Saturday, January 3, 2015


This is a request I have received several times.

The apostolic visitors have several meetings scheduled with the clergy and the laity. Unfortunately, those wishing to meet with them were screened by the very people who the apostolic visitors are here to investigate. 

At 3pm on Tuesday, December 30, CCOG president, Greg Perez, was advised by someone who had only made an appointment a few hours before, that according to the chancery official in charge of the schedule, most of January 8 and 9 was still open. 

Upon hearing that the schedule was still mostly open only a few hours previously, Mr. Perez, who had already made an appointment for himself, called the chancery to make an additional appointment for the CCOG. He was told that everything was booked. 

Immediately, two other members of the CCOG who were with Mr. Perez, also called the chancery. No answer. 

We have also learned that Fr. Mike Crisostomo, the president of the clergy association, was denied an appointment and put on a waiting list. Meanwhile, Fr. "suck you like an orange" Edivaldo * has two 15 minute appointment slots.

Since the invitation to make an appointment was made public, the schedule of appointments should be made public too. It won't be. But if it was, we would see the names of all the big shot neocats and very few from our side. 

However, we trust that the apostolic visitors know all this. With a visit of this kind, the visitors are NOT coming to find out what's going on. They already know what's going on or else they would not be "visiting" in the first place. By stacking the schedule with neocats, Apuron and Pius have provided the visitors with all the evidence for what they already know.

And while we will pray for a successful visit and a resolution to this mess, we will NOT leave the outcome entirely in the hands of the visitors. If we have learned anything from Vatican II we have learned that this is OUR church too. And we will defend it against all usurpers, interlopers, and con-men, no matter what robes they wear.

* "Watch for men, they will say anything to get you and then they will treat you like an orange. They will suck all the sweet juice out of you and when there is no more juice left and you are dry they will spit you out and throw you away." - Fr. Edivaldo Da Silva Oliveira, Archdiocese of Agana Eucharistic Congress, Nov. 24, 2013


  1. Dr. Eileen M. GofiganJanuary 3, 2015 at 10:14 AM

    I have also tried several times, but only had an answering service. Is there any way we can just all meet at one time, appt. or not and just wait outside. It would be a peaceful meeting for all laity who were denied or not given an opportunity to meet with the apostolic visitors. Please let us know if this is possible. Thank you.

    1. It is possible. If you would like to promote and organize it you can use this blog to do so.

  2. Where will the meeting be held? heard that they were looking for a neutral meeting venue, rather than at the Chancery?

    1. At Saint Anthony. Monsignor Bibi hosting.

    2. St. Anthony, huh? You'll be the only one there. We know you love the jungle, but please go away.

    3. Ok, have it your way 10:30

    4. Trying to throw us off; huh? Cristobal Security inc. "the cool guys" .