Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Here's my comment on today's PDN story "Descendant brings Spanish Jesuit's skull back to Guam".

Tim Rohr ·  Top Commenter · Hagatna
Something doesn't smell right about this story. 330 years later, this Casquete guy shows up on Guam to tell us that he doesn't hate the Chamorros for killing his ancestor? WTH? That he is here in the "spirit of reconciliation"...at the same time Apuron is mouthing the same word as he prepares for a serious Roman colonoscopy of his reign of terror? And what's with the sudden interest in the Catholic history on Guam after Apuron just trashed a whole museum devoted to it? Here's a hint. And his last name is Atienza.

And what's with the restriction on photos? Just google "incorruptible saints" and see how the church gladly and proudly photographs these "remains". This chancery is a laughing stock.

In other news:

Pacific Daily News. 12/30/14

Concerned Catholics start petition


By the way, thanks Jon Calvo for joining.

From left: David Sablan, Greg Perez, Vangie Lujan and Jon Calvo, members of the Concerned Catholics of Guam, yesterday, talk about their issues with the local archdiocese. They called a press conference at the Shinny's restaurant in Ordot-Chalan Pago. Among other things, the group is circulating a petition to be presented to visiting Vatican officials early next month. Malorie Paine/Pacific Daily News/mbpaine@guampdn.com

Pacific News Center. 12/29/14

Concerned Catholics Group Demands Apology from Archbishop


KUAM. 12/29/14

Catholics group demands apology from archbishop


Marianas Variety. 12/29/14

Petition seeks Church transparency, sex abuse policy change


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