Saturday, January 17, 2015


Did you get a spanking from the "secretary" for your playboy pose?

Is that why you're threatening me?

It really doesn't matter who the girls are in the picture.

What matters is that YOU are in the picture.

What matters is that your little playboy photo-op is a scandal and a discredit to the the sacred priesthood and our Catholic faith no matter who the girls are or who the picture was intended for.

A priest can take a picture with the opposite sex, relatives or otherwise, without having them draped about you like you're posing for the cover of GQ.

But no, not you.

That's because you're a kiko - a real in-your-face-screw-you kind of guy, aren't you.

Did you get "screened" before they let you in the seminary - the fake one?

Oh, that's right Giuseppe does that too, doesn't he.

What doesn't he do?

We already know he tells Apuron who to ordain.

Speaking of Apuron, what are you going to do when he gets tired of you?

He has tired of his "faves" before...and some got tired of him.

Feeling any competition from Harold yet?

Just a thought.

So here's what I'll do.

I will take your disgusting picture down, not because of your pathetic attempt to threaten me, but because it is a disgusting picture.

But before I go, let me help you be a better priest.

Apparently you have been hanging around Apuron too much because instead of seeing the opportunity to elevate yourself, you lowered yourself like he did and threatened to sue.

How sad.

All Apuron had to do was come out from behind the couch and say to John Toves that he was wrong about his accusation and that he would pray for him.

That would have been it. He would have been a hero.

But no. He threatens to sue for defamation and tells us he can't answer any questions by order of his attorneys.


So here's what you could have written. Pay attention now.

Dear Mr. Rohr, 
It has come to my attention that you have posted a picture of myself and some of my female relatives on your blog.  
I understand that the picture can easily be taken out of context and it was not meant for public distribution. 
I regret having shared the picture. I should have realized the dangers it could have posed. But I am a young and inexperienced priest and in this case I have learned a lesson. 
If you would be so kind as to remove the picture from your blog, I would deeply appreciate it.  
You and your family are always in my prayers. 
In Christ, 
Fr. Edivaldo
You could have done so much for your sad and much-perverted image. You could have made me the villain and you the hero.

However, like Apuron, you descend to the sewer and threaten to sue. You may want to stop hanging around him. It's obviously rubbing off.

Meanwhile, I am going to pretend that you actually wrote this and take it down. But you might want to save my letter as a template for next time.

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