Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Frenchie gives us some background on the mastermind who stole our property...and will continue unless we stop him. (But then it doesn't take too much of a mastermind when you have the bishop in your pocket. Heck, Apuron gave him a 40 million dollar property and he didn't even get a cigar.)

frenchie has left a new comment on your post "ANYONE SEEN PEDRO?":

Gennarini suffers from what many psychologists describe as the "Napoleon complex". He is already seeing himself as replacing Kiko and Carmen.

Actually he has taken control of many of the key agents around the world for the NCW. It is rumored that he cannot wait for the old couple to push the daisies.

He is using his position inside the USA to develop his political connections, both within but also without the Church, by investing wisely into the future of needy bishops and politicians.

The former red brigade member, who took refuge under false pretense in the USA, has become the to go guy, of a huge corruption machine on the East Coast. We also have seen, that he uses every opportunity he gets to put family members in key position. This is a typical Italian Clan operation.

He finagled his way into the Church construction business, which Carmen guided Kiko to start. He now has family members in every facet of the NCW business model. It covers of course, the Icon and painting racket, church supplies, but also a winery for the church services, olive oils, printing in Italy and in France (remember the mandatory glossy programs for the jubilee?)Consulting businesses for architecture, and building. (with ridiculous fees)

This is doubled by a system of allocation of church markets (renovation, solar, painting, etc...) where the contractors are members and pay back in cash the Genarinnis through a network of accounts spread across the planet. Most of it looks legit, but appearances are deceiving. The two brothers, their children, and immediate family are involved in almost all facets of the commercial racket of the NCW.

Tim here, has also demonstrated, how they use diocesan funds under false pretense to cover all kind of expenses that are hard to track: Travel, housing, living expenses, salaries for bogus jobs, the list is endless. If they did it here, it is probably safe to assume they are doing it everywhere they have connections, and protectors like O'money, and others. I have not even brushed on South America....

So far we know, of some official inquiries in the USA, but they are running into a lot of interference.
The most efficient tool at our disposal is the discovery process in lawsuits. They know it takes time, money and effort,this is why so far, they have been getting away with.

If you are on Guam, support CCOG, this website and other faithful groups.

If you are in another location, contact a local lawyer and CPA, to see what civil options you might have. Create a group, get all the information you can, work smart, we shall defeat these crooks.

This is through these networks, of dubious character, that they allow their "failed" presbyters to continue hiding, from the unsuspecting public, and shuffle people around. This increase their chances to stay below the radar. 

At least until, a few faithful on a small island..... 


  1. Who is the bishop between the two evil ones?

    1. hello anon at 10.11:
      Tim might know better, since he used this picture. I think he is one of the Bishops of Canadian Bishop conference, which Genarini has worked hard to woe. They organized a big shinding with Kiko, 2 or 3 years back, if I recall correctly.

    2. It sure looks like Cardinal Gerhard Ludwing Muller, Prefect for the Congregation of the Doctrine of Fath.

    3. NIce try. NOT.

    4. No, not Muller....
      Getting warmer I think with the Canadian Bishops. Picture taken in Galilea, at Domus. I believe it was during the 2011 big invitation of Bishops from around the world.
      Kiko, wined and dines several dozens of them, even gave them a lesson on the NCW....Wink, wink, nod, nod.
      The Canadians were definitely prominent at that meeting.
      Kiko also did some progress in wooing bishops from Asia and the Philippines.
      It will come back to me, but certainly not Muller.

    5. Gagnon? Former Bishop of Victoria, BC and now Archbishop of Winnipeg. Spent a Saturday evening in Victoria this year and was “treated” to members of the NCW walking down the streets, playing their guitar, and singing the same old Neo songs.

    6. Gagnon...enjoy the cigar..."the best place to mention an exciting initiative that
      is being undertaken in our Archdiocese. During my visit to Rome last
      month, I met with the leadership of the Neocatechumenal Way to
      formalize the request that they set up a missionary seminary in
      Vancouver. If I had any doubts about the venture, they were definitively
      cleared up when, prior to this meeting, I had the opportunity to exchange a
      few words with Pope Francis. I mentioned to him that I was in Rome to
      see about setting up a Redemptoris Mater seminary for the evangelization
      of China. He replied simply and directly with the words, “Che lo
      faccia!” “Go ahead and do it!”
      As a result, we will be one of the now one hundred such
      Redemptoris Mater seminaries around the world, adding to the two
      currently in Canada, one in Toronto and another in Quebec City. Its
      purpose would be to prepare men for the evangelization of China and
      Asia. A rector has already been appointed, and six prospective
      seminarians will be arriving in the next few months to begin their studies
      at Christ the King Seminary. The presence of this seminary, whose
      students will be archdiocesan seminarians, will foster in our local Church
      an even deeper missionary spirit and commitment to preach the Gospel to
      all nations (cf. Mt 28:19)

    7. LOL, another bunch of "the pope loves us" crap. Always running to the pope for approval like little children: daddy, daddy, Timmy's gonna hit me. LOL. What a fool of a bishop to even say this - if he said it. The pope does not authorize the opening of seminaries, ncw or otherwise. A bishop already has full authority to do so. And the "evangelization of China"??? LOL. How much more are we going to hear about that - all a ruse, a cover. That's what the seminary in Guam was supposedly going to be for. And where do they send these little cowards? Back to their little comfy communities where they are massaged and swooned over (remember OJ laying on the floor with all those girls?).

      The poor idiot bishops have been closing parishes for decades because of the lack of priests and so they're going to open up a seminary so they can send priests away???

      Right. Smoke it Gag-NON.

    8. He said it alright in an address to brother Canadian Bishops! Gag me!

    9. ... An even deeper missionary spirit. Yeah, as in most will be among the missing! In China or Africa or _______ ! Where is Harold? Where is Pedro. OJ is hobbled.

    10. The bishop is Thomas Wensky from Miami- USA.
      And there are not evil ones.. it’s incredible the ignorance that comes out from your mouth.

    11. Yep - always about "the Pope loves us."
      It's so lame. And it's also not true.

      If anybody wants to get real about what the NCW is - contact me here.
      I just found this website, and I have a LOT to say about "The Way".


    12. What do you know about the way?

  2. What a bunch of crooks.

  3. Brother tony got two cigars: the undying devotion of poster boy Harold and thuggish OJ.

  4. I met him. He is arrogant and narcissistic. He believes in his soul that the Neo is the salvation of the church and he will use every secular and civil tool at his disposal to achieve that goal. He is driven and calculating and will run over anyone that stands in his way. For example, attorney Ed Terlaje was run over by him and Apuron and his VG stood by and did nothing.

    1. You are right. I know Giuseppe Gennarini personally for many years.
      It's always "the end justifies the means" with him. And Claudia. And Kiko. And the rest of them.

      Please tell me more about these people if you like. I certainly have a lot more to say also.


    2. why you named neocat survivor ? what happened to you in there ?

  5. Looks like they're sucking on a victory cigar and are laughing as they joke about how they successfully infiltrated the Vatican. Cigars are not the only thing they suck on. They are also sucking on the resources of the Church and the faithful.

  6. Tim should knows everything about sucking big cigars LOL. Right Tim

    1. Rudy, at least try to pick a different time of day to comment so we don't always know it's you. LOL.

    2. Rudy,
      Your starting to become a pain in the ass, I will volunteer to take that cigar and stick it up your ars..

    3. Rudee just might enjoy that arse action - he needs to try blowing smoke or hot air down there, not just out of his filthy mouth!

    4. Anonymous 11:50 PM pain in the ass, you should Know where it hurts, at 9:46 AM sounds like you're give pretty good blow!! right Timee

    5. Poor Rudy,
      You would think, somebody in his position would lay low, as to not bring attention to himself.
      The arrogance and the Ego, of this little man, is so overboard, his self loathing so extreme, that the only thing he knows how to do is insult, (or at least try to) people.

      His constant referral to sexual innuendo demonstrate a sick, little perverted mind, rarely seen, outside of psychiatric wards.
      May be it is the little price he took to sell his soul, that irritate him constantly.
      Anyway, a poor excuse of a human being, certainly no fiber of any kind to be a priest.
      Only a failed Bishop could tolerate such peep squick among his priests.
      Of course in the Archbishop's case, it would really be the Pot calling the Kettle black....

    6. Hey Frenchiee... Va te faire mettre,Vouz avez plein de merde.

    7. LOL, Rude-ee. Now you're trying your "french?" Translation: "Fuck you, you are full of shit." Well, I guess it's the best you can do. LOL. You're so fun.

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      So, dear little Rudy, I will correct your French, since it is quite mediocre.
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      Since we did not raise pigs together,( I would remember such a little depraved little one like you) it is proper to use vous. But I will overlook this little mistake, and just lug it under the column "lack of education". Right?

      Grammatically so, if you were to use tu, the first part of the phrase would be "Vas te faire mettre" with an S since this is the second person of the singular.

      For the second part of the phrase: "Vouz avez plein de merde"
      Vous is written with an S not with a Z, Ergo: VOUS.
      In this particular case you should have said:
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      It is always difficult for students of the language of Moliere to differentiate between "Etre et Avoir" ( to be and to have)specially since their use in French (as in your case)
      can make a huge difference in the message.

      May be you should try your French with the Nuncio, since he is quite fluent, both spoken and written in that beautiful language. On the other hand, I doubt you would enjoy the rest of your conversation with him.

      Of course I never expected that you would be able to master the nuances of such a rich language. You see, my dear little Rudy, unlike your style of crude and rude insults, the insult in French is based on analogy and self-demeaning humor. Something that is obviously, way past your pay grade.

      So, my sick little friend, I wish you a great weekend. Don't forget to wash your hands, and use a little Listerine for that mouth of yours.

      And please, please for the sake of our readers, try something new, and maybe a little more funny. I know that Culture is like jam, the less you have, the more you need to spread it, but in your case it would be a welcome change.

      Dans la Paix du Christ....

    9. And thus I knew it was Rude-ee. :)

  7. Giuseppe Gennarini’s son, Francesco, and Kiko's architect, Mattia del Prete were paid a total of $120,000 (over a third of the $350,000 spent so far) for the Sanctuary of the Word project at the RMS in Yona. It was never built. Both were also involved in the Santa Rita "catechumenary" project, which also was never built. I don't know how much they were paid. The Sanctuary of the Word plans were identical to a building designed by del Prete for an RMS in Italy, so he wouldn't have had to put much work into them. I don't know why they needed Francesco Gennarini's help...

    Neither Gennarini nor del Prete are licensed in Guam, so any plans that they provide for projects on Guam must be signed by a local architect. That local architect would also have to change the meters to feet and substitute locally available materials in the plans.

    By the way, I wonder what happened to all of the money raised by the good people of Santa Rita for that project?

    1. I wonder if the designs meet seismic Zone 4 requirements for Guam, as we are considered seismic zone 4. But since we are dealing with crooks, like everything they design and build, they are all scams to milk monies from the guam residents.

  8. Photo reminds me of last supper. You know, when Jesus and Apostles enjoyed a good Cuban cigar. Nice.

  9. Funny, 8:04 pm. I did not know Jesus Christ and the Apostles enjoyed after-dinner Cubans! Habd-rolled, no doubt. Is this from the Gospel of Kiko Arguello? He can fit into anything to justify his depraved mind. This photo looks to me like a bunch of smug buggers! Smart mafiosi who are laughing at the stupidity of some church leaders who will do anything to earn the chance to praise ncw crap. They must be basking at their ingenuinity to snare the gullible by toying with their guilty sinful consciences. Sick bastards!

  10. The only semblance to the last supper is Jesus is not present in this supper they are having, but there are several Judas's present, feasting and fattening themselves over all the spoils that they have stolen from the poor.

  11. "Is this from the Gospel of Kiko Arguello?" (Anonymus January 15, 2016 at 9:43 AM), +10.
    Yes, exactly they are, the fat feasting on the wealth...the miserables.
    This picture is from Domus Galilaeae, when Kiko invites bishops "all included" and before leaving he makes them sign a letter of adhesion to support the Way. To vomit.
    I just know notice why Kiko always says his meetings with bishops in Domus are plenty of demons!
    It reminds me a scene from The Untouchables, when Robert de Niro as Al Capone asks for a baseball bat. And yes, they are the untouchables of the Church. To vomit twice.

  12. Going on 80 how much longer will the Kiko last? WHO WILL SUCCEED? Rome likes plans about these kind of things. Oh, Rome, we know you think in centuries. Lots of wrongdoing around here happened in the last century! Just sayin.

    1. Well Anon at 2.32, the fight for succession has already started.
      The Genarinis are in the Starting blocks. The two brothers control a huge share of the NCW machine, they might not have the connections of Carmen or the IOU of Kiko, but they certainly have been building their own network.
      The system of cash spreading around the world to Bishops in need, and the continued corruption of some sectors are their bread and butter.
      One of their strongest asset, is that network of seminaries, which they have established around the world with our money, and the complicity of Bishops like Apuron, O'Malley, and many others, including Gagnon.

  13. Giuseppe Gennarini is an instrument of God. He knows what he is doing.

    1. Yes, he does. And I know he's not done. But then neither am I.

  14. Guiseppe genarini is a complete and utter asshole. He keeps seminarians that are children if his friends in the usa like the sanz of nj. The people he diesnt like he sends to the third world RM seminary bc hes an awful person

  15. Agreed. This guy Giuseppe, with all of the best intentions, has created a lot of hurt in my life. And my parents still follow him. And it's awful.

    And don't even get me started on Kiko Arguello.

    Please message me if you want to talk about this.

  16. sono in comunità. leggo tanti commenti ed ognuno ha la sua verità. l'unica verità e che cristo alla fine dei tempi giudicherà e in quel momento si vedrà chi ha lavorato per sè stesso e chi per gli altri. il resto sono tutte chiacchiere (che siano giudizi positivi o negativi) lo dico francamente. la pace.

    1. si quello che dici e vero la penso anche io cosi pero non e neanche bello che debbano prenderci x i fondelli noi andiamo alle comunita x pregare a dio e ascoltare le sue parole e loro ci giocano sopra se e vero quello che fanno e un problema loro a finale pero cadiamo anche tutti noi

  17. I’m in community. I’ve seen that everyone has their truth in their pockets. I say only that at the end of time Christ will come to judge and we will know who worked for himself and who for others. All this honestly seems to me chatter that takes away the wind. peace.

    1. Yes. How dare anyone "take away the wind" even if it is evil. We all place our bets, don't we? Looking forward to more comments from you.