business model. It covers of course, the Icon and painting racket, church supplies, but also a winery for the church services, olive oils, printing in Italy and in France (remember the mandatory glossy programs for the jubilee?)Consulting businesses for architecture, and building. (with ridiculous fees)

This is doubled by a system of allocation of church markets (renovation, solar, painting, etc...) where the contractors are members and pay back in cash the Genarinnis through a network of accounts spread across the planet. Most of it looks legit, but appearances are deceiving. The two brothers, their children, and immediate family are involved in almost all facets of the commercial racket of the NCW.

Tim here, has also demonstrated, how they use diocesan funds under false pretense to cover all kind of expenses that are hard to track: Travel, housing, living expenses, salaries for bogus jobs, the list is endless. If they did it here, it is probably safe to assume they are doing it everywhere they have connections, and protectors like O'money, and others. I have not even brushed on South America....

So far we know, of some official inquiries in the USA, but they are running into a lot of interference.
The most efficient tool at our disposal is the discovery process in lawsuits. They know it takes time, money and effort,this is why so far, they have been getting away with.

If you are on Guam, support CCOG, this website and other faithful groups.

If you are in another location, contact a local lawyer and CPA, to see what civil options you might have. Create a group, get all the information you can, work smart, we shall defeat these crooks.

This is through these networks, of dubious character, that they allow their "failed" presbyters to continue hiding, from the unsuspecting public, and shuffle people around. This increase their chances to stay below the radar. 

At least until, a few faithful on a small island..... 

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