Saturday, January 24, 2015


Apuron sneaks out the back door
in order to avoid Catholics praying
the rosary in the front. 
Dear Archbishop Savio Hon Tai-Fai,

It appears your trip here to promote reconciliation has been to no effect. As expected Archbishop Apuron is continuing his campaign to publicly trash a priest-son, Msgr. James Benavente. As expected, Archbishop Apuron, has compiled a new list of trash against Msgr. James and is circulating it amongst his neo-friends. 

Dear Archbishop Savio, what sort of a bishop is Apuron? 

What sort of a father prefers to publicly trash a son? Regardless of the charges, and they are all the same charges that have already been publicly discredited, just with new numbers, why isn't Archbishop Apuron dealing with his issues with Msgr. James in private? 

Why is Archbishop Apuron bent on scandalizing, discrediting, and publicly trashing a priest-son? Does he not know that this not only hurts Msgr. James but the WHOLE CHURCH? What father publicly humiliates his son...and with glee? 

But here's the kicker, Archbishop Savio. Whatever mishandling of monies Msgr. James may or may not be responsible for, NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING  compares with Archbishop Apuron's mega-million dollar property scam and the even bigger scam of its cover up and his spitting upon the former president of the AFC.

In fact, Archbishop Apuron knows this. He knows he is guilty. He knows he deceived the people of the Archdiocese of Agana. He knows he lied to us. He knows he stole from us. And small mind that he has, he thinks he can somehow exonerate himself or even hide his crimes by finding a few mishandled dollars (relatively speaking) in Msgr. James' accounts. 

Archbishop Savio, I am sure that in your visit here, you saw for yourself the arrogance, the narcissism, and the vindictiveness of the man who sadly holds the title of archbishop in this poor diocese. People have been willing to overlook these things for years. But now that he attacks his priests publicly, no matter what the cause, be on notice Archbishop Savio- and let Rome know too, - that the people of Guam are ready to rise up publicly against a man so obviously possessed by evil. 

We know that you and Rome prefer to handle this quietly, to somehow keep Apuron under control for the next few years until he is mandated to resign at 75. Therefore it is important for you to know that Archbishop Apuron has no intention of allowing you to do this as evidenced by this most recent public attack on Msgr. James. 

What a hateful, spiteful, ugly man this archbishop is. So now I will call for public action. I will call on every member of this archdiocese who cares in the least about the Catholic faith to NOT GIVE A PENNY to the upcoming Archdiocesan Annual Appeal. NOT A PENNY. Not a penny until Archbishop Apuron permits an equivalent investigation and the publication of a report on his own finances. Here are just a few of the items we want to know about?
  • Where does he get the money for his many travels?
  • What are the costs of his travels?
  • Where does he stay?
  • How much does he spend on meals?
  • Where does he eat?
  • What is the amount of his salary that we are paying him?
  • What are the costs of his many benefits?
  • How much does he collect for fiestas, Mass stipends, and other "favors"?
  • How much cash has he received from the Korean lady and does he report it?
  • How much of our regular Sunday collection is routed through the chancery and to RMS?
  • Who selects these men to come to Guam for RMS?
  • How are they selected?
  • Are they psychologically and academically screened?
  • By who?
  • Where is the certificate of the Blessed Diego Institute's affiliation with the Lateran?
  • Where is the academic handbook for Blessed Diego?
  • Where is the list of the current faculty?
  • What are the exact number of credit hours required for graduation from the institute?
  • Where is the record of these credit hours from each supposed graduate?
  • Who selects these men for ordination and what is the criteria?
  • Why is Archbishop Apuron's personal name listed on the Board of Guarantors for RMS instead of Archbishop of Agana so that the position will automatically be inherited by his successor?
  • Why is Archbishop Apuron's personal name on so many properties that supposedly belong to the Archdiocese of Agana?
  • What is the relationship between Archbishop Apuron and Sang Feng Construction?
In addition to these questions, we also hereby demand that Archbishop Apuron sign an affidavit stating that he NEVER improperly touched or solicited any sort of sexual interaction with another person either as a priest or a bishop. 

Archbishop Savio, since Archbishop Apuron has made it clear that he intends to continue his public war against the majority of the people in this archdiocese who do not like to see their priests publicly trashed, least of all by their bishop, and regardless of the charges, it is now necessary that Rome act IMMEDIATELY, lest the cesspool that Archbishop Apuron has made of the Archdiocese of Agana become the diseased laughingstock of the Catholic world.

We are so tired of the filth that pours forth from this man's mind.

Archbishop Savio, this latest attack should prove once and for all that Archbishop Apuron is no longer fit to serve. His mind and heart are diseased beyond repair, and for the sake of his soul, what's left of it, please advise your superiors that he must be removed. 

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