Thursday, December 4, 2014


Dear Mariles D. Benavente; George Kalingal; Sr. Trinie Pangelinan, RSM; Vince Pereda and Juan Rapadas:

You are the Sex Abuse Review Board Members. The Sex Abuse Response Coordinator, Deacon Larry Claros today stated to the press that you have met, you have looked at the allegations, and that there is no reason to conduct an investigation:

"...the review board has met to look at these allegations and see if there is anything we need to investigate and there is none."

Earlier in the interview Deacon Claros told Mr. Toves in front of the press that his allegations were "under review". However, in the above statement, he states that a decision not to investigate has already been reached, that the Archbishop is innocent, and there is "no investigation". 

Obviously the allegations cannot be "under review" and a decision already made at the same time. We are asking you publicly here: WHICH IS IT?

It is quite clear that Deacon Claros' first job is not the Sex Abuse Response Coordinator (SARC), but to run interference for the Archbishop. We would expect that of him. However, you are all professionals with reputations to protect. 

The people of the Archdiocese of Agana are calling on you to clarify Deacon Claros' contradictory response. 

We hope you will.

Meanwhile, Deacon Claros, if the Archbishop is innocent, then why the dog and pony show? Why is he sending out his little soldiers? Why did he not just come out to the press himself and state simply and clearly: "I am innocent of these allegations." 

That's all he has to say, isn't it?

Link to full story in the Pacific Daily News.

"The Archbishop is not available."  - Fr. Adrian Cristobal
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"He must step down."  - John Toves

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