Monday, December 8, 2014


  • That whole issue about missionaries for China is either wishful thinking or a total fraud.
    The communist party in China control every aspect of the religious and political life in that country. This is the main reason why the Vatican and China do not recognize each other.
    For Kiko to claim he is forming missionaries for China is ludicrous
    Any foreigner in China is shadowed most of the time even the tourists. If you think you will be able to make contact with locals to promote a religious agenda, you are fooling yourself. You will be arrested, questioned and condemned in a kangooroo court, and serve a long prison term before being deported.
    This so called Evangelisation of the heathens is nothing but a con.
    But we should be used to this with Kiko, Carmen, Pius and the Gennarini they are perfect and well trained con artists.
  • Thank you for saying this. Absolutely correct. The idea of sending priests to China as if this was somehow the 16th century is ridiculous. It's all a ruse. And truly pathetic. The fact is that neither Kiko NOR ANY BISHOP can send a priest anywhere without the invitation and permission of a local bishop. To do so is to violate church law and the integrity of the other diocese. But these people don't care. And they don't care because they are in a different church. Their real mission is to convert Catholics.

    1. Absolutely true....after two days you will be followed 24 /7 and interrogated through the night. This is first hand information I heard very recently. Fraud. Playing with people's lives. Holy Father Francis said today he is not afraid od resistance. Does not mean we cannot resist with all our might.

    2. Maybe Kiko reads thee kinds of headlines : China On Track To Become World's Largest Christian Country By 2025, Experts Say
      The Huffington Post | By Antonia Blumberg
      Posted: 04/22/2014 2:17 pm EDT Updated: 04/22/2014 2:59 pm EDT on course to become 'world's most Christian nation' within 15 ye

      The Telegraph - The number of Christians in Communist China is growing so steadily that it by 2030 it could have more churchgoers than America
      By Tom Phillips, Liushi, Zhejiang province 2:00PM BST 19 Apr 2014

      But perhaps he doesn't read all the other stories related to the expansion and restrictions.

    3. It is even more ludicrous that appears at first hand.
      Even the "official" catholic Church in China which is the approved version of the Church by the Communist, has its leaders persecuted and kept under house arrest. (and they are the accepted ones)
      This idea that somehow Kiko is preparing an Evangelisation force of hundreds of missionaries
      is so out of touch with reality.
      Plus you have the unspoken issue that these priests educated in a rush who can barely master English are suddenly going to morph into linguists capable of mastering Mandarin, we.ll enough to approach the Heathens.
      What a joke.
      Kiko and Pius must have read too many accounts of the French and Spanish Jesuits that evangelised these parts in the 17th and 18th century. But these were Jesuits,not some uneducated walk-ons who cannot even put an homely together, if their lives depended on it.

      I have been studying Chinese for the last 5 years. I already speak 9 other languages,so you would think I have developed skills to learn new ones.
      I can barely start to put my mind around survival Chinese. (granted age does not help).
      This is recognized as one of the most difficult language to conquer.
      So according to Kiko and Pius, we are going to sent poorly trained priest who don't speak Chinese to Evangelise...the Chinese.....they must really think we are morons.
      The only people that can evangelise the Chinese are other Chinese, not Kikos minions.

      1. I read somewhere that Chinese Catholics were not permitted to leave China and go to Korea to see the Pope while on his recent trip to Korea. Off topic a bit but I have to admit I am somewhat disheartened regarding your efforts to learn Chinese when speaking 9 other languages. I found trying to learn it very challenging myself. Someone suggested I go to the Chinese Christian church here on Guam to practice my Chinese. I never went and instead took a break from it. I am not certain but language spoken there may be from mainland China and different to the temples. After your efforts I now highly doubt going to a Chinese church or Chinese temple with all their prayers and chanting could help me learn the language as I speak only English virtually. I do know I wouldn't want the pressure to have to learn it for a job that entailed a lot of speaking. Not even God would know what I was saying. That would just be too scary.

      2. It looks to me like media/headline grabbing attention...away from other global, but negative issues.

    4. Keep an ear open for assignments! fill us in

    5. 离开 ....... Go away please.

    6. St. John Bosco, founder of the Salesians, in his entire life provided the Church with 2,000 priestly vocations. Add 4,000 vocations, in the same period, coming from his Salesians Institutes.

      Kiko brags about sending "20,000 presbyters" to China. Apparently he thinks to be more than three times better than st. John Bosco.

      I bet that Chinese authorities could even be happy to let in priests specialized in devastating Roman Catholic liturgy, while introducing doctrinal ambiguities and heresies, and even adding the bonus of "ready to marry" females.

      As Kiko himself said in Naples, Italy, the NC communities in China need "female mullets" to attract Chinese guys to the NC "catechesis" (video here, Italian transcript here).

      1. Grazie, Tripudio. I do not believe that these outrageous remarks by Kiko have been reported in English until now.

      2. You can read and hear Kiko's actual remarks by going to my new post, Kiko tells us why he needs girls for China... The post has an English translation of his remarks about the "female mullets", as well as a short embedded video clip of his remarks. Many thanks again to Tripudio, who gave us the original links above.

      3. Yes, girls, go to China! KIKo needs hookers to bring men into the NCW! New name...KiKo the Pimp!

      4. Thank-you for the translation Mr. White. I was working on it but slowly. How does he get away with saying such statements? It seems if you have the trio of money, evangelization thru missions, and the increase in formation of priests and nuns, you can get away with just about anything.

    7. Hello Tripudio.
      Thank you for the reminder on St John Bosco.
      As far as letting in a sect with secretive and subversive capabilities like the Neos in China.
      I would suggest that you look and see how they treated the Falung Gong, to better understand that the communist regime has no patience for these kinds of shenanigans.
      This was under the precedent regime. Under Xi things have been getting even tighter.
      Hence my premise that it is preposterous to make the claims the ncw does, and that this is a huge lie to pump up his own troops, and pursue some kind of fame.