Monday, December 8, 2014


Dec. 5, 2014
SEX ABUSE RESPONSE COORDINATOR: The committee has reviewed the allegation and saw no need for an investigation.

Dec 5, 2014 (a few hours later)
SEX ABUSE RESPONSE COORDINATOR'S BOSS: The allegation is "currently under review".

Well, what did you expect? The Archbishop has fired all the people who actually knew how to run things.

Claros said a committee in the Archdiocese of Agana that reviewed the allegation didn't see the need for an investigation.

Hours after Claros' statement to reporters, the archdiocese yesterday afternoon clarified in a written statement that the archdiocese's policy on sexual abuse is being adhered to.

"Pursuant to this policy, and to clarify the issue, the matter is currently under review," according to the archdiocese statement.


  1. So.......they did exactly what we thought they would do.
    Deny, deflect and attack.....even though the attack is confused and all over the board.

    We are not surprised by Deacon Claros actions, since he was put there a couple of weeks ago, just for that purpose.
    What is surprising is the lack of professionalism and off the cuff attitude.
    Is this arrogance? Or is this plain stupidity? I guess the future will tell.

    Deacon Claros did not even take the steps of contacting the Seminary to request whatever documentation they have related to the suicide attempt of the victim.
    Because suicide attempt there was.
    If they truly were worried about the victim, as they pretend, that would be the least you could do.
    The half ass attempt to pretend that the issue should be brought up to the civil authorities, knowing full well that there is prescription regarding said events, is not only gross, it is immoral and well below what we expect from a religious leader.
    This is more in line with what you get from sleazy, slimy politicians without a conscience.
    But, then again, this is what our archbishop has become.
    I guess if you can abuse an underage teenager, by using your religious aura and authority, the slippery slope towards evil is not that far either.
    So far, unfortunately, Anthony Sablon Apuron has demonstrated, almost on a daily basis, how evil he can be.

    1. You know the old saying A WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING. This is just another pretending holy man.

    2. Frenchie,

      It is sad when we have a Governor who wears his Faith on sleeve while we have a politician in Archbishop clothing. Thank God for people like Governor Calvo and the First Lady who are not ashamed to be Catholic and promote our Faith whenever they can. I am not advocating a particular political party. I am just expressing my disappointment on a man who swears to God but pledges allegiance to a heretic. Did not attend the procession because it would not have been prayerful for me. Lots of animosity on my part as I would have looked at that balcony and see people that claim to be men of God but are just a bunch of fakes. Hard to accept.

    3. Hello Joseph, I totally understand your feelings. Continue praying and being a good Catholic on a daily basis.
      The contrast between the sheep yesterday and the heretics in Shepperd 's garb was striking.
      The True Catholics on Guam are actually teaching their Bishop (by their demeanor and composure) a lesson in humility and real religious fervor.
      It is too bad that the Trio on the Hill and the man in the Hotel are too proud to learn from it.