Monday, December 8, 2014


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Wonder if they're looking for Pius. I heard they're glad he's our problem now. 


  1. Interesting posting by a Keith Xuereb from Malta on Fiana's post! Too long to copy and paste. He questions why NCW cannot just attend to regular masses. A must read!

  2. Yes, there appears to be much interest in Junglewatch from Malta the past month. Charles has been asking about Fr.Pius. But like Frenchie, some only operate on this page to point people in the right direction. We don't give answers, because we already know them, we simply point the church in the right direction until the truth is seen.

  3. Malta being one of the original stronghold of the Neocatechumenal movement, thanks amongst other to Pius, many on Malta follow what is going on in Guam.
    Both the pro Pius and the many anti-Pius.
    A very telling example of this was the public Neocatechumenal petition in Support of Pius, after
    Chuck launched his petition to remove him from Guam.
    The one thousand plus supporters of Pius seemed to come from all over the world, but upon studying said petition more in detail you notice the preponderance of Malta.
    The very active role that the signatories from Malta played was quite noticeable, since it is a small country/state.
    There were at first glance 594 signatures from Guam, 261 from the USA, with the largest contingents from CA and HI and 190 from foreign countries. Malta accounted for 96 of these largely ahead of the next large country, Italy with 47.

    On second observation you noticed that out of the 594 signatures from Guam 152 actually were in fact from other countries and US states.
    Again Malta played a leading role here.with another 42 signatures from Malta either at the Cathedral/Basilica and at the Santa Bernadita Chapel in Yigo.
    Again well ahead of the next one Italy with 28. Overall the total of foreign and Us signatures that attempted to appear from Guam came up to 152.
    Suddenly the number of signatures from Guam was coming down from 594 to 442, and if substracted from that number the people that signed twice, for a total of 12 and another 10 who had no identifiers. The signatures from Guam melted to 420 well under the number of claimed NCW members on Guam.
    Malta by itself represented 128 signatures.
    Since the Arch and all the neo priests plus quite a few seminarians signed as well the actual numbers were more in line with those of the list Chuck forwarded.

    On a separate footnote, it was funny to see that most NCW priests and seminarians did not hide their status but Fr Edivaldo and Arch Apuron signed without any title or noticeable differences.
    Also among the signatories from Guam you could find 4 families which accounted for almost 50 signatures.

    All this to show you how manipulative and deceiving Pius can be. This list was more complicated than a Maltese election roll call. That is not a small task to beat.

    At this point and time, I am still holding on the evidences I have come upon regarding Pius departure from Malta. Until it could be confirmed by at least two more independent parties, I shall not bring it forward.
    Just know that they are disturbing allegations.
    It appears that this could come down to only one more independent party, as I have been contacted recently by people(s) claiming knowledge on this specific subject.

    If this was confirmed it could be a lot more devastating than the Wadeson issue.

    The plot thickens.

  4. Interesting to study the countries and numbers now reading about the famous bishop of guam.

  5. Know what you mean Frenchie ! Been aware of this for a few years now.

  6. Is there a well educated, I mean well educated priest please explain this so called answer that Diana posted to Keith X from Malta?

    I Thoug that the phrase "Many are called but few are chosen" was meant for the calling to the religious life. But from what I am reading, some are following the path, but only the path towards death, and others are choosing the narrow path ( I am assuming the pathe of the NCW) towards life! So, in conclusion then it is true about what the NCW members are taught...the only way to get to heaven is by WALKING THE WAY!

    " As I mentioned to you before, the duty of the Church is to preserve her teachings. History shows that she is not going to compromise her teachings for the sake of keeping members. After all, Christ did say that many are called, but only a few are chosen. Many will follow the wide and easy road leading to death while few will walk the narrow road leading to eternal life. So, why concern yourself with numbers when Christ already said that few will choose to walk the narrow road leading to life? The Catholic Church does not concern herself with numbers. Those few chosen ones will be the light of the world so that when people see the light of Christ shining in them, they too might worship God. Ghandi once stated that he liked Christ, but he does not like Christians. If he had met Mother Teresa (a light to the world), his view of Christians and Christianity would be different. "

  7. Anon @10:34AM

    How the NCW is reading into this passage “Only a few are Chosen” to mean the elect of the NCW, is an example of their picking and choosing scripture to justify their sect. God’s desire is for all men to be saved, not just the NCW elect. Did not Scripture tell us “The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance.” 2Pet 3:9

    Keep in mind that no where in scripture does it say the the NCW is the Way!, Although many in the NCW preach that Prophet Kiko is the only way to God. What scripture does tell us is
    Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life Jn 14:6.

  8. Hi there :) just saw you mentioned me here :p .. i came to check the other side of the 'story' and read some articles from this website now. Nice to see that I'm not alone. To make it clear, i do not want to just drive the movement out of everywhere. If they change their minds and accept their mistakes and change their attitude. But if that is what it takes to make them do that, then it's another story.
    A short thought i have been having since i left the NCW myself for no other reason than ''it isn't the way of christian life for me, i think i can be a better christian if i follow another way of life because i have questions which other people around the world have too and these are still unanswered or doubtful answers.- If the NCW truly act as part of the church, i can see how much good they will do to the universal church, however it will no longer remain 'they'.. I mean if for example- what if, once every month (the other weeks they attend a normal mass with the rest of the catholic parish community) the different movements including NCW, animates the mass with its people in the choir and in the church with the other people. Imagine at the beginning a few people who usually sing behind closed doors, now at a church, 'inspiring' the people sitting nex to them to sing, or to read from scripture, or to take part in some activities by the church. Wouldn't that be nice to see? Wouldn't that be making the Body of Christ more joyful and lively? Rather than meeting one community or two at a time?
    ... Of course this is just one problem and i am assuming that everything else in the convivences and their meetings are based on correct and safe teachings which unfortunately I doubt. But i like to assume and take things step by step.

    1. Just read this, and I want to share my observations of the Neos attending Sunday mass . As a regular church goer, I can spot the "new faces" in attendance and have noticed that the Neos do not engage with the rest of the congregation. They don't sing along with the choir, some don't even pick up the missal and respond like the rest of the congregation. Their body language reveal that they are not comfortable , like kids being forced to attend mass. It is clear to me that they are fulfilling their requirement that they attend Sunday mass with the regular congregation once a month (the other masses being the Kiko mass on Saturdays). We are a divided Catholic community here on Guam because AAA allowed the "camel" to stick its nose into the tent. Now the "camel" in the form of the NCW threatens to kick us out.