Monday, December 8, 2014


Larry Claros and others have tried to deflect the visit of John Toves by saying that if he has evidence of a crime he needs to report it to the civil authorities. 

They don't get it. 

John Toves never said he was coming here to report a crime or even accuse Archbishop Apuron of a crime. He said he came here to get Archbishop Apuron to take responsibility for sexually molesting his cousin. 

He may also want the Archbishop to restore Fr. Paul and Msgr. James to their positions and for the Archbishop to "step down", but those are not his primary objectives.

His primary objective is, and will remain, to get Archbishop Apuron to admit to and take responsibility for the sexual molestation of his cousin. 

The Archbishop simply has to meet with Mr. Toves, and he can do it outside for all to see, and say to Mr. Toves: "I did not molest your cousin." And to finally turn Mr. Toves away, the Archbishop can offer to sign an affidavit stating so. 

This is what any innocent, self-respecting person would do when confronted with such an allegation. And it is especially incumbent on the Archbishop given that so many souls who are in his care are watching. 

But the Archbishop has not done this. Instead he hides behind lawyers, his chancellor, his vicar general, his staff, and time. He figures all he will have to do is wait this out and the problem will go away. 

It won't. 

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