Saturday, January 17, 2015


Did you get a spanking from the "secretary" for your playboy pose?

Is that why you're threatening me?

It really doesn't matter who the girls are in the picture.

What matters is that YOU are in the picture.

What matters is that your little playboy photo-op is a scandal and a discredit to the the sacred priesthood and our Catholic faith no matter who the girls are or who the picture was intended for.

A priest can take a picture with the opposite sex, relatives or otherwise, without having them draped about you like you're posing for the cover of GQ.

But no, not you.

That's because you're a kiko - a real in-your-face-screw-you kind of guy, aren't you.

Did you get "screened" before they let you in the seminary - the fake one?

Oh, that's right Giuseppe does that too, doesn't he.

What doesn't he do?

We already know he tells Apuron who to ordain.

Speaking of Apuron, what are you going to do when he gets tired of you?

He has tired of his "faves" before...and some got tired of him.

Feeling any competition from Harold yet?

Just a thought.

So here's what I'll do.

I will take your disgusting picture down, not because of your pathetic attempt to threaten me, but because it is a disgusting picture.

But before I go, let me help you be a better priest.

Apparently you have been hanging around Apuron too much because instead of seeing the opportunity to elevate yourself, you lowered yourself like he did and threatened to sue.

How sad.

All Apuron had to do was come out from behind the couch and say to John Toves that he was wrong about his accusation and that he would pray for him.

That would have been it. He would have been a hero.

But no. He threatens to sue for defamation and tells us he can't answer any questions by order of his attorneys.


So here's what you could have written. Pay attention now.

Dear Mr. Rohr, 
It has come to my attention that you have posted a picture of myself and some of my female relatives on your blog.  
I understand that the picture can easily be taken out of context and it was not meant for public distribution. 
I regret having shared the picture. I should have realized the dangers it could have posed. But I am a young and inexperienced priest and in this case I have learned a lesson. 
If you would be so kind as to remove the picture from your blog, I would deeply appreciate it.  
You and your family are always in my prayers. 
In Christ, 
Fr. Edivaldo
You could have done so much for your sad and much-perverted image. You could have made me the villain and you the hero.

However, like Apuron, you descend to the sewer and threaten to sue. You may want to stop hanging around him. It's obviously rubbing off.

Meanwhile, I am going to pretend that you actually wrote this and take it down. But you might want to save my letter as a template for next time.


  1. Disgusting ugly vile picture. Yes please remove Edivaldo make me vomit.


  2. Edivaldo get out of Guam you don't belong in our island. You are very young, what will you do in six years after Apuron retires? after Apuron we only want our own priest's on Guam not hangers on in people like you. please go home to brazil where you belong. Guam is not your home!

    1. Edivaldo, can you take the Tall Woman with you? Not forever, just till she gets safely home. Where does she get her Money? Bye.

  3. you telling him what to write just like everbody on your blog tim and his little one toves should be sued. you're the one that's causing all these problems on the island.go back to Baldwin park . you don't belong there . leave the Chamorro peop[e alone.

    1. LOL. Ummm, let me check with the "Chamorro peop[e." And I "don't belong "there". LOL again. What a wonderful morning. Energized by that. Thanks. Courage.

    2. Anon4:19AM why don't you ask the Giuseppes to leave the Chamorro people alone. He is milking me out of money, that my pocketbook is dry. As far as my bones, they aren't dry, I take calcium to keep them from being brittle.

      Archdiocesan Annual Appeal is coming up in a month.

    3. I see you struggle with spelling the word "people" right after the word "Chamorro". Could it be that you really don't regard us Chamorro as a people? I am not surprised as your god Pius wrote a book, "Giant Surrounded by Monkeys" , a title that smacks of racism. Also noted that one of your off-island supporters (I think it was Senor Carino) made a derogatory comment about Chamorros being half-breeds as he apparently regards himself superior being full blooded Spanish. Basta di malania! Fool!


    4. Long believed Pius suffers from racism. Just took years to show his true colors.

    5. TIM PLEAS DO US ALL A FAVOR AND REMOVE THE PICTURE! word for you EDI...FR. FROM THE AMAZONS!...LMFAO..i know i'm cruel..but it's TRUE!...

    6. Pius is racist and serious homophobe.

    7. Unfortunately 10.11am Pius comes with a history of attacking men he considers gay. Many are committed to catholic church teaching living a good moral life, but he attacked them. Unacceptable to Pope Francis. So yes he is worst kind of homophobe because it goes against the Gospel.

  4. @6:14 your fault!
    @4:19 ditto
    @1:26 Father Ed will be 6 years older and maturer than you...wait he IS
    already maturer than you.
    @1:20 beautiful picture of family...more love and respect than you..
    @ Father Edjivaldo...don't apologize for this picture. they are your family.. one advice... don't communicate w Satan's disciple or Satan himself...
    @Timothy Rohr = SATAN' disciple...

    1. You know, V.QUINTANILLA, AGAT, you make a very good point. If this is a "very beautiful picture" of Edivaldo and his family, then why would he be threatening to sue me for sharing it? Why wouldn't he be thanking me?

      My only comment along with the original post of the picture was a note to the apostolic visitors about their meeting with Edivaldo about what he looked like. He should be happy that I shared such a beautiful picture of his family. In fact, when I met with the apostolic visitors, I presented them with my own picture of my family.

      So certainly nothing wrong with sharing pictures of family....unless Edivaldo had reason to believe there was something wrong. Of course one look at the picture will tell you that there is something VERY WRONG, not with Edivaldo's family, but Edivaldo. But then we know that. And even he knows that.

      That's why he met with the visitors, to tell them of all the EVIL against him. Poor Edivaldo. What about welcoming persecution? Maybe he's really not a real neo after all. Just another wolf in sheep's clothing.

    2. V. Quintanilla, this is 6:14Am. Yes it is my fault. My fault for giving to the appeal. No more, now it's your fault that I'm not giving.

    3. I'm with you, Anon at 9:30 AM. Not a penny more from me. Will cut my losses and make better use of my money.

    4. Quintanilla...really? You are really fighting for this PERVERT? What about our brothers...Gofigan and Benavente?

    5. Quintanilla...Really? Are you really fighting for this Edjivaldo...EDJIVALDO who don't even care about our people? What about our brothers....Fr Paul GOFIGAN and Monsignor James BENAVENTE? Our parents and grandparents were proud of our local boys when they were ordained. Think about it....blood is thicker than pictures! Edjivaldo will enjoy, laugh, and leave. Gofigan and Benavente will laugh, cry, and die with us. Don't be fooled by these people.

  5. Glad the pictures are gone. We don't want to give any more free attention he needs to pay attention.

  6. Just read on Diana that Timmy is done. All.washed up. true??

    1. Diana'' the one who write a better blog .

    2. 5:10 PM -- ROTFLMAO!!

    3. We still don't understand you? Are you referring to someone named Diana? Diana who?

  7. I go away for a couple of days, and I come back to this baby babble debate about an obviously highly deranged half baked priest, who follows right in the footsteps of his master Pius the Samnut.
    As for all the Chamorros who are discovering that Pius is a racist, welcome to the fray.
    Pius the homophobe, I would say the self loathing homophobe. Why do you think he ran away from Malta?
    Stay focused people, stay focused.
    Always remember: Deny, deny then deflect, deflect and of course Attack, attack.
    These kinds of controversy are doing all of it at once.
    What is so funny and pathetic for example is the continuous fascination of Pius as "St Patrick Seminary being a nest of Homosexuals".
    May be he should explain to us why then St Patrick is also the residence of two Archbishop.
    Archbishop Quinn and Cardinal Levada.
    Cardinal Levada who happens to be the former prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith where he replaced none other than Pope Benedict.
    The reason Pius is so rabidly against St Patrick is because he knows this is a real seminary educating high quality priests, and that of course compare to that very poor excuse that RMS is,
    the only argument they have is slander, lies and denigrating others.
    In the twisted and sick psychology of Pius this is logical. Who beside a self-loathing closet case like Pius could deliver this message of hate, better that him, nobody of course.
    Do not be surprised then if the clones he is churning out of RMS fit exactly in that sickening mold.
    If we continue to allow RMS to continue this charade, we will have more Edivaldo, and Harrold, that you can count on.

    1. frenchie you are right it is a Talmudist corruption inside the church. I read Ernie's rants. Neos want to replace the name of Jesus by the name of Abraham. Why is that? Because for them Abraham is the founder of faith and not Jesus. It is Kiko's ideology. Kiko is a Judaizer, he denies the divinity of Jesus thus denies the Holy Trinity. Even God the Father is just a Jewish god for Kiko, Yahweh Sabaoth.

      Perhaps, Guam will be in history books one day because of taking the lead in fighting this Talmudist corruption of sound church doctrines.

    2. Thanks Frenchie for a voice of reason. Remember deny, deflect, attack. Whether Edivaldo stays on Guam or is transferred elsewhere, makes little difference. If he leaves tomorrow, he will only be replaced by another NCW presbyter. The bigger picture is the NCW and its control on the Catholic Church of Guam and removal of good priests for presbyters like Edivaldo.

  8. Using the photo for the bullseye on my dart board.


  9. Correct Frenchie 1.33pm. Spot on as always.


  10. Hon. Visitors Edivaldo.....oil & water.