Tuesday, December 9, 2014


"Aguon said despite the big crowd, no untoward incident was recorded by police."

Were they expecting one?



  1. Well, Guess law enforcement was ready in case Apuron had a hand bag fight. Who knows these days anything can happen!

  2. I usually try to control my comments when playing in the Jungle, but yesterday's irreverent handling of Santa Marian Kamalen for what appeared to be in the interest of "securing" the Archbishop boiled my blood beyond measure. In my nearly 15-year history of attending the processions from beginning to end, I've never seen both the Archbishop and Santa Maria handled so unbecoming of the occasion to honor our island's patroness. Santa Marian Kamalen, herself, would have protected him. "O ye, of little faith."

    To the gentlemen in black polos, khaki-pants, dark shades (if you're reading) - you ought to be commended in carrying out the whisper instructions of Msgr. David to protect the Archbishop (and Msgr. David, of course). I'm sure you made it a personal mission and probably felt good that you got to be pretend bodyguards for the day...but we all know that you have regular day jobs. Stick to those as I'm for certain you do them well. On the one day when Santa Marian Kamalen and the Archbishop should be most accessible and visible - let them be. There was absolutely NO credible AND identifiable threat to his safety, danger to the statue, or those surrounding. If there were, those whose real job it is to enforce and protect would have been there. Instead, your actions, perhaps executed with good intention, turned out to be a distraction and an insult to view and be in communion with Santa Maria.

    Those days of plexi-glass shields and policemen protecting the statue are long gone. Next year, put your energy watching Fr. Adrian. Remember, under his administration, Santa Marian was lost twice.

    Not even Pope Francis expects body guards to protect him. In fact he runs away from them. Because he has faith.

  3. LOL anon at 7.44, thank you for the good laugh.
    Now you make it sound like Imelda Marcos.

  4. Since John Toves had stated his intention to participate in the Santa Marian Kamalen procession as well as make himself available to speak with individuals after the procession, maybe AAA and his supporters — particularly his NCW brethren and "presbyters" as well as some members of religious communities — assumed Toves' presence would cause an "incident." Maybe they were actually hoping for an "untoward" incident so that they could press charges and have Toves arrested, per the threat in the letter dated 5 December from the Vicar General. AAA and his minions must have been so very disappointed when no such "untoward" incident materialized since they lost a very public opportunity to portray AAA as being "persecuted".

    On a side note, there's a photo on social media of a priest wearing traditional garb — cassock and biretta — at the procession, an unusual sight in this day and age. There are also reports of two individuals, one of them a priest, defamed by AAA last year walking side by side in the procession; that priest was also said to wear the traditional biretta. It's too bad that photos of these two priests (not "presbyters") were not included by the media in their photo galleries.

  5. You are absolutely right Mary Lou. The strength of the priests showed a magnificent display of great faith and humility. I also think Apuron's actions of both body guards and threats of law suits are a display of fear which is a lack of faith or faith in the negative.
    I dare say that they come from a community steeped in a culture whose history has traditionally experienced oppression, trauma and fear. It reminds of children who have been bullied. They many times turn around to becomes bullies. They are also known to have high suicide ideation. The same thing often happens with sexual offenders. Data shows that many times those who were sexually abused as children then become sexual abusers. Of course that is not true of all situations. Some victims are so traumatized they can go on suffering a life time while many do take their own lives.
    Healing is needed. All of us need to be involved in ridding Mental health of its stigma so it is treated like physical health. Some of the priests who have been arrested for sexual misconduct have admitted they too were abused.
    It is not my intention to make any excuses for Apuron's odd fear based behavior. I was asking myself why this behavior in a small community. John Toves certainly can't be a threat when he is so vocally open about his intentions and actions to meet and talk.
    Apuron's action are like he is silently yelling. I have often thought parents and teachers who yell at children are the ones who feel out of control. Otherwise why the need to raise their
    It is obvious many people over the years have lived in fear and (cultural respect) of not
    speaking up to, or about Apuron (or other authorities). If they had only but realized he lives in fear equally and just like them, things could have been different.
    John Toves it seems has taken on that brave and fearless role of mentoring to the community. Regardless of the outcome people will remember how John dared to speak up and confront authority for social justice. Advocacy is radical work it takes courage.
    True advocates will tell you, "The choice is, There is no other choice".
    That conviction has the power to create change. But going up stream is never easy.
    Thankfully I think we have all seen Tim Rohr and others demonstrate that here on Jungle Watch.