Saturday, January 24, 2015


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "DEAR ARCHBISHOP SAVIO HON TAI-FAI. MISSON FAIL.":Yeah your scum! Have a great day. Make sure put make up when you go to the media and check your nostril for any hair and snot sticking out. LOL!

Gino C. 



  1. Come on Gino, act your age, not your shoe size!

  2. Ooo...struck a nerve with this letter! LOL! Good job Tim. Gino, go call your catechist. You sound frustrated. Gotta be hard wanting to post here without having some command of the English language.

  3. What a wonderful Christian comment. Are there any more like you. If this is what the Way teaches then lets all hope all of you "go A-WAY".

  4. Sounds like Gino was formed the "Wrong-Way", Dont know if LOTE classes will benefit him either.. God Bless You Gino..

  5. Someone posted somewhere here not too long ago that the neo seminarians would be touring each parish this lent. I have it on good authority that this is in fact true and that it wasn't optional. I implore all pastors who aren't under the thumb of Apuron to publish the date and time in your bulletins and to make sure the word gets out well in advance of your scheduled visit. Do not allow your flock to be blind-sided! And to be fair, invite another group (CCOG, CEG, whoever) to speak AFTER mass to make sure that people exposed to this crap have an opportunity to hear the truth. I understand they will also be asking for donations. You know, 'cause its expensive when you and you alone are specially called by God to live in your ivory tower. Well, if Kiko wants to so badly return to the traditions and practices of the first Christians, then why not go for full immersion. Go to the desert, put on your sandals and give up all the pampering of this modern need for our money, it's just trash to you anyway.

    1. They are going to talk about their vocation and try to convince you to give to the Appeal! Since the Appeal starts on Ash Wednesday, they will be on the GO!

  6. Amen! Jesus didn't fly all over the planet and stay in 5-star hotels. Jesus practiced self-sacrifice and serving others. When do you see NCW seminarians, presbyters and leadership practicing self-sacrifice and serving others?