Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I was born and raised on Guam. I am Chamorro, a former Catholic, and now an atheist. It is never my intention to push my beliefs or lack thereof on anyone. I am writing this post because although my religious beliefs have changed, my respect for my fellow islanders has not.

I didn’t leave the church while I was living on Guam. So it had nothing to do with anything lacking within the archdiocese at the time. Although I should add that I was always disgusted whenever I saw Apuron because he seemed like a show-off. He was all about grabbing attention for himself anywhere and all the time. I’m adding this detail so no one tries to tie my leaving with their opinion of the diocese. I actually left the church years after I moved away.

My family members are part of Guam’s catholic community and it pains me to see their church going through such a fiasco. I was informed recently by a family member that my aunt appears to be depressed since the church scandal came to light, and no longer wants to go to mass. She has NEVER missed mass for no good reason.

My family consists of two sides: Non-neo, and neo. What I can tell you about the two sides of my family is this:

The side NOT in the Neo are genuinely close knit. They are there for each other and know they can rely on one another for support and compassion. No one competes with anyone else within the family on who makes more money, or who is doing better in life. We love each other unconditionally. They don’t need the Neo to solve their problems because they stand strong on their own, and have their faith in Guam’s churches to guide them if need be.

The side with members IN the neo have long been the kind who have to outdo each other in everything, most especially who has the bigger income. They are back stabbers, liars, cheaters (in everything), attention-seekers, thieves, etc. As a matter of fact, some of their criminal ways have made the paper in the past. But they work so hard to keep the world outside of the family home thinking that they are ideal, and without fault. They are also very judgmental about each other and others.

It does not surprise me that they are in the Neo. They are always trying to make people think that they are better than everyone else, and will align themselves with anyone or any organization that makes them feel that way. I have heard that the early members of the Neo on Guam were mostly wealthy folks. This is a magnet for that side of my family. They must be associated with the rich in their "current fad" group so that people will see them as superior.

What I find funny is that the side of my family NOT in the neo are relatives of AAA, and think he is making a fool of himself.

Even though I am no longer a part of the catholic community (and definitely NOT A NEO), I support Guam’s Catholics in standing up for what is right for them. Guam is still my home, and my fellow islanders are still my family. Please don’t give up in your fight against an infiltrator.


  1. WOW I am deeply touched by your message. You may not agree with me in this but I think that once a Catholic always a Catholic. By that I mean, there is something deep within you that cares and resonates with the Catholics of Guam. Something that touched your heart long ago. The catholic kids stuff we all did that we'll never forget and no one but a Catholic could ever understand. Thank you for your honesty, your observation and comparison and thank you for caring about the Guam's Catholic Church enough to take time to share. No doubt what is going on is troubling the entire island, even the Non Catholics could not like what is happening. You are so right saying "don't give up". It is all about holding onto a vision for an outcome we know is morally right in our hearts and minds regardless if we are Catholics or not. I feel very grateful you shared your concerns. It clearly demonstrates practicing Catholics ARE NOT ALONE in their quest on this island. That says a lot. THANK YOU and May God's Good Bless You Always what ever you conceive that to be in your heart. And I know you know that the Blessed Mother's church is always here for you whenever you need her or if you just want to come back to visit and rest in her holy space. Again God Bless You.


  2. Thank you 9.30am for welcomed comments. Many Catholics concerned by the disunity created by archbishop are unable to now attend Mass because of the disgust they all experience towards him. Many just keep away in great pain because he hurt people. Many wounded Catholics on Guam and around the world all on this page daily, because they are hurt by Anthony Apiron. Some living years in pain.

  3. Thank you for your frank and precise comments. It's ironic that that although you profess to be an atheist, and I am a practicing Catholic, we share the same views about our church. The description of your family (Neo versus non-Neo) mirrors mine, and I suspect that many of the characteristics you describe can be applied to families all throughout the island.

    Although some of my friends and family have benefited to some degree from the NCW and are genuinely trying to live Christian lives, there are others, most especially those in leadership positions, who regard themselves as better than the rest of us are very judgmental of others. The mentality of the NCW leadership and the malfeasance of the Archbishop are at the core of our problems.

    It saddens me that the faithful are leaving the church because of what's been happening. The Church is made of people, and as such, people are imperfect. We sin. We make mistakes. But our journey towards becoming closer to God lies in following His teaching, not putting all our faith in man.

    Prayer is powerful, but prayer alone will not bring about change.

    NOW is the time to ACT, SPEAK OUT, and be HEARD. There are 3 prayer vigils being organized, and I implore all of you reading this post right now to attend them. The first is today (Wed) at 4:30 at St. Anthony Church; the 2nd is Friday at 2:00 at the St. Anthony Spiritual Center, and the the 3rd is Friday at 4:30 at the Carmelites in Tamuning. Your presence at these events shows that you CARE about our church.

  4. Wow, reading your comment make me question "why" did you leave the faith? First, you grew up in the faith and then you decide to leave and believe there is no God. You should watch a movie titled "God's not dead". I hope it can bring you back home and believing in heaven.

    1. Thanks for sharing your passion about your faith to our atheist friend. However, for now, let us just thank him for his willingness to share his concern, especially given that our Archdiocese is practically a movie now, a bad one.

    2. @3:22 This person specifically said he does not push his belief onto others. You should respect that and not try to push your beliefs onto him by recommending a movie to bring him back. Bad enough the neo is trying to push themselves onto us.

  5. Yes, tim we should all join your church of tim rohrs. Plotting against the catholic church on Guam. Your the new chief priest that we should all follow. Place your trust in tim and not the church he is fighting with.

    1. Personal attacks are always a sign of last gasp defeat. The facts win, you lose.


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