Monday, December 8, 2014


  • That whole issue about missionaries for China is either wishful thinking or a total fraud.
    The communist party in China control every aspect of the religious and political life in that country. This is the main reason why the Vatican and China do not recognize each other.
    For Kiko to claim he is forming missionaries for China is ludicrous
    Any foreigner in China is shadowed most of the time even the tourists. If you think you will be able to make contact with locals to promote a religious agenda, you are fooling yourself. You will be arrested, questioned and condemned in a kangooroo court, and serve a long prison term before being deported.
    This so called Evangelisation of the heathens is nothing but a con.
    But we should be used to this with Kiko, Carmen, Pius and the Gennarini they are perfect and well trained con artists.
  • Thank you for saying this. Absolutely correct. The idea of sending priests to China as if this was somehow the 16th century is ridiculous. It's all a ruse. And truly pathetic. The fact is that neither Kiko NOR ANY BISHOP can send a priest anywhere without the invitation and permission of a local bishop. To do so is to violate church law and the integrity of the other diocese. But these people don't care. And they don't care because they are in a different church. Their real mission is to convert Catholics.
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