Friday, January 2, 2015


by Chuck White

Chuck exposes cry baby Pius. "Persecution"? What an insult to those who are truly persecuted. 

What Pius is really saying is the NCW enjoyed smooth sailing prior to the hurtful events initiated by AAA the past year. The NCW's greedy leadership pressed AAA to become more aggressive against the priests who resist walking in the Way. Push came to shove, and the blowback proved to be a storm for the NCW. Pius and his off-island interlopers underestimated the majority of Catholics here. While they enjoyed some success taking advantage of the weak, lost and vulnerable, they did not take into account the fact that the rest of us will stand up to them and shove back. We are fed up with being put down and lied to. AAA and his NCW manipulators have been exposed. We are fighting back with the TRUTH!! As consequences for his unjust actions, AAA no longer enjoys the respect, trust, and admiration from the vast majority of Guam Catholics. To this day he is not admitting the error of his ways and, in fact, continues his attempts to manipulate matters to his favor. Too bad for him as he has lost ALL credibility. 


  1. Click here to see pictures of Christians facing REAL persecution. Let's pray for them.

  2. Along with the misappropriation and exploitation of the use of the term persecution, the conditioning this NCW leader uses to create a false martyrdom within these communities is dangerous.
    It is evident in the way they defended the Archbishop in public forums regardless of what he was accused of. It is apparent that this conditioning allowed them to rationalize putting themselves up through revealing personal testimonies (in what I likened to the human shields of the mid-east battles) to defend what was clearly indefensible coming from the chancery. I pray and hope these seemingly symbolic human shields do not elevate to something that defines more specifically the dedication to this movement of theirs that they "can't live without;" placing their lives on the line as some profane gesture of support.

    The language is already present in the way they speak of their NCW. Let's pray and act so that it does not elevate to fanatical action.

  3. Thank you Chuck for helping people understand what our Catholic brothers and sisters are going through, and by doing so showing how ridiculous Pius claims are.


  4. Well, it's all about revenge for Apuron's past.

  5. The point that the jungle blog has been saying all along is, despite the visible fruits of lies and misdeeds proven to come out of the Chancery and our Church leaders, The NCW followers, and some of our deacons and priests continue to deny and support the wrongs that continue to be propagated.. What does it take for them to open their hearts and eyes to see what is really happening, or for our ArchBishop to come out and face the people that he leads with the truth. Pride and the Pocketbook appear to be more of a motivation to conquer and destroy than the Charity and the humility, the fruits of the Holy Spirit.. I can say that the aspirations of people supporting this blog is to reveal the truth, restore unity to our Church in Guam, seek justice for those maligned by our church leaders, oppose the erronous teaching of the NCW.


  6. Guess when a bishop hurts priests these things happen.