Monday, December 29, 2014


Read Chuck White's post and listen to Pius. 

Spoken like a man who does not know what it means to pay a mortgage, to face hungry children, to belong to something greater than his stupid little self-worshiping cult. 

But it is also spoken like a man who is seeing his kingdom crack, who has been "discovered", to have been tried and found wanting. 

Here we see the fearsome fake wizard with the curtain pulled back: a sad, pathetic, and meaningless little man who has lived a lie his whole life and only has been only kept alive in his latter years by his sycophant relationship to Apuron, and his siphoning and sucking out the life of the good people of this island. 

Here is the man to whom Apuron submits his every decision, who even now is attempting to manipulate the visit from Rome. Mocking and snickering and belittling them and us. 

Sorry Pius, they're not stupid like your sycophants on the hill. They know about you. They can smell you all the way to Rome. Your kind has brought ROT to our church before. You leave tracks. You are known by the crap you leave. 

It's over, Pius. Take Apuron with you. There's a volcano beneath this island. And you shall soon know it. Malta's calling. 

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