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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Father Paul Gofigan with Patti Arroyo


  1. Beside the obvious level of levity and peace projected by Fr Paul during this interview.
    The contrast with the Archbishop's actions is so obvious, so flagrant, that you cannot not be moved.
    Thank you Patti Arroyo for giving us the opportunity to listen to a real Shepperd.
    This was very refreshing and certainly faith building.
    Thank you Tim for posting this link.
    Thumbs up

  2. Fr.Matthew Blockley.December 11, 2014 at 9:51 PM

    Thank you Ms.Patti Arroya and Father Paul Gofigan for a very moving compassionate and humble interview on Guam radio. Fr. Paul came over with a great sense of peace living in the presence of God. A very humble guy, highly educated and cultured who appreciates the right things in life and has character and values. The kind of person we expect our priests to be. Thank you Fr. Paul and Ms.Patti Arroyo for sharing your interview with international listeners.

  3. You will always be in our prayers Father Paul!

    -Miralles Family

  4. Update on Father Paul Gofigan according to Diana.

    It has been over a year since Father Paul Gofigan had filed his case in Rome. He is still waiting for a response. According to Father Paul, it has been difficult for him to get in contact with Rome and with his lawyer. He has written letters to Rome, but he has not gotten any replies from them yet. Now, I can understand Rome. Even the jungle has not gotten any responses from the Vatican despite the numerous emails and letters they sent. But having a difficult time getting in contact with your LAWYER???? I guess Father Paul's lawyer is just as busy as the Vatican. Fortunately, Archbishop Apuron was able to get in touch with Rome despite how busy they are.

    The Archbishop was able to see the Pope in South Korea despite that he was not on the list of invited guest. He managed to get through South Korea's security check points and even through the Pope's strict security guards. It was God's will that the Archbishop meet with the Pope in South Korea. And recently, the Pope accepted the Archbishop's request to have a private audience with him.

    I'm glad to hear that Father Paul is very contented of where he is right now. There is always a reason why things happen. Father Paul said that all he wanted was to be a priest. The Archbishop never took that away from him. Today, he still remains a priest.

    1. Fr. Paul’s attorney has been quite ill. Steps are now being taken to procure another attorney to advance the case. However, as “Diana” points out, “things happen for a reason.” And in this case, it is for a good reason. Because the case has been delayed, there has been an extra year for more information about Archbishop Apuron’s abusive ways to accumulate in Rome. And it is accumulating at a rapid clip.

      The Congregation which will review the case will now have a ton of more evidence that Apuron’s treatment of Fr. Paul was not just a singular slip up, but that something is grossly wrong with this bishop and this diocese. It is hoped that they will see, based on the extra year of documentation, that Apuron’s behavior is inextricably linked to his involvement with the NCW and his choosing to be subject to its leadership rather than Rome’s.

      As for the Archbishop’s not taking away Fr. Paul’s priesthood, the “Dianas” are wrong. Fr. Paul was initially stripped of his priestly ministry by being removed from the schedule of presiders at Santa Barbara, which de facto stripped him of his ability to celebrate Mass because there was no Mass to celebrate. This situation remained until we in the Jungle exposed the Archbishop’s illegal move against Fr. Paul, and he was once again allowed to say Mass.

      In addition, Apuron de facto banished him from the diocese by telling him to go find another bishop that would take him. Bishops do not take priests who are presented as a problem in their own diocese. They are “branded”, and we know from a subsequent event in which Fr. Paul was disinvited to substitute at a parish in California that Apuron had blackballed him just as he intended.

      Fr. Paul is in active ministry here in Guam ONLY because of the people that came behind him and mostly because of our exposure of Apuron’s sinister actions against Fr. Paul. Had this not come to light, we can be sure that he would have trampled Fr. Paul into the dirt - as he intended from the beginning - and we would know nothing more about Fr. Paul.

      Yes, things happen for a reason, including JungleWatch.

  5. you call yourselves church people with all this HATE

    1. Actually, no. We don't call ourselves church people.

  6. Both sides throw mud. One side says you're all evil, the other side says the same to the other side. We now await the visitation of the hierarchy from Rome. Let them do their thing and whatever comes of it, we all need to mend because ultimately, we all live on the same island.

  7. Tim is correct. We've never called ourselves "church people," but we do refer to Catholics who remain in the authentic Church Teachings and want to continue following the authentic Teachings and authentic Sacred Traditions as: "the faithful". As faithful followers of Christ's Teachings and the teaching authority of the Magisterium, we should hate sin and evil wrong-doings, but are also called to admonish the sinner or wrong-doer.

    Christ said that "the lukewarm, He will vomit out" and we do know that Christ hates sin and evil wrong-doings.

    The faithful who have been observing wrong-doings in our Catholic Church, or have been affected by the wrong-doings have a duty and responsibility not to be silent, otherwise it would be the faithful commiting the sin of omission by turning our heads and ignoring sins of commission against what we know to be grave oppositions to authentic Catholicism and the authority of The Magisterium.

    We do hate the sin and wrong-doings against our beloved Church and Faith; but we are also called to pray for the conversion of heart of the sinners and wrong-doers.

    The faithful of Guam therefore, are doing our duty as Church Militants -- we're silent no more and calling out the wrong-doings we observe; we're standing up for and defending authentic Catholicism and we're storming heaven with our prayers.